Author Topic: AuroraMod 1.12.x-final - Custom colors, fonts, scale, resizing, auto-save, etc  (Read 506 times)

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Reddit Link:
MediaFire Link:

Current Features:
    - Customizable theme (icons, background colors, text colors, UI scale, font, and font size)
    - Window resizing
    - Save notification and auto-save
    - Shortcut keys (Economics and Fleet windows)
    - Customizable date formats and culture settings (comma vs period)
    - Game generation seed
    - Custom mineral display names
    - Configuration GUI

    1) Extract in your Aurora 1.12.x folder
    2) Fire up AuroraMod.exe
    OR just use AuroraLoader

    Q: Do I have to start a new campaign to use this mod?
    A: No, you can freely switch back and forth between the mod and vanilla Aurora provided they have matching version numbers (ie: Aurora 1.11.x is compatible with AuroraMod 1.11.x-x).
    Q: This mod doesn't even do anything! Lame.
    A: Ensure you're starting Aurora with the provided exe (AuroraMod.exe) and you have enabled one or more features in the configuration window.
    Q: Why does the version have the world "final" in it?
    A: There will not be a AuroraMod 1.13.x. I will continue to add features and apply bug fixes to 1.12.x, but I will not upgrade AuroraMod to follow Steve's major releases anymore. It is becoming increasingly difficult and time consuming to keep up with the obfuscated code changes and I can no longer justify putting in that much effort on a game I rarely play.

By using this mod, you forfeit the option of submitting bugs on the forum. If you encounter a bug, please attempt to reproduce on vanilla Aurora (you can use the same DB), then report your findings here. We can discuss further actions from there.

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Note that I'm having issues uploading the zip file to the forum. Please use the MediaFire link to download the mod.

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Thanks man!

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Having just rejoined the Aurora 4x playing community I'm sad to see you stop working on it.  But, I feel like I need to express my gratitude to you for working on something that has and will continue to bring so many people joy.  I wish there was another way for me to express that gratitude to you in some way.  I wish you nothing but the best and may the stars welcome you into the cosmos in whichever way forward you go!

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Is there any chance you could add some. open said NPR and manually delete ships, or force skip time by 5 days button?
for 1.11 and or/ 1.12  having constant 5second pulses is making C aurora terrible right now for me. I have tried most of the suggested things on the forum. None works. No im not willing to wait 2 hours of real time to have some 2 NPRs being 80 light years away to have their fight resolved properly, btw disabling detection does not work for me. So it could be also a bug, NPR being stucked in a loop etc.


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