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Hello!, Some of you may know me from my videos but recently I have taken over a game started by Alex as he has gotten busier, we are currently looking for new people for the game which is radiant dawn, heres a quick summary of what radiant dawn is:
What is this about?
Aurora 4x C# is one of the most detailed computer game/simulations of space exploration/colonization that I have come accross.
Everything from balancing of ship components to maintenance, combat, sensors and civilian shipping lines and mining operations are simulated to great detail.
It is not possible to play multiplayer but perfectly suited for the purpose of controlling multiple empires and generating interesting stories, this is even one of the main reasons why the game was made.
I will be controlling the simulation as the game master and interpret the orders delivered so you need zero Aurora knowledge to participate, but ofcourse you can still join if you already have some knowledge or want to learn more.
Or you can leave all the details to me or others and provide general orders, but rest assure we will have a powerful engine running in the background to deliver detailed results. This will be the first time I attempt something like this so please be patient and let's figure out how to best run a game like this together! (edited)

The plan is to advance one ingame year ( split up as a "turn" ) every week IRL time, subject to IRL time and gamesize limitations. Orders for next year are to be completed and submitted in private nation channels on this discord latest Saturdays 23:59 GMT and goal is to mainly run the game simulation on Sundays delivering updates and orders by Sunday afternoon/evening. This should leave you players with almost a full week to write roleplay and figure out next moves.

We are currently 10 turns in and in the middle of a new update, we are looking for people who can lend their support to lead one of four nations to glory, the PCN, USAR, Russian Federation or the New European Union.

You can join the game here on the discord and find out more:

you can also read the other  forum post about the game:
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