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8th of June - Thunderous Applause
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Even as the sensors began to get returns and make sense of them, one of the freshly painted green contacts of TF
1.2 abruptly disappeared from Simms miniature sensor screen and from the far larger battle plot in the middle of the
bridge. A second later yet more contacts appeared, marked in blood red hostile colors and showing at less then 10,000
km. Knife fighting range in space.
  "All ships, fire as prioritized" Simms yelled. His helmet carried his order to the other ships. Their turrets and
launchers zeroed in on just three ships. The enemy missile cruisers weren't going to get away so easily this time.
  Three salvos of five enemy missiles arrowed in at the Kingdom ships and were, somehow, all killed before they hit
  "Enemy ships are retreating at 1955 KPS, Sir", Lt Jameson said.
  "Further away they are the better!", said Simms." We will beat them to death with missiles. Jameson, what happened
to the Atticus?"
  "She appears to have been destroyed, sir. Only a few lifepod signals have been detected. The enemy have lost a 9000
ton ship that may be a jump ship, a missile cruiser and have yet another cruiser with appears to be severe drive
damage. The Portlands did well. Our missiles will impact in five seconds.", Jameson reported in a singsong voice.
  The bridge was silent as the missile storm descended on three enemy ships. Of the 21 missiles, only 14 hit. It was
enough. One of the escort ships and damaged missile cruiser blew apart. That left only 3 of the escort ships, a
freshly damaged cruiser, and one of the 9000 ton ships that intelligence thought was a jump ship. The jump ship was
moving at a paltry 1711 KPS and was far slower then the other enemy ships. The Escorts had apparently been given
orders to run for it as they had quickly accelerated to 2357 KPS and would leave the other ships in the dust.

Fifteen seconds later, the Spruance missile cruiser, KHS Houston, took multiple hits from what were clearly rail gun
rounds that flattened her meager shields and scratched the heck out of her paint. Had the enemy not been in retreat
the rail gun strike may have hurt the Houston badly.
Five seconds after that the Houston launched a salvo of five missiles at the remaining enemy missile cruiser.
AS the fight of missiles closed 2 were shot down by PD from the enemy jump ship and the other hit the cruiser. A
flight of 2 Sparrow Mk V's moving at twice the speed of a Mk IV, homed in on an escort. One missed and one hit.

Five seconds after that, a flight of three Sparrow Mk IV's arrive at the enemy jump ship. Only one hits, however, and
while it has more then enough power to take out its targets shields and inflict internal damage, the hit seems to
have little effect. Six more missiles are still in flight. 2 are left from a salvo of five that has taken murderous
PD fire and two flights of 2 fired from the Rapiers. The Mk V's are flashing along at 16,000 kps and seem to be
giving the alien PD fits.

Within seconds, the enemy jump ship is slammed by a Mk Iv missile and the other misses. Evidently an engine was hit
as she slows to 1466 kps. The plotting tank shows the enemy cruiser firing a salvo of 3 missiles. Simms isn't
worried. Three missiles would not penetrate his PD envelope. His defenses would need better then thirty or so enemy
missiles to reach anything approaching an effective saturation level. As it was his PD would get an average of two
shots at each missile. He smiles a grim smile and continues to watch the bridge plot and his ships status screens.
Ah, three of the Portlands had finished cycling their 25 cm lasers. They fire at the remaining enemy missile cruiser
and... All nine shots showed as likely hits. The computer proved this by abruptly removing the enemy cruiser from the
plot. One of the enemy escorts also showed hits from two of the four missile targeted at it. The escort abruptly
slowed to 1571 KPS. Not quite half of its recorded top speed of 2357 KPS.

The seconds ticked by slowly until the remaining Portland finished recharging its 25 cm lasers. She fired and hit one of the damaged escorts and dropped its speed to 1571 kps.

Seconds later a flight of four Mk III's home in on the jump ship. Two score direct hits. Meanwhile the enemy PD kill 4 missiles and wipe out a salvo headed for the escort just damaged by a Portland. Another salvo of five missiles homes in on the jump ship and kill it in a rolling boil of explosions

15 seconds later a Spruance launches another salvo at an escort. One of the escorts takes two mk V hits and slows down to 785 kps then takes a laser hit that causes it to explode. Both remaining escorts take two 25 cm laser hits each and they slow down to 1571 kps and zero kps for the other. definitely an indication of extreme damage. The two escorts are doomed as they have nine missiles split between them and the sensors reported loss of fire control sensors from both of them. The end came seconds later as four missiles hit one and all five of the other salvo hit the other. The bridge thundered with cheering in such close quarters. Simms grinned and ordered the one of the Rapiers back through the jump point. Only about three minutes had elapsed. In that time he had lost one ship and killed seven of the enemies. Now all that was left was the clean up. the Rapiers would be assigned the task of picking up alien and human life pods, after he transfered additional security elements to them.
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27th of July, 2082
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27th of July, 2082

Senator Amanda Haverty sighed and placed her copy of the Fienga Jump Point Battles on her desk and stared at the light gray painted bulkhead. It was clear even to her non-naval eyes that the Spruance had been overcome far too easily by purpose built PD rail guns. It had been killed by concentrated fire from a mere four ships that appeared to be build to only kill missiles. The ships had been smashed up so throughly by the TF fire that little was available for the intel types to look at in terms of the ships. Of course, there was the little matter of 1806 aliens picked up in life pods. She shuddered as a picture of one of them came to mind. Ugly gets from the deepest subconscious fears of mankind and about as capable of being worked with. They fought being extracted from the life pods and killed several of the marines detailed to the deed until a sergeant hit upon the idea of tasers. 50,000 volts stunned them long enough for them to be tied up and cleared out. Little progress had been made on their language, but their physiology... Well, lots of corpses had been discovered. It looked like her mission of "talking them to death" was not going to happen. Her ship would return to earth after redistributing its fuel to the other tankers. Several of the holds had been converted to prisoner wards and several squads of marines had been assigned guard duty. Nobody went near them unless they were escorted by heavily armed marines. Several intel types had been killed when they got too close to the aliens. Worse, the aliens were fast. They could cover twenty feet in literally the blink of an eye and kill in about the same. When the marines had opened fire, it hadn't stopped the aliens from trying to close and kill them. The staff intel xeno psychologist had been ripped apart as had one of the marines. Two other marines had been severely injured as the rest of the squad reacted and killed Even the bulkhead doors and corridors outside of the containment areas had been set up to permit the guards to pour fire into the prisons. Her security chief had expressed his opinion of having suicidal aliens on the same ship as herself. It had been duly listened to and then dismissed. Her Sec team consisted of 8 highly trained men and women that were exmilitary and many had been in special forces as well. If they were nervous then she was too. But. She still had her job to do and the navy didn't need to worry about prisoners out here on the sharp end. In fact, planning hadn't been really carried out for it at all. This was not Danwinegar with a developed habitable planet to drop the survivors onto. In fact, there was no knowledge of where the nearest alien planet was, nor was there any real idea of the size of their industry or fleet for that matter. It was believed that the aliens wouldn't have sent more then half their fleet. That still left at least fifteen warships for their fleet. This did not count the three missing warships that were not accounted for from the fleet that had just been recently smashed. This was causing her more then a little bit of worry. While the Admiral had laughed those three ships off, they were still a threat to the unarmed members of the fleet like the Logistics ships. Both she and Captain Simms had pressed upon the Admiral the need to detach escorts, but the Admiral insisted that it was more important to remain concentrated as overwhelming firepower was far better then "just enough". Overwhelming firepower reduced casualties and the Admiral said that every hull he had would be needed as additional systems were taken. It still didn't feel right, but what could she do? Nothing at this point and further pondering would merely get her even more frustrated. So another thought.

Captain Simms had told her at dinner last night that the loss of the Atticus didn't equal a significant loss of firepower, but it was one less hull available for guard duty. As TF 1 penetrated deeper into alien space it would need to leave forces behind to guard unexplored jump points and maybe even to escort Logistics and Survey ships. The Spruance was well suited to this role. It was designed to engage at a distance and not for close combat like the Portlands. Its shields were maybe a seventh of the capability of the Rapiers and Portlands. Even the Navajos had more powerful shields. It was, however, rated at 6000 tons and could transit with and thus escort any of the Enterprise class surveyors and Texaco tankers. Their size limited the number of engines and shields that could be put into them. A classic problem faced by naval designers down through the centuries. If you wanted to limit its size then you had to find a balance. A faster ship had to sacrifice something. Either protection, weapons, sensors, range, or any of a myriad of other potentials had to be removed or made smaller in order to make the space for more engines. It was one of the reasons that contributed to the rapidly increasing tonnage of the old wet navies and was one of the reasons for the new Montana class Heavy Cruisers. Weighing in at 9750 tons, it was the largest fastest missile based cruiser yet and had been designed to go after the hostile aliens in El Paso. Eliminated them would free up the Frontier fleet for other desperately needed duties, like reinforcing TF 1 or rebuilding TF Battle Fleet stationed at earth. Oddly, the Montana was not the largest vessel in the Kingdom Navy. The Rapier and the newest Portland class cruisers came in at 10750 tons and 10600 tons respectively, but they came no where near the Montana's top speed of 5600 KPS.
  She still didn't understand the Captains musing on why the aliens here had rail guns that had a recharge time of 25 seconds. He said that it made for inefficient Pd installations. She would have to ask about that. She had learned a lot about the Navy and how it operated in the past several months, but she needed to know more if she was to succeed her grandfather.
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A Change in Plans
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30th of February, Sol III

The Chinese had waited long to put the barbarians in thier place. Finally, with the Kingdom in strategic overstretch and its large fleet deployed elsewhere, the Chinese fleet with its predominance of carriers had a chanc of taking and holding planet Earth. The Kardif Imperium had a smattering of carriers, but  as of last report, not enough fighters to man them.  The four Kardif carriers carried 16 fighters apiece giving the Kaldifs 64 fighters total, exclusive of the 12 fighters and 6 bombers based on Earth. It wasa laughable force. Compared to this the Chinese could mount a force of 40 thunders from the escort carriers, 30 each from each of the two fleet carriers and another 40 from the planetary bases giving a total of 140 fighters. A very comfortable lead indeed. While only 100 of these could leave near orbit, it should be enough. In addition to the available fighters, there were another 40 or so "crated" and ready to fill in for casualties. A preemptive strike would be done as soon as the carriers were finished being munitioned. The time for the future was now.
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