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Episode 1: The Birth of the Federation
« on: October 02, 2010, 05:47:37 PM »
The first months were just as Coy expected, quite boring.
While the Groundforces pacified the surging unrest and the new Civilian Administrator did the best she could the get the production up to pace, he didn't have much to do but access the situation.
For months.
After just a month, the ruins where surveyed and proved to have only a few recoverable installations left, nothing one could expect a mentionable find from.
Positive news came from the System survey.
Outworld was a Binary system, the Main Planet circling the Secondary star. Several other potentially habitable Planets were close by, and he could see Outworld expanding to form a new republic.
The Geosurveys confirmed some old papers in his bureau, showing unbelievable amounts of Resources on several planets, despite most of them being as accessible as a paperplane hovering over a spiked pit.
The only worrying news was that the resources on the Homeworld, as many colonists now called the Planet for being their new, forced home, were running thin.
25 Years of exploiting had left nearly nothing, and all important resources would either run out within the next 6 years, or had such a low accessibility that they could as well not exist;
The only exception being a recently discovered deposit of crystalline Duranium that would last for over 30 years and could basically be surface mined.
Furthermore, the Ruins on the other Planets seemed bigger than first expected, and in total, over 200 installations would have to be recovered, spread over 3 Planets.

Coy started to make a log so that later, actions could be evaluated more easily.
He was in charge of the Colony for over 20 years by now, and he felt we wouldn't be able to go on forever.
He had always hoped to come back home after his tour was over.
23 Years of supervising this dirthole, because of a tiny mistake in the past. It wasn't his fault, he was sure about that.
But now, he knew that, at some point, he would die on this planet.
And considering what might or might not have happened on the other side of the jump point, maybe he wasn't that bad off.

Considering the resource richness of some of the planets, he decided against typing all the small moons information into the database.

11th February 25

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B III:
Duranium 15,007 (1)  
Neut 8,456 (0.8)  
Corb 6,344 (0.7)  
Trit 13,883,080 (0.4)  
Boron 3,523 (0.6)  
Merc 3,458 (0.7)  
Vend 3,567 (1)  
Sorium 76,176 (0.1)  
Urid 1,904,400 (0.1)  
Corun 3,466 (0.4)  
Gall 54,386 (0.6)  
Ruined Colony found

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B VI - Moon 1:
Corbomite 8,749,764 (0.9)  
Vendarite 260,100 (0.7)  
Sorium 3,755,844 (0.3)  
Uridium 781,456 (0.1)  
Corundium 2,039,184 (0.1)  

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B I:
Duran 38,158,850 (0.6)  
Neut 18,627,860 (0.1)  
Trit 608,400 (0.1)  
Merc 1,690,000 (0.1)  
Sorium 4,545,424 (0.1)  
Urid 25,441,940 (0.1)  
Corun 389,376 (0.1)  
Gall 16,875,660 (0.8)  
Ruined Colony found

March 25

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B IV:
Duranium 36,808,200 (0.6)  
Gallicite 12,780,630 (0.1)  
Deserted Intact City found

April 25

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B VII - Moon 22:
Neutronium 448,900 (0.8)  
Tritanium 211,600 (0.6)  
Boronide 129,600 (0.8)  

3rd May

The ruins on the Homeworld are fully explored and can be recovered by the Engineer Brigades now. Only 18 Installations are potentially recoverable.
It is hoped that they'll contribute to increasing the life comfort of the colonists.

20th June 25

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B VII - Moon 5:
Duran 14,883,970 (0.1)  
Neut 12,054,780 (0.1)  
Corb 553,536 (0.1)  
Trit 3,013,696 (0.1)  
Vend 17,255,720 (0.8)  
Urid 3,232,804 (0.1)  
Corun 16,744,460 (0.8)  

18th July 25

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B VII -
Moon 15: Neutronium
24,880,140 (0.1)  
Boronide 23,736,380 (0.7)  
Uridium 4,857,616 (0.4)  
Corundium 21,529,600 (0.1)  
Gallicite 8,076,964 (0.1)  

24th October 25

Minerals Discovered on Outworld-B X - Moon 4:
Tritanium 662,596 (0.5)  
Mercassium 39,204 (0.5)  
Corundium 17,424 (0.6)

18th November 25
A New Shipping Line , the West Transport Company, is founded.
None of the now two shipping lines has created a ship so far.

December 25

"Sir, Administrator Mara Herb is on Channel 2. May I connect?"
Coy woke up in his seat.
"Yeah, well, guess if she calls me personally, it's kinda Important."

Mara was the appointed Administrator of the Planets Economy, and she did her job quite well for what was available.
"Coy, I just noticed that our economy is spiraling into the red numbers. If we can't increase our income somewhat, we will face a recession within a year!"

"Crap, that is the last thing we need right now. Whats so costly it drags us down?"
"It's ironically the economic build-up. We don't produce any Ships, we managed to reduce unemployment, but we forgot to calculate that our increase in production capacity will now also produce more, and we can't keep up with the financial consolidation. Also we subsidise Civilian companies so they aid us in building up a trading flotilla once we found new colonies.
We might need to put the new Factories on hold and work out a solution if this continues. Currently, we have enough reserves to keep going for the next two years, but if we ever go negative, we might face civil war. The mood in the public is galled enough, we really don't need unemployment and inflation."

"Sigh. I agree with you." Coy answered, "But what can we do? Economy doesn't grow without significant Investment, and we won't just get more people to pay taxes. Putting Production on hold will increase unemployment and slow down the economy at a later point, when we need those factories."
"We could build up a Financial Sector!" Mara suggested. " It might sound trivial, but we don't have Banks that control the moneyflow, it's basically still our 25 year old central computer. We're a planned economy. History shows that more private business and financial centers can drastically boost the wealth creation within a society!"

Coy didn't share her optimism, but then again, Outworld had nothing to lose. "Alright then, develop a plan for the next meeting.

New years Eve was celebrated in memory of the rest of Humanity, with whom they would not have any contact anymore, anytime soon.

On 8th January, one year after the first Administration Meeting, and following countless smaller conversations, Coy deemed it was time to call for a reevaluation of the situation.

"Ok, you all know why I've called you here." Coy opened up the Meeting.
"Actually, we don't. You didn't tell us anything. Unless it's the same topic as last year." Mara interrupted him.

Coy felt a certain pain when noticing he forgot something that trivial. It was unprofessional.
"Yes, it's the same as last year. Sorry for not briefing you properly.
We need to reevaluate the situation. But as a start;
We have formed a government, we are a political power, with it's own navy and it's own interests.
We need a name. I suggest according to the company that founded this colony, we'll call the State the Outworld Federation.
Any comments?"
"The Colony was founded by a Corporation?" Sophie asked.
Coy sighed. "Yes, it's been a while. The republic didn't have much interest back then, they bought us up 15 years ago.
So, the name is decided. Now need to evaluate our position.
First of, Mara, hows the economy going?"
"It's surprisingly stable, the income hole a few Months ago seems to be temporary. We haven't quite found the reasons, but I believe it's due to old bureaucracy; Support for a new shipping line or something. Currently, we can go on for a few years, and by then we should have fixed out problems."

"Well, I sure hope they build a ship soon.
Admiral, how's the Fleet going?"

"Admiral Cocceji seemed quite content with the situation. Our fleet has undergone extensive training in the last year and is now ready for Combat. All the new ships seem to work fine; I'm looking forward to see them perform in a real situation."

"What is it with you and Combat?" Sophie threw in, "You sure are aware that we wouldn't survive contact with a hostile race that is even close to the old republic in production capacity or techlevel! It doesn't even need to be both. I'm quite content with our current peaceful situation."

"Now, now", The Admiral responded calm, "I know we wouldn't stand a chance in a real war. But our fleet can currently hardly do anything but guard the home system, and I hope you understand that I'd like to know if they are actually up to the task.
And do you know if those ruins are completely abandoned? I've seen the old logs, no one ever scanned the system thoroughly, it could be quite possible that we're not even alone in this system and whatever could be watching us has just waited until now, suspecting we got protection from where we came from."

"Thats silly conspiracy theories. No ones here, all those ruins are way too old."

"Good bridge. Did you find out anymore about the race that lived here?" Coy asked.
"Yes, kinda. They seem to be from one race, but several nations, with the same symbology, but different languages. Like in the countries of Earth.
I suspect they colonized their system before discovering TN Travel."

"And then they were wiped. Do we know anything about those potential agressors so far?" The Admiral threw in with a smirk.

"Nothing, absolutely nothing. The Engineers haven't even dug out all the Installations on this Planet, and theres three more. I only explore them, others do the exploiting. Ask the Generals about that."

"Enough of this. We make good progress. I'll call the next meeting when we made a decisive advance." Coy was about to end the meeting. He had a serious headache by now.

"Wait a Moment, Sir!" "Do not call me that!" "Sorry; I've sent the blueprints of our current fleet to your desk, for your personal Information."
"I'll take a look. Dismissed."
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