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Galactic Chronicles: Chapter 2 - The defence of Hope
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10 December 2183
The ruins on Hope was fully exploited by an archeological team lead by the xenologist Taylor Johnson. He discovered that the ruins was part of a bigger cities destroyed by a cataclysmic explosion that leave only the skeleton of the buildings but leave intact the underground section of them.
The team was aslo able to identify and translate their symbology and language on some documents that revealed the aliens was part of a misterious "Confederation of Cressac-Blanzac" but no information about their look or biology was retrieved.

Utterly the perception of all humans about their part in the universe was hit by the news and all the scientific estabilishment concentrate it's efforts towards the discovery.

The Chairman Chadwick, after a parliamentary meeting, announces that no other information was kept secret and the dig site was placed under the jurisdiction of the Army that will send as soon as possible a special engineering brigade to manage the site.

22th March 2185

SS Columbus finished the survey on Gliese 832, founding another 9 dormant jump points. Definitely the system will be a milestone for future exploration.

22th April
Columbus finished its mission and arrived on Earth, its commander, Dion Merryweather, was promoted to commodore.
The xeno research section of the army was fully trained and its ready to depart towards Hope.

22th June 2185
The Galileus returned to Earth too. During a ceremony, Cpt. Merryweather and Cpt. Perry, the commanders of the two survey ships, were awarder with a medal and promoted to Commodore for the outstanding performance during the 4-year-tour mission.
The first officer of the starfleet, Admiral Jenkins, during a public speech announces that the second part of the Horizon Mission, the further exploration of the galaxy via the remaining found dormant points will start "not before 2200". The reason of this delay is the need of construction of jump gate, surveillance network and the consolidation of the discoveries made.


On 9th September 2185, the 1st Xeno brigade started as usual the recovery of the alien complexes in the dig site of Hope. Their activities started 1 months earlier and they was able to recovery some mining equipment in the last days.

The B Company of the 2nd Battalion, opened a gate under a long staircase. After no initial sound or movement, suddenly an intense burst of heavy machine gun fire overwhelm the company causing the immediate death of 20 soldiers. The rest of the company was able to fallback and fortify a position 300 meters away from the gate.

The enemy forces were composed by a brigade-size unit of defence droid, ironically their shapes resebled an human skeleton and It seemed that their were part of a robotic combat unit used by the ruin's aliens.

Xeno Brigade tried to counterattack, but failed and they were forced to call for reinforcements.

From this day to 17th January of the next year the army forces stationed on Hope, composed by the 1st Xeno Brigade, the army legion "Victory" and the marine brigade  "Centauria" fought against these robotic enemies reducing the area near the dig site to a battlefield, but in the end they managed to destroy every enemy unit and secure again the dig.

Two units distinguished themselves in the combat, the 115th Mobile Infantry Battalion and the Marine Battalion "Bonecrushers". Their commanders, Colonel Liz Lawrence and Colonel Louis Nelson were awarded by a medal and promoted to Brigadier.



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