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March-August 2071 - Deadly meeting
« on: March 29, 2011, 02:03:43 AM »
2nd March 2071
The Taurus colony in Luyten, currently not populated by citizen but only by technician working on the new installations, is being massive bombarded by nuclear weapons by an alien fleet consisting of nearly 50 starships and presumed to be owned by the same race encountered in the Sol System.
US Navy is alerted by a distress message by the technicians and immediately dispatched an emercency order to stop all starships activities and return to homecolony.
Admiral Yates, the Navy Commander, recall the fleets to Sol System and ordered them to regroup at Luyten JG, stating that Taurus is obviously condemned as the life of the nearly 1,000 workers.
Sensors revealed that the average speed of the alien warships is 5,000 km/s, more than five times the speed of the US military starships.

3rd March 2071

After one day of bombardment, the Taurus colony is completely annihilated and the alien fleet vanquished. The planet radiation level is terrificant and become unsitable for life. HUman infrastructures are reduced to ruins and no single human survived. The total bodycount amount at nearly 2,000 victim of alien rage.
The US Chancellor, Nicholas Reynolds announced the event to the planets by a unified broadcast calling for emergency measures causing panic through the population.
Meanwhile, the four fleets are heading towards the Luyten JG to prevent hostile starships to enter Sol System.
The United Systems planets, military, and goverment structure is completely in chaos.

April 2071
US diplomats and technicians are attempting to estabilish radio contact with the aliens. The captured ones remain silent and no-sign of enemy starships are detected.

May 2071
SALREC fleet manage to salvage the wrecks of the alien jump gate builder, and headed towards home. Technicians recovered a "Magneto Plasma" Engine and an advanced CIWS system.

June 2071
1st and 3rd fleets cross the Luyten Jump gate and are headed towards Taurus

19th July 10.23
Sensors of the 3rd Fleet detected three hostile alien vessels examining their active sensor trace, Commander Ukosata, the Senior Officer of the 3rd fleet ordered the engage route despite the reccomendation from Rear Admiral Katsuhiko of waiting for its arrival with the 1st fleet.

19th July 14.53
Another two alien vessels are detected, the five ships are now moving towards the 3rd fleet at nearly 6,000 km/s

19th July 15.48
The alien task force entered the active sensor sphere of the 3rd fleet revealing a total of circa 20 vessels. The average tonnage of these ships is estimated to be approximately 6,000 tons.

19th July 15.52

The alarm on the four starships of the 3rd fleet is raised as 8 missile salvoes are detected.

19th July 15.53.06
The salvoes hit the USS Armada, the main impact is absorbed by the shields but a missile hits a laser turret and another destoyed an acrive sensor antenna causing a total of 50 casualties on board, the external armour is now heavily damaged

19th July 15.53.16
Another missile salvo is detected.

19th July 15.53.26
The salvo penetrate the armor of the badly damaged USS Armada, several missile hits engines, but also magazines and the fuel bunker causing internal explosion and the complete srtuctural failure of the ship. The ships commander, Adam Lucas, is killed with 683 crewmember, lifepods with 398 survivors are launched.
Commander Ukosata ordered the fleet to fall back after trying to rescue the survivor of the USS Armada. It alerted the 1st fleet for the retreat.

19th July 15.53.53
Another missile salvo is spotted on sensors, the firepower of the aliens is overwhelming. Rear Admiral Katsuhiko of the 1st fleet ordered the fleet to fall back to sol system trying to save the fleet.

19th July 15.54.01
USS Tobruk is hit by missiles and severely damaged. It's commander, Lieutenant David Willis ordered all personnel to abandon the ship.

19th July 15.54.11
From the USS Tobruk, lifepods are launched with 770 people. 331 remains killed in the initial explosions.

19th July 15.54.46
Another wave of missile is headed towards the remains of the 3rd fleet, composed now only by the USS Alexander and the USS Caesar

19th July 15.54.56
Missiles hit the Alexander, cutting the ships in two pieces, Commander Ukosata is killed as a missile hit directly the bridge. The ship is evacuated, the remaining one, the Caesar under Commander Fujitaka, try to flee abandoning the lifepods of the destroyed ships.

19th July 15.55.01
From the Alexander, only 279 crewmen take the life pods while 823 were killed.

19th July 15.55.26
The last missile salvo is detected and is heading towards the Caesar, Commander Fujitaka ordered to abandon the ship.

19th July 15.55.31
The Caesar is hit while being evacuated, only 639 crewman managed to escape of lifepods, including Commander Fujitaka. 463 is the bodycount of the victims.

26th July 2071
The lifepods of the crewmen of the 3rd fleet are captured by the aliens, along with Commander Fujitaka and Commander Willis.

15th August 2071
The 1st Fleet cross successfully the Luyten JG and arrived in the Sol System.
The encounter with the aliens caused the annihilation of the 3rd fleet, with a death toll of 2300 crewmen and the death of Commander Ukosata (USS Alexander) and Commander Lucas (USS Armada). 2077 crewmen with Commander Willis and COmmander Fujitaka were captured by aliens. This is the riepilogue of the encounter:

USS Alexander (destroyed): Commander Ukosata killed, 823 killed, 279 captured
USS Caesar (abandoned and destroyed): Commander Fujitaka captured, 463 killed, 639 captured
USS Armada (destroyed): Commander Lucas killed, 683 killed, 398 captured
USS Tobruk (destroyed): Commander Willis captured, 331 killed, 770 captured


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Re: March-August 2071 - Deadly meeting
« Reply #1 on: March 30, 2011, 05:24:11 PM »
You are facing an enemy that is way beyond your ability to compete with, surely the 1st fleet is going to have to withdraw to Sol and blockade the jump point.

There is another route through Proxima Centauri though, you might have to split your forces if you want a presence there as well.

Run away and fight another day might be the best policy in the short term.

Keep up the nice work, I look forward to your next update even though it might feature a blackened earth battered by radioactive dust storms.
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Re: March-August 2071 - Deadly meeting
« Reply #2 on: March 30, 2011, 06:56:50 PM »
Uh oh. 50 ships with higher tech.  :o

Maybe you start evacuating Earth.
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Re: March-August 2071 - Deadly meeting
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2011, 04:26:36 AM »
Yes friends, the situation is really, really bad... corrently I'm not posting because all my time goes on the "5 Seconds" button...

And this is simply wonderful for fiction purpose.. (admitting that is wonderful to see your entire fleets annihilated... :) )

They are really far beyond my military capabilities...

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Re: March-August 2071 - Deadly meeting
« Reply #4 on: April 01, 2011, 08:07:56 AM »
It seems they did not like the little piece of fireworks you did with their Jump Gate construction Ship.

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Re: March-August 2071 - Deadly meeting
« Reply #5 on: April 02, 2011, 12:14:43 PM »
It seems they did not like the little piece of fireworks you did with their Jump Gate construction Ship.

ahahah really!
I admit I "create" this situation, with 7 billionz on earth and having only a tenth of starships, the first NPR would be very advanced, and I was sure that hitting their builder cause they beceome really.. really angry!


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