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Tarn AAR
« on: January 01, 2013, 07:15:48 AM »
[ooc]And here is where any AAR writeups or other relevant fiction will go for the Tarn.
And sorry if this first bit winds up breaking canon, I'm fine to retcon as needed.[/ooc]

-= Recollections of the Khan =-

The things that you decide can wait often wind up being the most urgent. That should be a saying, Sekmet thought to himself, feet tapping impatiently as his shuttle made its way across the countryside. This was not the first time the astronomers had reported evidence of the Great Dusk, not by far. Clouds of debris that hung before far-off stars in defiance of gravity or basic orbital mechanics gave truth to the tales of galactic fire, but nothing more. To justify a request for the Khan's presence, the stargazers must have found something significant indeed.

The shuttle slides to a stop, and his guards follow him with the clack of a claw to their chest. The observatory is remote but the building itself is not large, and he is expected. The lead astronomer greets him at the door, a slight woman whose dark carapace betrays her age. Her limbs are strong enough yet for greeting though, catching Sekmet as he rocks on his heels towards her before she acts in turn, and leads him inside.

"It's an honor sir, thank you for taking the time to come out all this way. I promise you, what we've found is worth your while to see for yourself," she brimmed with excitement.
"I trust that, but what exactly have you found? That the stars are littered with the dead is not worthy of news. The primary isn't acting up, is it?"
"I'm afraid not," she sadly chuckles. "And as for what lurks among the stars..." she gestures to an old computer display with undecipherable graphwork. "The short of it is," she pauses to take a deep breath, "Somebody out there is using the technology of the Great Dusk. It shines past a good amount of cosmic radiation, it's impossible to miss if you know what to look for and, well, some records are more complete than others and I've always been a bit of a bu-"

Her rambling stops as the Khan holds her jaw in his claw gently, his shock turning to resolve.
"You and your team are to oversee and coordinate with any historians you deem competent. Formal transfer will come within the week, for now put that-" he gestures to the screen with his free hand "-into a proper report. Congratulations, doctor."
He releases her and repeats the grip on his second guard, instructing him on who to notify and what meetings to call before sitting down to a more complete explanation.
Waiting on urgency indeed.


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