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The Rise and Fall of Caroleans
« on: February 06, 2014, 12:03:29 PM »
The Rise and Fall of Caroleans

The Terran Empire has its roots in the aftermath of WW III, when Earth almost was destroyed.
After the war the survivors banded together and formed the Empire, they explored the solar system, found remnants of an alien civilization on Mars, later they explored the galaxy. In one system they found a submerged city, that was called Atlantis, after a few years as a spacefaring species they encountered an enemy around a star not far from earth.
The first ships that found it were destroyed and later in that year the imperial fleet entered the same system, and in a short engagement was defeated.
The empire retreated back to sol system, new ships were under construction and new weapons were researched, but the time was not there, because on 16th of Mars 2048 a huge ship entered Sol system and in less than a week wiped out the human race from Mars and Earth.

In Atlantis the humanities remnant tried it best to cope with the situation and a few days after the emperors death the people choose a new leader, Beatrice of the Bernadotte family, she would marry a engineer by the name Nils, a long forgotten heir to the Vasa family name.
In late April 2049 they married and started a family that would rule the human race for the next 146 years. In Atlantis the humans prospered and grew in number so by 2122 they returned to Earth and resettled Earth and Mars, 20 years later they started to expand outwards again into the unknown, but now they were armed, very well armed and almost everything they found hostile or not hostile were killed or enslaved.

In 2144 a race of small lizards were found on a large planet, a super earth rely, the empire invaded and conquered their planet and for some time they were treated as vermin, but the new Emperor Gustaf IV ordered that they should be incorporated in the empire with the same rights as humans.

Later that year a scoutship, the INS Goteborg jumped into a system that already was settled by a expansive species, the Nard, and war broke out almost at once. The Imperial navy was defeated in the first battle Nardia, the Nards home world.
In May 2149 Terra returned and in the Second battle of Nardia defeated their navy and wiped out the Nards from every settlement they could find. In 2158 the first Terran colonist landed on the Nard home world and started to build a new  and better future for its new masters.

Late 2175 a new species emerged as a threat to the Empire, their ships were fast and very well protected as well as well armed, at first they were encountered in small numbers but that rose fast and the Imperial Navy was starting to lose ships, soon faster then they could be replaced. There were never any communication with that species, they were dubbed the Enemy, mostly because no one knew their name.
The empire were under great pressure and in late 2190 the Emperor Nils II ordered several colonial fleets to be assembled, the first left the Terran empires territory in December 2192 into the unknown, with it went 5 million colonist, materials and support to relocate to a new place in the universe.
The second fleet left in June 2194 in another direction and the last fleet to be assembled started to leave Sol system on the same day as the Enemy attacked into the heart of the empire.

The freighters and colony ships were not fast so after earth was destroyed on 29:th October 2195  The enemy turned after the fleeing ships, but a heroic defense of the last Imperial Navy ships gave the civilians time to get to the jump gate, with a sole destroyer as protections they entered, as the ship entered a huge spike of energy hit the ships in the transit and several of they just vanished, the fleet emerged on the other side and was promptly devoid of energy, this lasted for less than a minute and later that day the fleet started to get its communication on line and found out that they were back in Sol system, but there were no sight of the Enemy. What they could see of the Sol system was devoid of any wrecks or any ships at all.

Also there were no communication with any Terran colonies. Later that week the fleet arrived at Earth and found out that earth was settled, by humans, but its technological level were not on par with the empire, in fact, they had a tech level of early 1800 century, before steam power.  

The robotic race: Was not really a race but ships and combat droids left from an early era, no one knows who built them. But they are hostile and should be destroyed at sight.
The star Dragons: This is a race of living beings, or more like living machines that scour whole planet system in search of prey, usually wrecks that are transformed into new ships for its master, or mistress.
The Enemy: Theory says that this race is not of our galaxy or reality, they might even come from a parallel universe, no one knows.
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