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(UNIT) The People of the UN Navy
« on: August 06, 2016, 12:21:26 PM »
People's weekly - January 4, 2060 issue.

the UN Navy is fast growing in both its officer corps and the ships and bases it operates.   In this article we look at the branches of the UN Navy and some of the equipment and personnel that make up each of the branches. 

Fleet HQ.
Located at Rikers Island, New York, UN Naval headquarters rises up from the former Jail site.   The Fleet HQ is the nerve center of the operations of the UN Navy.  The UN Navy is headed by 46 year old Marcala Oatman, born in the city state of Miami.  This office also handles the Shipyards and long range planning.


The most prestigious branches of the UN Navy, the core of which consists of 12 Constellation class Corvettes.    In addition, there are 2 squadrons of F-1 Wombat fighters, and the eight Victorieux class gunboats.   The Captains who make up this service are the elite of the UN Navy, and include rising stars such as Captain Cori Wayner, 29 - CO of the UNN Constellation,  Captain Shizuma Yukimora, 30 - CO of the UNN Equinox, and other proven commanders.  The most notable  Commander rank is media darling, and CO of Wombat 07 Co. Zhao Ting Fang, 24, who many expect to be the head of the UN Navy in a few years.

Logistics office

Currently mostly in storage, the logistic fleet is not small - Three Rico Class troop transports, 5 Marc Watney class Tankers, and 2 Appleseed class colony ships.  All these ships are handled though the logistics staff office.  Also a key concern is the maintenance yards in Scotland, Japan, and  Acidalia Planitia - Mars. 

United Nations System Defence Forces

While the battlefleet is intended to be mobile, the UNSDF consists of orbital and void ships that are intended for system wide defense.   The first five SDBs of the "Rio Grande" class are nearing completion.   In addition, they will obtain a portion of the "Reunion" class sensor boats.   A number of designs are also on the drawing board.  Currently no officers are assigned to this branch.

Spaceguard-Lifeboat service

Spaceguard handles the ground base (PDC) side of defending systems, and currently consists of 32 ICBM Bases on earth.  In addition, the lifeboat service, consisting of long lasting service boats to rescue lifepods.  Miguel Anderson of Norway heads this division.

Survey Office
The Survey office is a important, if under-appreciated service.   Perhaps best represented by Lt. Commander Roger Al-Shebi.   The oldest Lt. Commander, who served in Fleet HQ, the CO of the UNN Atlantis , and now serving as CO of Missile base 10, the brance is viewed as hard working but for now, almost surplus due to the complete sol survey being complete.   If it turns out that intersteller travel is possible, it will cause the UNN to greatly expand this service.   The commanders of this service still hold much respect due to their long service time in the Void.

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