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Aurora Multiplayer Game (The Travelers)
« on: June 07, 2017, 05:13:37 PM »

I am in the process of starting a new multiplayer game. For those who don't know, playing a multiplayer game in Aurora involves, at least in my case, several players and a GM. The GM gets emails/messages (I like emails, though) from the players specifying their actions (e.g. 100x Construction Factories on Earth) or something. I would then input the orders, and play out the turn (usually about a year), then report back to the players with the events and such of the turn.

To be enticed, please read the following introduction (written by hanzoku, who I'm not sure is on these forums):

We are the Travelers, and ours is the Great Journey. Once, so long ago that not even the oldest person in the cryopods remembers knowing someone who remembered it, we had a Home. But the Enemy came and we, the broken remnants of our people, fled. They pursued us tirelessly, for their way is to ensure that no foe survives to regrow.

Once, we thought we had eluded them. Our geoscouts found a planet, rich in Trans Newtonian minerals and relatively habitable. This was the first Waystation. Our people lived there for nearly two decades, restocking supplies, overhauling the Ships and refilling the fuel bunkers.

But the Enemy found us again, and once again we fled before them, weeping as those who could not be brought on the Ships perished in nuclear fire. We continued the Great Journey, ceaselessly hounded, always but one step ahead of the Enemy. We were nearly run to ground, when Anastasia the Savior rescued our people.

A masterful Captain, a brilliant Scientist was Anastasia the Savior. For she found the way to do the impossible, a feat no other has replicated - she managed to destroy a jump point, though she and her Ship, the Arkhangelsk, perished in doing so, sacrificed so that the Travelers would survive.

We continued on, system after system, but no longer were the wolves of the Enemy baying at our heels. Now, our Ships are once again weary, the metal of their hulls stressed and worn, the fuel of their bunkers nearly depleted. A system has been found, several planets rich in all of the minerals we need, but not habitable as the first Waystation was. We will have to continue living in the Ships, but now we have a chance, a choice.

Some are weary of the Great Journey, and wish to settle. Some wish only to stop for a time and continue the journey, ever onward, the True Travelers. Those who wish to stop are divided. Some wish to raise a great nation and spread our people across the stars, ensure that we are never again so vulnerable that one planet destroyed is the end of our People. Some wish to raise a great warfleet and return home and reclaim our birthright. And some wish to take that same fleet and scar the Enemy as no other has, to burn them from every world they call home, to crack their Ships open and spill their people into the Void.

If you are interested in playing, please reply to this post or send me an email ( with which side you would join given the following options, or if you have ideas for different sides. I want to try and keep it at just two empires, so I imagine having multiple people in each faction. However you guys organize that between you is fine.

War: The two violent options: Retake the homelands, or destroy the Enemy.
Expansion: The two less violent options: Settle and build a great nation, or build a second Waystation and continue the journey.


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