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A Divided world.
« on: January 31, 2018, 07:18:14 PM »
This will be a new AAR series, this is background fluff. The computer with Aurora is being used for other tasks so I am writing something instead.

Okay class, you may remember last week we went over WWIII. The key things to remember is that in 2028 a full scale war broke out. 8 billion died, and the old nation states outside of a handful of small nations ceased to exist. Prior to the war, government was generally done by democratic government. However after WWIII, two large governments formed, the United Nations of Socialists States, and the Empire of the Sun, or Imperium Solis. Yesterday we went over the UNSS, or sometimes just known as the UN. A leftover from the pre-war days, they follow a communal system of economic growth and are lead by a premier, who is guided by the Politburo, which is a executive council. Promotion is by seniority. It is a form of Stalinist Communism, and leaders are purged if they are found to be disloyal.

Today we are going to go over our own history, can anyone tell me how our nation was founded? Yes Lisbeth?

"In 2078, Robert Moritani, who was a local leader of a settlement, was under siege by a group of bandits, and told them that he would make the sun shine on them to show them his power. As the naked sun had not been seen in that area since 2028. The Sun appeared, and those bandits became his honor guard. He proceeded to form a new country in the badlands. All those opposed to the United nations of Socialists states banded under his flag, and the Imperium Solis, or empire of the sun was founded. And has used found data-cores to rebuild the badlands.

"That is correct, now who can tell me about the government? Someone other then Lisbeth....Chai Son?"

The boy looked up "What was the question?"

"Please pay attention, this is important. You will never earn the right to go to the military academy if you do not pay attention!" ...Samuel..please answer..

"Well we have the Emperor himself, Emperor Alexander of House Moritani. He is our leader."

"Yes, that is a start. He is the grandson of Robert Moritani. Who can tell me about Parliament?"

"They are full of men and woman who like to talk?"

The teacher smiled, it wasn't that far off, and it wasn't a crime to talk badly of Parliament, unlike the Emperor himself, a small cost to pay for the protection and freedoms the Emperor guaranteed...

"That is not incorrect, but the exams will want a more exact answer. Parliament consists of Nobles, who have been selected by birth or by the emperor himself to help lead us. There are a number of ranks, Dukes, Counts, and Barons, which are Hereditary, and Earls, who serve for life but children are not ennobled. What are the three privileges of Nobility? ...Okay Lisbeth..

"The right to be called to Parliament, the right of Kanly (or feud), and the right to enter the military academy"

"That is correct, but do recall that any of you, with good exam grades and a good references can enter the military academy, and once there, you are equal to all."

I am running out of time, but do recall that Parliament does set the budget for the empire, and reviews all appointments to government made by the emperor.

Tomorrow we will go over the concept of citizenship by service. Everyone have...

The bell rang and the kids rushed off to their next class. She remembered her service, working in a military unit that helped supplies get to isolated settlements and bring them into the fold of the empire, and defeating the communists rebels. She smiled at the photo of the emperor that hung from the wall, and she knew which student she would be recommending for the academy, not Chai Son, the son of the wealthy wool merchant, nor Samuel, who was a little too easygoing for military service. Lisbeth however had all the markings for service, more exactly the Navy. Sure her parents were poor farmers, and her father mind was enfeebled by some illness from his youth, but Lisbeth not only had the mind, she knew how to use it. She needed to talk to the Navy recruiter and get her in the Academy.
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