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C# Suggestions / Re: C# Suggestions
« Last post by Scandinavian on Today at 01:49:10 AM »
And if the default options don't match your preference, you can go down to the bottom of the list of settings and pick "administrative options" (or suchlike name). A good date format is DDD, d, MMM, YYYY (which gives you "Wed. 1 Jan 2022")
The Suns Never Set / Re: The Suns Never Set - Comments Thread
« Last post by Marski on Today at 01:26:36 AM »
Don't worry about it, WW3's about to start soon anyway.
C# Suggestions / Re: C# Suggestions
« Last post by Garfunkel on Yesterday at 10:51:30 PM »
Small QoL request:

Truncate the days and months displayed in all of the subwindows (primarily Fleet, Ship, Research, and Industry screens). Reduce days to 2-3 letters and months to 3 letters, such as:

Thursday, December 20, 2085 ---> (Th/Thu), Dec 20, 2085

I can almost never see the day and year when something is supposed to finish as the column for dates is never wide enough. I'm at 1920x1080 so it shouldn't be a display resolution issue either...
Change your Long Form Date setting in Windows. Aurora pulls the date setting from Windows so that's the culprit. These are the ones:

And it's found in:
Settings - Time & Language - Date. time & regional formatting - Change data formats
C# Mechanics / Re: Military Jump Drives and Commercial Engines
« Last post by Garfunkel on Yesterday at 10:40:58 PM »
Yup, plus it allows to make 3 tier travel system:

Tier 1: safe core worlds where civilians operate freely - systems connected by stabilized jump points
Tier 2: guarded outer worlds where only the government operates lot of big commercial ships - systems connected by (large) commercial jump tenders
Tier 3: unsecured frontier worlds where only military ships and small commercial exploration ships operate - systems connected by (small) military jump tenders

C# Suggestions / Re: Fighter Module
« Last post by misanthropope on Yesterday at 09:37:15 PM »
if it's surface area from volume, it's proportion to the (2/3) power.  a battleship can turn its "small face" as easily a fighter, that washes out.

ok, but for the sake of argument, let's use the square root.  so a 4000 ton frigate is twice as easy to hit as a 1000 ton gunboat.  this swamps by orders of magnitude any economy of scale that currently exists in the game.
Stormtrooper's Fiction / Re: A.F.R.I.C.A. - Glitch in the Matrix
« Last post by Stormtrooper on Yesterday at 08:43:17 PM »
Glitch in the Matrix

While computer since experienced a technological boom just like everything else, it was still light years behind understanding, let alone properly maintaining and developing the Matrix. So when one of the critical modules produced Segmentation Fault, even the most influential among CEOs trembled. Part of the reason rebellion didn't experience that much progress after their few initial successes was because so many citizens still dreamed in the simulation for most of their time, not wanting to get out of the imaginary world. But when half the simulation got shut down with nobody capable of figuring out the issue, they didn't have much choice anymore regarding passing their miserable time in the N.O.V.A. Bunker System. That part of the reason was gone.

N.O.V.A. Megacorps resealed the bunkers, separating them from the surface once again, maintaining a strict quarantine. Nobody could enter or leave, no matter how much the corporation trusted or didn't trust that person. And that was the final straw. Rebels planned and executed a massive storms to the gates. There was no cover for them in the hallway leading to the entrance, so the bodies quickly piled up at first, but later their death rate slowed down as dozens of dead rebels were used as meatshields. Corpse barricades were quickly erected and the firefight went on. N.O.V.A. Security forces maintained advantage for long enough to see some rebel groups scatter and run away, only to be decimated by drones that followed them or N.O.V.A. reinforcements coming towards the battlefield, but somehow they still kept fighting. Moreover, as N.O.V.A. threw most of its forces to keep the entrance sealed, the security across the underground facilities loosened. Upon realizing this, freedom fighters kept only enough soldiers at the gates to keep the corporation occupied for as long as possible, while their reinforcements, instead of heading for the main battle, concentrated across Matrix server rooms.

Government realised their intentions a bit too late. They already broke into targetted rooms, before automatic district shutdown procedure could be applied. Once they were inside, wiping everything clean in particular meant damaging the servers themselves, defeating the whole purpose of focusing on these rebel units in the first place. Bullets kept flying, but insurgents didn't even care about being picked off by security forces - they mostly laid down suppressive fire on the Matrix infrastructure itself, damaging it with AR-15s, pipe bombs, Molotovs and even some C4 and flamethrowers scavenged from defeated guards. The damage was too big to control and soon the entire Matrix simply shut itself down, freeing remaining dreamers from the grip of endless simulation.

In paralell to what was going on underground, a group of hackers taking pride in their ethos of anti-corporate netrunners of the Old World had finally cracked the security systems guarding the corporate communication channels, giving them access to the revolutionists stuck underground. As soon as they learned Matrix got shut down, they broadcasted the news to everyone on the surface.

There was nothing left to save anymore. N.O.V.A. Megacorps management suspended itself in a cryogenic sleep and fleed to Mars, away from the planet they no longer controlled. But while the rebels could celebrate victory, leaders of the uprising didn't remain optimistic for too long. As they learned about the truth behind corporate propaganda, they quickly came to an obvious conclusion corporate CEOs formulated before: supplies were critical and soon millions of people would starve to death or even literally suffocate from lack of oxygen. And the conflict wasn't really over either: many high-rank corporate workers didn't enjoy their privileges taken away, nor did the Church of Singularity feel too happy about the power shift, because for many followers N.O.V.A. Megacorps was assumed to be the messenger of Singularity since it started producing and selling first bionics. With many rebels advocating for abandoning dependence on technology and focusing on restoring nature instead, coming into some sort of agreement with Church of Singularity didn't really feel like a realistic goal for the nearest future.

But humanity had to press on. Or die out, the second time for good.

30th May 2172, annual Comitee of Humanity speech

Greetings citizens! The days of corporate oppression as well as addicting simulations and drugs are over now. We are free! We did it. We abolished social injustice and privileges of the few in favour of a better future for everyone, and for that I want to thank you all, especially those who sacrificed themselves and didn't live to see the happier times. But the work is not over yet. As you all already know, N.O.V.A. Bunker System isn't how humans had always lived. There's a whole world above surface. And not only that one, but many more. The universe is vast and spacious, it isn't built soley from underground hallways and rooms. Yes, the world above us is currently toxic and uninhabitable, but do not lose hope just yet! Within the corporate files we found information about terraforming technology recovered from Mars. Those evil people wanted you to never hear about it, but here we are, spreading the good news! We can use this technology to restore Earth to its former glory! We will reshape it to be just like on the photos of old: lush, green, with blue oceans, blue skies and colourful biosphere! Breathable and habitable, producing tasty, healthy food and not forcing us to process each other into nutrient paste anymore! Just imagine this paradise corporations once destroyed and refused to rebuild...

But as I said, the work is not over yet. Following years will be crucial and we must all muster up additional strength to get through them. Because of the irresponsible decisions made by the N.O.V.A. Megacorps, supplies are running short and hence we must introduce tighter rationing. But fear not, my friends, as we are doing it because we are no longer willing to engage in cannibalism and even with tighter food and oxygen rations you'll still have it better than under corporate government who would rather kill you all than let you have even a tiniest share of their resources. But once Earth is reborn, we will have more than enough for everybody. The most skilled engineers are already working day and night to setup basic terraformers on the surface. In addition remember about our saviours from the stars, the A.F.R.I.C.A. team that has been sent to assist us! N.O.V.A. Megacorps would rather blast them out of the sky than to give up their power, but we aren't like them. We are better. And so are our savuiours from the stars. We will prevail and we will reunite with rest of the humanity that fled the Solar System upon the fall of Old World. All hail the Comitee of Humanity! Down with the corporate oppression! Down with toxic technology! All hail the Comitee of Humanity!

Meanwhile, somewhere deep in the Martian deserts, N.O.V.A. technicians presented their reports according to which the wrecked ships were of military use and that apart from their propulsion systems, a few railgun cannons and one laser blaster remained almost intact...
Stormtrooper's Fiction / Re: A.F.R.I.C.A. - Martians
« Last post by Stormtrooper on Yesterday at 07:39:07 PM »

05th June 2153, Cydonia landing site

This is Paula Coelho speaking, leader of xenobiologist team, we're currently at Cydonia megacity belonging to the Old World, some sort of bio-lab facility, but can't really tell what they were doing here, the damage is insane. But the specimens we've found... These skeletons look humanoid, but unlike anything I've ever seen... These portable biological reconstruction simulators are awesome... Fascinating... Whatever these things were, they didn't breed much. Most of their current genome came from random mutations, but tracing a few generations back it is possible they had a small genetic pool to start with. I would assume genetic experiments on humans to adapt them to Martian conditions... On the other hand these terraforming installations (or at least that's what we believe they were, they still hold surprisingly well after all these years of warfare...) and biological material scattered around the surface matching Earth's biosphere leaves me to believe they tried to make it habitable for humans as they were. Still, lower gravity was bound to remain an obstacle and to speed up colonization process they could always work both ways, adapt the environment and the colonists... There's only one problem with this theory. These mutations... Assuming they really are humans, in the first place... Most of them don't really make sense in the context of living on Mars. I'll need to spend more time on this. Colleagues from Space Defense Department also seem to be very excited about those wrecks we found at starport... Especially the propulsion system. They say we'll conquer entire Solar System in no time with these...

N.O.V.A. Megacorps had big plans for Mars that has just gotten bigger with the latest exploration report. If humans could once terraform Mars, they for sure could terraform Earth, too. Especially that Earth required far less work - removing traces of toxic gasses was enough to make the air clear again, lower temperatures to something survivable and for more water to condense on the surface and then it was only a matter of releasing flora and fauna kept alive in underground arks enclosed in Noe's bunker.

But wielding terraforming technology didn't come without a price. Counter-Sabotage Bureau warned CEOs about a few relatively well-organized surface communities that while officially pledging loyalty to the N.O.V.A. Megacorps, were aware that surface was not part of the Matrix and engaged in rebellous activity. Even more, they were able to survive and thrive undetected for so long, because their leaders were among the supposedly high-tier corporate citizens. Treason was to be expected, but yet the corporation wasn't fully ready to embrace it. Likely because of the critical economical situation of the Bunker System. Colony on the moon was growing steadily, but it alone could only do so much. Mars was still a bit too far, Earth surface was promising but came with a side effect of strenghtening rebels, too. At least Church of Singularity kept on gaining followers, taking off some of the burden from corporate shoulders. Bionic legs quickly improved, leading to divisions between those who could and couldn't afford better models while hands made it to the market not too long after. Bionic internal organs and more elaborate implants had to wait, but cybernetic engineers were confident in their ability to start assembling bionic eyes for the security forces, as well as extending drone industry with systems semi-capable of making limited independent decisions.

Government once again evaluated the possibility of reopening Project NeoCitizen and for the second time came into conclusion that an army of droids might get useful. Maybe not advanced enough to become an army in the strict meaning in the nearest future, but all-seeing and all-hearing, loyal citizens reporting everything instantly via internet could go a long way in terms of suppressing the uprising. The question remained whether the corporation would hold on till technology would recover enough to allow that.

Meanwhile scientists were able to successfully repair and grab understanding of cryostasis chambers plenty of which remained in the underground cities. This had two consequences: firstly, N.O.V.A. Megacorps gained the possibility of "switching off" someone basically permanently, but without killing, making it useful for investigations of possible treason. Secondly, space engineers were able to build a prototype of a new colonization spaceship, using cryogenic transport to save on life support systems and supplies, capable of shipping thousands of people per flight rather than hundreds, opening up a chance at rapid Mars recolonization.

Martian class Colony Ship    50 000 tons     220 Crew     2111.8 BP      TCS 1000  TH 400  EM 0
400 km/s     Armor 1-120     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 26    Max Repair 50 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Spare Berths 0
Cryogenic Berths 160000

200 EP Commercial Nuclear Pulse Engine (2)    Power 200    Fuel Use 7.07%    Signature 200    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 1 350 000 Liters    Range 68.7 billion km   (1988 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

Virgin flight of Martians took the first generation of Martians of the New World towards the Red Planet to prepare a foothold for the future colony. Once again humanity was spreading across space and once again cyberentic implants and advanced AI started to appear among purely biological humans. Whether the New World was to make same mistakes as the Old World remained an open question barely anyone had time to think about under corporate oppression. Some believed it already did, though.

C# Mechanics / Re: v1.14.0 Changes Discussion Thread
« Last post by nuclearslurpee on Yesterday at 06:00:12 PM »
There is a cap though when expanding labs for how many parallel projects that are possible to run at the same time before running out of projects, with max labs on all of them.

The main concern is that tech costs range from something like 1000 - 5,000,000 RP (x5000 increase) while Research Rate ranges from 200 - 1500 (x7.5 increase). With lower admin caps you should in theory hit the cap of researching every potential available tech in parallel with maximum number of labs much sooner in your lab expansion, and you should be frustrated much earlier that that by having nothing useful to put labs on.

My assumption is that by the time a player race is concerned about such things, you would have multiple scientists in every field with very good, if not maximum, research and admin skills. Scientist careers are something like 40 years long unless they die in an accident, etc., which is plenty of time to receive a lot of skill-ups and with a robust array of academies you should not have much problem with generating and training new younger scientists to keep up a high quality of replacements in each field. Even if you choose to arbitrarily limit some techs (usually weapons, e.g. beam-only games) there are enough useful techs in the game that you can maintain several dozen more or less ongoing projects particularly if you diversify over time (ECM/ECCM, shields, cloaking, new weapon types, etc.).

As far as the tech cost scaling by ~2x per level, this is by design as it is pretty much expected that the player will hit a "plateau" after the early techs beyond which progress is quite slow and more about incremental advantages and new capabilities. Frankly the game really isn't balanced for playing up to MaxTech as some have found.
Is there an easy way

Well, since you're asking, you--

besides digging into the database to enable/disable interrupting automated turns for different event types?

Oh, no then, sorry.
C# Suggestions / Re: Fighter Module
« Last post by Bremen on Yesterday at 04:05:13 PM »
presuming volume is the measure of "size" you start with, it's the square of the cube root, not the square root, of course.

such a thing would add a welcome dash of low fantasy verisimilitude, but it would also apply untoward downward selection pressure on ship sizes.

I think square root would probably be too strong a bonus for small ships. Cube root might be more balanced strictly on a mechanical level, and explanation wise it's not farfetched to assume the ships are not really spherical and can present their smaller sides to the target.

And there is currently an upward pressure on ship sizes, so I don't think it would be as big a downward pressure as you think - we already have things like shield hp scaling based on the root (IIRC) of the generator size. That's one reason I suggested a cube root, though, since the goal here wouldn't be to eliminate large ships entirely, just give them a bonus that isn't mechanically inconsistent like special fighter only weapons.
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