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Trumpocalypse Commonwealth Faction Overview
« on: June 25, 2017, 09:04:39 PM »

In 2019 Britain was in crisis. A Brexit deal had failed to pass the commons (324-326), with pro Europe Tories joining with Labour, the SNP, the Lib Dems and Sinn Fein (who's MPs took their seats to vote down this bill) to kill the bill. This action forced Prime Minister Phillip Hammond to call a snap election. Many wild events take place over the six week campaigning period. A UKIP MEP launches a search for Bongo Bongo land, Teresa May has a nervous breakdown and can't stop saying "strong and stable" for two weeks, Alex Samond launches a rebelion against the UK, Jeremy Corbyn is kicked out of Labour by his own MPs and joins the Communist Party but prehaps most importantly Boris Johnson leads a group of Tory MPs over to UKIP. When the results come in there is a tight five way split in the vote (UKIP 26%, Tory 18%, Lib Dem 19%, Labour 22%, Communist 12%, Official Monster Raving Loony Party 3%), however UKIP manages to win over 500 seats thanks to the widely split vote. With this huge Commons majority Nigel Farage becomes Prime Minister. UKIP immediately start to pass laws that fit their agenda. A Great Freedom Bill is passed withdrawing Britain from the EU and repeling all EU laws. A new imagration law is passed banning imagration by people who cannot trace their ancestory back to Britain and kicking out those who can't (This basicly bans imagration from anywhere but New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and Canada. It also kicks out people not from those countries. It is SUPER racist). Britain then invites all Commonwealth countries to form one nation again. Most refuse (due to the racism issue) but Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the Union of South Africa (Forgot to mention Presidant Zuma managed to start a race war in South Africa. No one really knows how - records were destroyed during the Trumpocalypse. But South Africa had by this time split between the Union of South Africa - who were Apartheid Mk II, and South Africa - who are unimportant for the purposes of this story). The merger was barely complete when the Trumpocalypse happened. Lucky for the Commonwealth they were either reasonably unknown (New Zealand), mostly desert (Australia), mostly frozen hellhole (Canada), had shelters prepared (Union of SA) or Trump had a golf course there (the UK). However the planet was rendered uninhabitable. The Commonwealth elected to flee to Jupiter (or it's moons). By 2030 they have finished the job.

The Commonwealth is what I am calling a federal monarchy. At the federal level they are the standard Westminister system (King, Lords, Commons), but each country also has a national parliment with powers similar to today's Scotish Parliment. The current king is William V who succeded to the throne in 2027 after the death of his grandmother Elizabeth the Great (Charles had sadly died). The monarch has more power than they do today as they can veto bills (but rarely do) appoint the speaker and have limited influence over government (through loyalty and admriation rather than law). Most power lies with the Prime Minister who is currently Sir Michael Fallon. The Prime Minister has all the powers the modern day one has. The two main parties (nationaly) are the Tories and Labour. Currently the Tories are in charge. The political leanings of the king are unknown.
The Commonwealth has taken a step back from their stance in the 2020s and are no longer outright racist, however they are very xenophobic and don't like outsiders.

Construction Factories 350
Ordnance Factories 200
Fuel Refinaries 200
Mines 350
Labs 15
Financial Centres 150 (this represents the City of London)
GF Training Centres 5
Level 4 Officer Training Centre
200 million people

The millatry's duty is to"protect the Commonwealth from immigrants and radical islam". To achieve this they plan to use missile crusiers along with an AMM shield provided by PDCs

Enermies: the EU (the EU is hated for 'opressing' the British people for 40 years then screwing them in the Brexit deal), ISIS (because their ISIS).
Neutral: Elephant Empire, Donkey Republic