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  1. Q-Ship, anti-piracy design
  2. Some Assorted MaxTech Ships, w/ their Missiles
  3. History of a ship HMS Göteborg class
  4. Cloak & Dagger, Stealth Concepts for Raiding and Boarding [Quik n' Dirty]
  5. Magnetoplasma era cruisers
  6. Ships of the Imperium Amazonensis from a cooling Sol (More Designs added to OP)
  7. Ships of the Grand Terran Union
  8. Deep Space Battle Station of the Swedish Empire
  9. Terran Federation Navy heading out into the unknown (Spoilers)
  10. Colony Starter Concept, Settler Class
  11. PDCs of the United Solar Naval Commission, circa 84 ATN [Quik n' Dirty]
  12. 1st gen beamers of the TAN: late magneto-plasma era beam cruisers
  13. Military Fleet Assets of the USNC, circa 84 ATN [Quik n' Dirty]
  14. Maintenance Assets of the USNC, circa 84 ATN [Quik n' Dirty]
  15. Anchovie-Class Monitor
  16. Ion Era, Conventional Start Carrier with Laser Armed Beam Fighters
  17. Plasma Carronade System Defense Boat
  18. What to choose...
  19. Predator Strategic Bomber FAC
  20. Conventional Start Exploration Fleet
  21. The defenders of the empire
  22. Expansion of the Fleet Arm: Nuclear Pulse / Early Ion Tech
  23. Nuclear Thermal Navy, Early Tech
  24. Galaxy-Class Colony Carrier w/ 500-Ton Stardust-Class Colony Ship
  25. New system scout carrier and fighters
  26. 6th generation Fast attack craft and fighters of the Terran Federation
  27. Rebel Galaxy Ships in Aroura 4x
  28. An Early look at my Navy; the core of my Cruiser Groups.
  29. An Early look at my Navy; Updated Cruiser Groups, Feedback Welcome [WIP]
  30. A Shotgun Rush Heavy Corvette and a random Frigate.
  31. An Early look at my Navy; the Invocation-Class Spy Ship.
  32. The Javelin-Class Starfighter, a 500-Ton Multi-Role Fighter Craft w/ Missiles
  33. A formal look at various efficiencies
  34. Fighters of the UKP, circa Ion tech
  35. Ion tech cruisers
  36. The Monolith-Class Colony Ship, a 1 Million-Ton+ Absurdity
  37. Cheap and nasty Meson PDC
  38. Jupiter-Class Fuel Harvester Base and the Orion-Class Tug
  39. Early-Game Exploration Fleet w/ Ground Attack Ships, 5,000 Tons only
  40. Fafnir-Class Reborn, 45,000 Ton Command Ship.
  41. Ships of 1st Century Sidon, the Confederate-Class Cruiser
  42. Ships of 1st Century Sidon, the Millennium-Class Jump Ship
  43. Meson Frigate
  44. The Titan Atlas and the Titan Regalia remade.
  45. Frontier-Class Destroyer, Ultra Low-tech Combat Ship, 4.5K Tons w/ Scout
  46. The Valkyrie II Rescue Fighter
  47. The Maiden-Class Courier w/ Alt. Version, Jump-Capable
  48. The Marathon-Class, another Courier-Type concept w/ Alt. Tanker ver.
  49. Marine Frigate Mk. II
  50. The Recon-Class Reborn, w/ Fleet (High-Tech Ver.)