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  1. Adding Spotter and artillery units
  2. Maintenance Supply Points production
  3. Fleet Shields Button not working in 2.1.1 (Lower shields)
  4. How viable is long tech era gameplay in the latest version? (Mainly re spoilers)
  5. Creating empty ground formation
  6. Terraforming eccentric orbit temperatures
  7. "Standard" speeds for engine tech; an idea that really needs feedback
  8. How prevent survey ships entering alien system
  9. Gardering Intelligence point
  10. Fighters
  11. Groundforces
  12. Transporting and stealing people/resources. PPV, etc.
  13. Miscellaneous VB tutorial questions part 3.
  14. Survey standing order distance modifiable?
  15. An acient fouded weapons question
  16. NPR Generation Questions
  17. Shield strength from passive sensors
  18. Where to put HQ?
  19. Cant launch buoys
  20. Civ shipping installations
  21. Frozen hazardous gases
  22. System display abbreivations
  23. Genetic Modification
  24. Problem with an orbital miner - FIXED
  25. The Non-Player Races (NPRs), and how to set them up
  26. Early game weapons
  27. How do I find a socalled 'dormant jump point'?
  28. How do your fighter survie the size1 missle spam?
  29. Diplomacy Rating
  30. My beamer fleet won't fire
  31. Question about Empty Fleets
  32. Ground Reinforcement
  33. Ground Force Fortification Question
  34. Intentionally founding multiple colonies in a homeworld/other planet
  35. Maintenance Replenishment Vessel Fail - Where did I go Wrong?
  36. Save Files or Exporting Ground Troops
  37. Maps organisation
  38. How/Can I destroy my own sensor buoys?
  39. Help a boarded vassel?
  40. Why wont they attack ?
  41. Terraforming Earth
  42. Events not showing on 1.13.0
  43. Unwanted movement
  44. Question about organizing your ground forces.
  45. Constant interruption for "ship is within firing range"
  46. Ground force replacements
  47. Breathable Atmosphere?
  48. What research speed is recommended?
  49. I can' see class design side!
  50. Equalizing Fuel