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  1. Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
  2. What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
  3. Why do the lasers have a much higher range than maximum BFC range?
  4. A brainstorm over defences and commercial
  5. Customised NPRs
  6. Trade system
  7. Star Trek (and other Sci-fi) Locations
  8. Is there autocombat?
  9. How to use the deep space population?
  10. NPR First Contact Tips / Suggestions
  11. Quick Ship Design Help - A Basic Cruiser
  12. I've Forgotten Everything: Basic Ship Designs
  13. Refit Preview?
  14. Recreating a saved game in a new version
  15. Commercial Engine Size Ratio: What Am I Missing?
  16. Single System Campaign. Possible and best practices?
  17. Relevant to our interests: The Worst Design Mistake of the Iowa Class Battleship
  18. Battlestar galactica: 12 colonies homeworld system
  19. Map made with graph software
  20. Aurora Question
  21. RPG Meta Campaign using Aurora.
  22. MOVED: Invisible gate or...
  23. Written Text Guide Website by 7w1 - working towards a Aurora Wiki V2
  24. MOVED: AI Image Generation
  25. MOVED: Using ChatGPT for roleplaying in Aurora!!
  26. MOVED: ChatGPT aliens
  27. How to combine bases on planet after ground combat capture?
  28. Fallen Empires multiplayer game recruiting
  29. Multiplayer
  30. How to play as the Martians?
  31. Aurora Comics and Memes
  32. full terrain list
  33. Senario idea
  34. Raiders in the long term
  35. Multiple human powers on Earth - ensure they are all same race
  36. Steam Deck
  37. MOVED: NPR ground templates
  38. Civilian contracts
  39. Is there any way to upgrade NPR tech?
  40. Keeping track of your Survey Ships progress
  41. New Start Fatigue?
  42. Ship destroyed during 30 day hop?
  43. Which is better for point defense?
  44. Empire wide Mineral Logistics.
  45. Help with Resolving Long Turn Times
  46. MOVED: Questions about Ground force design vs. Rakhas
  47. Issue with Refueling
  48. Interesting Names
  49. Crisis in the Confederation - Aurora 2.0 multiplayer game
  50. AI Generated Aurora C# Patchnotes