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  1. CLE design help
  2. Future of People's Federation Navy
  3. Jayne's Fighting Ships of the Haven Sector (Manticore Defiant Ship Designs)
  4. Anti-Pirate FAC
  5. Terran Hegonmy Fleet designs
  6. Captainwolfer's ship designs
  7. Real life military organizations, equipment and personnel.
  8. List of Anti-Pirate Ships for Inspiration and Shameless Co-Option.
  9. First serious attepts to build a fleet
  10. Design Challenges
  11. Simple Ground Unit Design with all ground unit tech
  12. New to missiles, looking for some guidance
  13. A terrible, awful, not very good Survey Ship
  14. Enter the Battle Barge
  15. Empire of Nihon Armed Forces in 2063
  16. Asuryani Aeldari Ground Formations
  17. Battleship design
  18. MaxTech AMM Frigate, Sarissa Class
  19. Ship designs from a 6 powers game
  20. MaxTech Bomber, The Aggressor -B
  21. Let's create a Community Miscellaneous Components List between all of us
  22. MaxTech Continued, Terra-Class Light Battlecruiser
  23. Literal Fleet Carriers
  24. BFGs and Boarding for Shock and Awe: Battlefleet Sol and Ground Forces.
  25. Ion 3kt beam brawlers and other 3kt designs
  26. Oh, the Humanity: Designs 1.13 edition
  27. Max-Tech Dakka Battlecruiser
  28. Improved Nuclear Pulse Area Large Beam ships Fleet
  29. Brawler Duo
  30. MaxTech Battlecruiser, Sol Class w/ Ordinance & Fighter Compliment [WIP]
  31. Military or commercial for giant carriers?
  32. 15kt destroyer dual-class
  33. Emergency Build Program
  34. MaxTech Fighter, AMM-Based.
  35. MaxTech Corvette for Anti-Missile Work.
  36. Three Fighter Doctrine, and why it doesn't work with MaxTech
  37. Looking for Feedback, MaxTech Beam Fighter
  38. Ship building suggestions
  39. A cheap asset flip
  40. Gunship
  41. Jump Point Attack.
  42. Maximum Tech is.... out there
  43. Exploration Forward Outpost
  44. Low-tech multipurpose gunship
  45. Two Gunboat Designs, Nameless for now.
  46. Big Transport, Small Transport
  47. Shipbuilding Advisor Program
  48. Need to see a man about a destroyer.
  49. damage of beam weapons, beam fire controlls and chance to hit
  50. Ship designs Playthrough V1.13.0 2021