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Age of Exploration: Ch. 2 - The 2 Week War
« on: December 04, 2011, 11:31:17 PM »
September 22, 1924

Relations are going back to normal between the British Empire and Russia. Britan has joined Russia and France in the Trans-Newtonian era, and is now researching duranium plating, and Russia has just exited the prototyping phase for pebble bed reactors - the first ever nuclear reactor. Russia has started construction of power plants using this new reactor.

February 17, 1925

Russia, France and the British Empire have all decided to remove “surplus officers” from service to increase efficiency. Surplus officers are basically 90% of the nations high ranking officers.

March 2nd, 1925

The French leadership have been assassinated by radical terrorists, and the have launched attacks on Russia. Their new “Garrison” battalions are going to defend against the attack while the 1st and 2nd Infantry move in to capture the terrorist leaders.

June 22nd, 1925

The terrorists have been neutralized, however, no one will step up to take the place of their old leaders. So, Russia offers vassalage to the Commune of France. A 55% majority agree, and the Russians put one of their own in charge of the new state.

February 26th, 1926

British Canada has declared war on the Russian Empire, claiming them to be cruel mass-murderers that want the world under one banner. They bring to the table 10 infantry battalions and two armoured divisions. They have embarked with troops to set up a naval base on Midway island, and will launch an invasion from there. The Russians only have two infantry battalions and one armoured, but they also have four garrison battalions, designed for defensive purposes only.

February 27th, 1926

As if the Russians had been waiting for this, a trans-Newtonian fighter-bomber has been designed and being built right now. It is armed with a single rail gun, and nuclear thermal engines recently developed by Russian engineers.

March 1st, 1926

The British Empire has launched it’s assault, but met heavy resistance from the Russian garrison battalions. The British received a crushing 25% total combat effectiveness loss from the initial assault

March 6th, 1926

The ten infantry battalions threw their bodies against the Russians again, trading a total 10% loss of effectiveness for only a 5% loss to one of the garrison battalions.

March 11th, 1926

The same repetition yet again today. The British Army’s total combat effectiveness is now less than 50%, and the Russians are preparing to do a raid on Midway.

March 14th, 1926

The Russians first fighter-bomber has been finalized on schedule, and it is being armed while the 1st and 2nd infantry land on a nearby island to be used as a staging area.

March 15th, 1926

The Russian Fighter-Bomber flies overhead Midway, raining down artillery-like fireballs on the military base. The British RPG’s can’t hit the bomber while it is going that fast, so they drop their rocket launchers and attempt to either hide or escape on the boats.  The boats are decimated, and then they cease-fire. 1st and 2nd infantry land, and captured the soldiers who chose to stay. The King was alerted to this crushing blow from the bomber landing outside the Parliament building and a heavily armed division of soldiers marched into the main chamber. They demanded his immediate surrender - the British Empire would become a satellite of Russia. King Oliver quickly accepts this proposition, and hands over all control to the Russian Empire. The fighter returns for refuelling, and the soldiers are left to defend the King incase someone tries to make an attempt on his life.


Russian Empire:
Population: 281m + 41m
Maintenance Facilities: 8
Construction Factories: 52
CI: 167
Mines: 18
Research Labs: 4

OOC: Gee Britan, you didn’t learn from Germany? Though I didn’t really want the scenario to only have one nation in control this soon. Ah well, Earth isn’t 100% unified yet, just ahh… half unified. As in, almost all of the Northern Hemisphere unified.