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Trumpocalypse - A Tale of Elephant and Donkey
« on: June 26, 2017, 06:57:01 PM »
(The Elephant Empire and Donkey Republic backstories have been merged because they are intertwined)


In 2019 a report by the special prosecutor looking into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is released. While Trump is found not to have colluded with the Russians (due to lack of evidance), it is found that he attempted to obstruct the investigation into this matter by the FBI. Democrats led by Speaker Ryan of Ohio (Tim Ryan not Paul Ryan) immediately launch impeachment procedings. With impeachment in the house certain and conviction by the senate likely, Donald Trump commits the action that will change the world forever. He presses the big red botton on his desk. This executes nuculer strikes on his enermies. China is the first to go targeted for stealing so many jobs. Next is Mexico, then the Middile East, then Paris until most of the world is consumed. However before the bombardment can finish it is stopped by Secretary of Defence Mattis. (it is still unknown how). America is however split in two, Democrats and some moderate Republicans form a group that would be known as the Donkeys. Trump rallies his suporters who are known as Elephants. A civil war is almost certain to break out when sciantists on both sides inform their leaders that they should probably leave earth before they all die from the radiation that the Trumpocalypse produced. The Elephants head for Luna to form the Trump United States of Luna (TM) known to most as the Elephant Empire (EE). The Donkeys fled to Saturn to create the Republic of Saturn but more commonly known as the Donkey Republic (DR).

-EE Politics

The political system of the EE is very similar to that of the modern day US with two huge differences. Firstly insteed of a presidant there is an emperor, Emperor Donald I (known as Emperor Trump). The Emperor has absolute power (but can usually be minipulated by congress to do what congress wants). The second big difference is that the Democratic party doesn't exist this makes elections uncompedative and usually the Republican Primary decides who will hold the office. All the various factions of the Republican Party are represented there is the Freedom Party (a merger of the tea party and the fredom caucus), The Jesus Faction, The Wall Street Crowd and the Establishment (who play the other factions off against each other to get stuff done). All these factions have about roughly equal numbers in the house and senate. most excetutive functions are preformed by Jared Kushner.

-EE Industry

Construction Factories 500
Ordnance Factories 250
Fuel Refinaries 250
Mines 500
Labs 10
Financial Centres 200 (this is Wall Street)
GF Training Centres 10
Level 3 Officer Training Centre
The EE has the largest starting industry in the game but only 10 labs and a Lv 3 OTC
Population 200 million people

-EE Millatry

The second amendment gives the right to bear arms. No ifs and no buts. Therefore the EE has a special rule, they can convert their population into troops (I will decide what ratio of people to troop strength) in emergancys.
Due to extensive lobbying by the close range weppons PAC (CRWPAC) the USN does not use long range ASMs. Their ships will be mainly focased around railguns and gauss weppons (maybe with some AMMs) with heavy armor

-EE Diplomacy

Enermies: with ISIS, the EU and the DR.
Neutral: with the Commonwealth

-DR Politics

The Donkey Republic has two branches of Congress. The house is elected for two year terms using MMP (the current electoral system of New Zealand). The senate is elected for six year terms on a poroportional basis, with a third of the senate elected every two years. There are 300 congressmen and 300 senators. There is also a President who is elected for a four year term using the French system (first round, runoff) there is no term limit. The current President is Barack Obama. Politics is split between Clinton Democrats (led by Bill in the house and Hillary in the senate) and the Sanders Democrats (led by Bernie in the house and Ellisabeth Warren in the senate). There is also a small Republican Faction led by John McCain. Currently no one faction has a majority in the house or senate (oh and Joe Biden is VP).

-DR Industry
Construction Factories 200
Ordnance Factories 150
Fuel Refinaries 100
Mines 200
Auto Mines 50
Labs 20
GF Training Centres 4
Level 5 Officer Training Centre
The DR has the least industry (apart form prehaps ISIS) of any faction but has the most Labs and the bigest OTC

-DR Diplomacy
Enermies: ISIS, EE
Neutral: Commonwealth
Friendly: EU

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Re: Trumpocalypse - A Tale of Elephant and Donkey
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 01:29:25 AM »
Obama in charge of the Donkey Republic? The first thing Trump would do is have an aneurysm, then slur out an order to nuke Obama from his hospital bed.

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Re: Trumpocalypse - A Tale of Elephant and Donkey
« Reply #2 on: June 27, 2017, 07:34:32 PM »
Obama was in New York at the time which was one of the places Trump didn't nuke (because that's where Trump Tower is). After that he was protected by his security detail and the New York national guard. He became President as a compromise between the Sanders and Clinton factions (as both liked him)
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