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New Cold War / Cold War: Month 185 Update, Bjering Alliance
« Last post by Kurt on Today at 03:06:36 PM »
Bjering Alliance Update, Month 185

Total Income (All Sources): 37,419 MCr’s
Total Upkeep: 19,320 Mcr’s (52%)

Primary Fleet Deployments
Alpha Fleet (Home System): 3xBC, 1xCVL, 2xCVS, 3xDD, 5xCT, 60xF1
Beta Fleet (Surtr): 3xBC, 1xCVS, 1xCVE, 6xCT, 30xF0
Delta Fleet (Home System): 3xBC, 1xCVS, 3xDD, 1xCVE, 8xCT, 30xF1
Epsilon Fleet (Tomsk): 3xBC, 2xCVS, 2xCVE, 8xCT, 60xF0
Gamma Fleet (Gunnar System): 3xBC, 1xCVE, 8xCT, 12xF0
Strategic Reserve (Home System): 1xML, 9xCVS, 162xF0

Under Construction: 2xML, 1xCV
Refits: 6xBS4, 3xBC
Reactivation from Mothballs: 3xBC

The Bjering are currently developing systems available at HT-9, and have begun deploying improved F-1 fighters to the fleet.  There are no plans to enlarge the fleet at this time, aside from ships already under construction, and instead resources are being focused on colonization and industrial expansion. 

In month 185, Bjering survey ships working on the fringes of their territory established contact with a planet-bound alien race inhabiting a newly discovered type ST planet.  This race is at approximately the same technology level that Earth was during the Renaissance era, and fortunately is open and apparently unafraid of their visitors.  Initial contact attempts are going well. 

The Bjering and the humans of the Tomsk Union have grown much closer over the last ten months, and the assistance provided by the Bjering to repel the attack by the Colonial Union has hastened the trends that were already taking place.  Most barriers to travel between the two nations have been either reduced or eliminated, and the militaries of both nations spend much time exercising together.  All signs point to this trend continuing, and the two governments have begun making plans for the eventual merger of the two nations.  For all of this, the Bjering have a far different outlook than the Tomsk-humans.  While the Tomsk Union is laser focused on the threat from the Colonial Union, and is thus focused inwards, the Bjering are focused outwards.  The bulk of their fleet is deployed out of their home system, and much of their construction efforts are focused on building defenses in forward positions to defend their extended territory. 

In spite of this difference in outlook, there is great respect and even friendship between the two nations, and their alliance will certainly continue into the future.

Tomsk Union
Total Income (All Sources): 36,275 MCr’s
Total Upkeep: 9255 MCr’s (25%)

Fleet Dispositions
Home Fleet (Tomsk): 9xBC, 9xCL, 9xDD, 10xES
Fortress Moon (over the Capital): 3xOffensive PDC
Planetary Defenses (Capital): 7xPDC, 5,000 PCF (some based in the PDC’s and thus hidden)
Orbital Defenses (Capital): 6xArmed Station, 4xDefensive Station

Under Construction: 6xBS2
Refit: 6xOrbital armed stations

As noted above, the Tomsk Union is focused on events in the Colonial Union, and on the threat the Union poses to their capital.  Because of this threat, the Tomsk Union’s focus on fortifying their home system will likely continue into the future.  With the new technology now under development, including fighter technology, the Tomsk Union will likely be finding ways to deploy fighters throughout all of their defenses, as it does not appear that the Colonial Union has achieved that level of technology yet. 

Their close brush with disaster during the recent attempted invasion by the Colonial Union has convinced the Tomsk Union to get serious about fortifying the Tomsk system, which is rightfully viewed as the heart of the Union.  Mines have been placed directly on the closed warp point that leads to the Colonial Union, and additional buoys and mines are being built.  The six warp point defense bases destroyed during the attack have been replaced already, by bases intended to bolster the defenses, and new bases will be built in the near future to increase the defenses.  Work will also continue on fortifying the fortress moon of Krepost.  To eliminate the possibility of collateral damage, the population of the moon was relocated to several other lunar mining outposts throughout the system prior to the invasion, and the entire moon has been posted as being off limits for civilians.  A massive project is underway to fortify the orbital shipyard stations, turning those stations into hybrid shipyards-defensive stations, meaning that the yards will be able to defend themselves and the planet below.  This project was only partially finished when the Colonial Union invaded, and the failed attempt to invade the system has given the government much motivation to continue the project. 

Once fighters and their associated systems have been developed, the Union intends to make a massive investment in ships and bases to carry these new weapons in the hopes that they will make the system too expensive to take by any aggressor. 
New Cold War / Cold War: Colonial Union, Month 183
« Last post by Kurt on June 18, 2021, 08:21:34 AM »
Month 183, Colonial Union
In the aftermath of the abortive attack into the Tomsk Union, the Colonial Union’s government is in full coverup mode.  The attack had not been announced in advance, of course, but the government had let it be known that big announcements were forth coming.  After the failure of the attack, the government shifted the focus to the ‘rebellion’ of the Tarek in the Sligo system, and announced that the naval forces that had been dispatched to assault the Tomsk Union were in fact being sent to the Sligo system.  In reality, the Union Assault Corps and the 1st Battle Force are still in the Kirov system, which was their jumping off point for the attack into the Tomsk Union.  The system is an uninhabited warp nexus, with traffic tightly controlled because of the strategic importance of the system as a contact point with both the Tomsk Union and the Confederated Free Systems, and beyond them the D’Bringi Alliance.  The ships have remained here both to guard against the possibility of a counter attack by the Tomsk Union, and to let the thirteen mobile shipyards brought up to support the attack repair the ships that were damaged in the attack, including the superdreadnought United Kingdom, the fleet flagship. 

Even as the government spins the Tarek rebellion, the administration is preparing for the inevitable leak of the failed attack.  Too many people within the government and the Senate know of the planned attack to keep it secret for any length of time, so a cover story incorporating portions of the truth is being prepared.  In the meantime, the government has used the ongoing construction of three additional nation class superdreadnoughts in the Epsilon Eridani system as a rallying point for the nation, promoting the construction of the superdreadnoughts as proof of humanity’s supremacy.  Secretly, the government has funded the construction of nine additional superdreadnoughts in two of the more remote shipyards in the Colonial Union.  One of the yards is in the Redwing system, and used to belong to the Tlatelolco race before their incorporation into the Colonial Union.  The Colonial Union’s government has been funding the transfer of large numbers of people from Earth to the Tlatelolco home planet, bolstering what was a small scientific outpost dedicated to raising the Tlatelolco’s tech level to colony status.  The people being sent to this colony tend to be fervent New Dawn supporters, and many of the new immigrants work in the orbital yards, which have been greatly expanded.  This construction complex is a secret naval installation that is not widely known, and it is being used to build ships that the fleet does not want widely publicized.  The other yard building the secret force of superdreadnoughts is the old soviet yards in the Solar System.  While the Earth still has the Colonial Union’s largest population, it is politically and socially marginalized.  The Earth, while mostly revered as the home of the human race, is seen as a failed political experiment and a reminder of the massive failures of humanity in the past.  The population of Earth is still traumatized by the events of the two nuclear wars, and although it has not resisted its incorporation into the Colonial Union, it has remained mostly isolationist and stands apart from the evolving culture of the Colonial Union.  Seen as a backwater by the rest of the Union, it is the perfect place for the Colonial Union to build ships it wants kept secret, as everyone knows nothing interesting is happening in the Solar System, and if anything does happen, its probably bad and they don’t really want to know.   

Work was also begun on two new designs in the Solar yards.  These were smaller ships, less sensational than the stupendous superdreadnoughts that the government was going to such lengths to hide.  These were the Rommel class CLE and the Spruance class DDE, designed to counter the Bjering small craft observed in the Tomsk system.  There was some discussion about starting R&D on a small craft capable of engaging the Bjering ‘fighters’, as they were being called, but the Union’s R&D establishment was pretty clear that they were close to a breakthrough on their own fighter development project, so the concept was tabled, for now. 
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Starslayer_D on June 17, 2021, 09:23:37 AM »
Yes, diplomacy rolls can be strange at times. Just ask Paula bout the Cats who say Nnnnjoo....
Or the simeans, who the RM attacked, then  after a spirited but doomed WP defense they made an offer to aka.. join us epacefully or be subjugated... and got a partnership counteroffer...

We had a few very strange diplomacy rolls in this campaign.
Also the fascist ugolates who turned a trade & military offer into a bloody conflict by getting the 'mortally offended' result on the relationshoips.
New Cold War / Cold War: Months 176-185, Tomsk Union
« Last post by Kurt on June 17, 2021, 08:06:43 AM »
Tomsk Union
Month 176 (Pre-Colonial Union Attack)
The Tomsk Union is beginning to face population problems related to its ambitious exploration and colonization program.  A large influx of refugees from Earth boosted the Union’s population in several critical systems, giving it several systems that could support the colonization program out of their medium-sized populations, but the Union’s four survey fleets have been finding new planets to colonize faster than population growth on those medium-sized populations can replace the colonists being sent out.  Ever since the Colonial Union cut off the flow of refugees, the populations of the Tomsk Union’s core worlds have steadily dropped.  Now, with the colonization of the two habitable planets in the Kuala Lumpur system underway, the population of the Petropavlovsk system has dropped to the point where it will not be able to support further colonization for some time.  This leaves just two systems with medium sized populations capable of supporting further colonization.  There is little the Tomsk Union can do about this problem, given the unlikelihood of the Colonial Union allowing the resettlement of refugees to their territory at any point in the future. 

Month 183
The Tomsk Union reaches HT-8 with Bjering assistance, and immediately sinks all of the money received from the Colonial Union as reparations for the recent attack into R&D of the new systems now available, including fighter technology.  The Tomsk government begins construction on energy beam buoys, to replace the expended DSB-L’s, but has few damaged ships to repair.  Instead, preparations are made to refit the fleet to the new technology under development.  Work continues on expanding the fortifications on the fortress moon, as well as on Tomsk itself. 

The near-debacle last month has convinced the Tomsk government to change its stance on the defenses at the warp point to the Colonial Union.  Previously, the warp point to the Colonial Union’s Kirov system was used for occasional diplomatic traffic, thus, the Tomsk government had decided against heavily fortifying the warp point.  Now that the Colonial Union has launched a surprise attack, the government has informed the Colonial Union that the warp point will be closed to all traffic, and that the defenses located there will fire without warning upon any ship that transits.  This will allow the Tomsk Starfleet to change its deployment of forces on the warp point.  The single largest change will be the deployment of mines.  Previously, the mines were deployed around the warp point at a quarter light second, which would allow a ship transiting into the system a safe pocket where it would not be attacked, at least by the mines.  This was done to avoid an accident should a diplomatic ship transit into the system.  Now that the warp point is closed to all traffic, the Starfleet will be able to deploy the mines directly on top of the warp point, as it is a closed warp point with no gravitational eddies that would otherwise push the mines away or pull them into the warp point.  This will make the mines much more effective.  In addition, a portion of the buoys deployed to the warp point will be active at all times, meaning they will fire on any ship entering the system. 
New Cold War / Cold War: D'Bringi Alliance, Months 176-185
« Last post by Kurt on June 16, 2021, 08:08:06 AM »
Month 177
The T’Pau Syndicate, taking advantage of data provided by the D’Bringi, begins development of fighters and their associated systems.  The expense is immense, but the T’Pau are motivated to prove that they are the equal of the two senior races in the Alliance, and are willing to bear the expense.  Work is begun on a proto-type escort carrier hull in the shipyards, with holds in the place of fighter bays.  The CVE’s design is controversial, both within and without the T’Pau navy.  The design is intended to deliver fighters to the battlefield, and mounts no weapons, defenses, or support systems aside from those directly related to the fighters themselves.  The ship has only a thin armor covering and no missile defenses, and so will have to be escorted, as not only doesn’t it have any defenses, it has no sensors to detect targets for its fighters.  It does carry more fighters than equivalent D’Bringi and Rehorish designs, almost a full squadron more, meaning it can deliver more fighters to the target, or even hold some back for fleet defense without weakening its strike wing.  It will still be some time before the T’Pau can begin fielding their fighters, but they have taken the first step. 

The D’Bringi and the Rehorish have been focusing on integrating their militaries.  The D’Bringi, in particular, had problems with many of the proposed changes, such as the inclusion of qualified non-Clan personnel into their military forces, the integration of independent Clan forces into a unified force, and the regularization of clan rank structures.  The Clan Chiefs reluctantly agreed to make some of the changes at the time of the union, and the results have been encouraging.  The Keeper and Clan forces in the home system have been unified into a single fleet, drilling together and with a unified command chain.  Although there have been several bloody fights off-ship, resulting from frayed nerves and old clan resentments, the results have been almost overwhelmingly positive.  At least so far.  The older Clan Chiefs admit the necessity of the merger, but fear and resent the changes it has brought, while the younger Clan Chiefs see opportunity opening up in front of them as the D’Bringi society begins moving beyond the strictures of the old clan organizations that held so many D’Bringi in menial positions just because they didn’t have the right relatives.   

Month 182
The T’Pau achieve HT-8, and the Alliance government announces that the T’Pau have agreed to join the Alliance as its third full member.  The T’Pau government makes its own announcement, stating that its integration into the governmental framework of the Alliance will be complete in Month 188, and that it is paying the costs, in full, to save the Alliance budget, which is currently being stretched refitting the Alliance fleet and expanding the Alliance’s industrial base. 
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 181, Mintek continued
« Last post by Kurt on June 15, 2021, 09:11:22 AM »
Month 181, Day 5, Gortyn System, Mintek Assault Fleet
Strategos Brammer stood before the flag deck’s plot tank, looking over his fleet’s disposition with satisfaction.  The fleet was as ready as he could make it.  The 1st Carrier Strike Group was composed of two carriers, seven light carriers, a strike carrier, and ten escort carriers, with three hundred and three hundred and ninety advanced F1 fighters and nine armed pinnaces.  Three escort destroyers and a scout corvette rounded out the Group.  The Fast Attack Group was now made up of fifteen advanced battlecruisers, ten attack destroyers, three escort destroyers, and three scout corvettes.  In addition, the six survey cruisers of the 2nd Survey Group had arrived late last month, and the 3rd Survey Group was due to arrive at the end of this month.  Finally, he had a fighter support group made up of a mobile shipyard and a fighter replenishment ship loaded with boxed fighters, escorted by three scout corvettes.   

From his command console, Brammer could call up details on any ship in the fleet, but his attention was drawn to the warp point just beyond the fleet’s current location.  The assembled fleet was sitting just eight light seconds from the warp point to the Bedu territories, and on the far side of the warp point Curia negotiators were trying to convince the Bedu to sign a treaty with the Universal Union which would serve the dual purpose of boosting their economy and allowing them to send missionaries into Bedu space to begin the conversion of yet another race to the Truth.  The Bedu had refused three prior offers of a treaty, and the Curia and the Chancellor had decided that this was their last chance.  When the Bedu refused this offer, as they almost certainly would, he was to advance with his fleet into Bedu territory, locate and destroy their fleet, and conquer their worlds so they could be brought to enlightenment.  He did not look forward to this task, but it was the task set upon him by the Curia, Chancellor, and his belief in the Way.  Every life lost during the upcoming campaign was a life lost to the Truth, whether it was one of his own or a Bedu soldier or crewer.  Every life lost was painful, and ultimately a failure. 

His ruminations were broken by a call from the command deck.  “Strategos, we have a ship emergence from the Bedu warp point.  It’s the contact ship, and the contact team lead is requesting to speak with you.”

“Very well, put them through.”  A few seconds later the contact team lead appeared on the viewer in front of him.

“Strategos, good news!  We have come to an agreement with the Bedu.  Trade can begin immediately!”

Strategos Brammer sat down in relief.  “That is good news.  I will dispatch a CD back to the communications network with your results.  Please send your report, so that it can be included.”

“It is on the way, Strategos, and thank you for your support.”

The reports would take eight days to make their way back to the home world, because the communications network had not yet been extended to this system.  But for now, the invasion was off.  Brammer was very relieved.

Month 181, Day 13, Mintek Prime
Chancellor Durkhon frowned at the message in front of him.  “They succeeded?  How is this possible?”

Minister Turval, bereft of his usual good nature, shrugged.  “The Bedu are unpredictable, apparently.  This is an unwelcome complication.”

Chancellor Durkhon stood and walked over to the transparent wall of his office.  Looking out over the capital city usually calmed him, but not this morning.  “The Curia has included the expected windfall from the conquest of the Bedu in their budget planning for the fortification of the home system, and for the planned offensive into the D’Bringi territories.  Without the windfall, and the expected economic contribution from the Bedu, both programs will grind to a halt.  Soon.”

Minister Turval sat silently, considering the situation.  In many ways this disaster was at his feet.  He had reassured the Curia that the fleet under Brammer would prevail against the Bedu, and it was he who had confidently told them that the Bedu’s rulers would refuse to see reason, just as so many had in the past.  After a minute of silence, he stirred.  “Perhaps…maybe we should launch the attack anyway?”

“What?”  Chancellor Durkhon was shocked.  The faith did not do such things!  But…   “The Curia will be in disarray when this news reaches them.  Those who question our current course of action will gain adherents.  But how will they react when they hear that we are proposing a pre-emptive attack?”

Turval shook his head.  “That is just what I am proposing.  You know how the Bedu’s rulers will react when our pilgrims begin spreading throughout their territory.  They will react just as the D’Bringi did, and the Beoratal before them.  They will imprison the truth-tellers, or kill them, and we will go to war against them anyway.  Perhaps we should be the first to act, for once!”

Chancellor Durkhon was silent for some time, digesting this.  It was tempting, but…it was too tempting.  He turned back to the Minister.  “Old friend, I hear what you are saying.  But think.  Are you proposing this because you wish to save the pilgrims that may be lost spreading the truth to a new race, or are you proposing this because you covet their wealth?”

Minister Turval opened his mouth to reply, but then hesitated, and in that second Chancellor Durkhon could see the depths of torment his friend was suffering.  “I…I don’t know.”

Chancellor Durkhon sat next to his friend.  “Then perhaps we should reconsider the situation.”

The two sat in silence for some time, contemplating the situation.  Finally, Minister Turval shook his head.  “I cannot separate my motivations.  My desire for their resources is matched by my desire for their enlightenment.  And this disturbs me most greatly.”

Chancellor Durkhon stood.  “We fell into the trap of looking for the easy way out of our current economic problems.  We thought that the Bedu would be recalcitrant, and thus we would have to conquer them, and thereby, coincidentally, bring their economic resources under our control.  This would remedy our current economic troubles, just as the conquest of the Alowan remedied the problems we had then.  And now that we have been given the peaceful path forward, we grieve the for the loss of the resources that we had grown to consider ours by right!”

Minister Turval looked at his old friend for a second, angered by the accusation.  After a second, he looked sheepish, realizing that Turval had included himself in his accusation as well.  “Truly, we fell into error, didn’t we?  We were ready to start a war over what we told ourselves were the best of reasons, but really, we weren’t any better than the D’Bringi, conquering everyone in sight and looting their economies.  I can only wonder what Strategos Brammer would have thought at being ordered to conquer a race that had not been given the chance to accept the Truth peacefully.”   He stood and bowed to the Chancellor.  “In any case, I must go and organize the effort to place trade-missionaries in the Bedu Republic.  Thank you, old friend.”

“I will order Brammer to stand by at the border, and prepare to protect and succor the missionaries when they begin to enter Bedu space.”

Author’s Note:  The Bedu are odd ones.  They were originally discovered by the Bjering, who worked to establish full comms with them and then offered them a trade and military treaty, which the Bedu promptly refused.  The Bjering then waited a couple of months to allow resistance to lessen, then offered a straight trade treaty, which was also refused.  This happened two more times, at which time I decided that the Bedu really did not like the Bjering, and so they told the Bjering to go away and stop bothering them.  The Bjering, who aren’t particularly expansionist at the cost of others, agreed and signed a no-contact treaty.  The Bedu began expanding as quickly as they could, until the Mintek found them. 

Just like the Bjering, the Mintek worked hard to establish full comms, and then offered a trade and military treaty, which the Bedu promptly turned down.  Just like the Bjering, the Mintek waited for resistance to go down and then offered a trade treaty, which the Bedu turned down as well.  At this point, I began wondering what was up with the Bedu.  I had gone over their stats when I created them, and nothing had jumped out at me.  They are a fairly standard one-success Military Dictatorship with, as you would expect, a high racial militancy and moderate numbers for both racial chauvinism and racial determination.  Certainly, there is nothing there to explain why they were so standoffish.  So, I decided that the Bedu were just stubborn and distrustful.   The Mintek were absorbed with their programs to refit and expand their fleet, and so could not dispatch their fleet to ‘convince’ the Bedu to join their Union as they had the Alowan, so they kept offering trade treaties, and the Bedu kept turning them down.  Finally, on the fourth try for a trade treaty, the Bedu inexplicably agreed.  This threw me off, as I realized that I had based my plans for future Mintek actions on the expected conquest of the Bedu when they inevitably refused the last treaty offer.  When they agreed, I realized all of my plans had been thrown in disarray by that one decision, and thought about attacking anyway.  I decided that the Mintek could go either way, and rolled against their militancy to decide if they would attack the Bedu immediately.  If the Mintek militancy was just a little higher, the war would have started here and now, but it wasn’t as so they decided to give peace a try, and just incidentally to stay true to their faith and their values.  Had they attacked after the Bedu agreed to a treaty, that would have been a very cynical act which would have almost certainly had huge consequences down the road. 
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 178, Mintek Universal Union
« Last post by Kurt on June 14, 2021, 05:49:57 PM »
Mintek Universal Union
Month 178
“The modernization plan is nearly complete, but the fleet expansion considered necessary for the implementation of the assault on the D’Bringi Alliance, and the construction of defenses for the home system are both far behind, and will lag even further as we move forward.” 

Chancellor Durkhon considered the Strategos, who had refused to sit when invited.    Strategos Brammer stood before the Chancellor, bluff and emotionless, as if he was presenting mere information rather than a potential disaster.  After a few seconds, Chancellor Durkhon nodded.  This was expected.  Unwelcome, but expected.  “Why?”

The question was uninflected, but Brammer’s eyes flickered from the spot on the wall that he had been focused on to the Chancellor and back.  “Resources devoted to the construction program have fallen, and fallen again.  Without resources we cannot build new ships or fortify the home system.”

Chancellor Durkhon nodded.  “Please, Brammer, sit.”  Brammer hesitated, and his eyes shifted to the Chancellor’s face.  Durkhon nodded again, and Brammer finally sat on one of the chairs in front of Durkhon’s rather simple desk.  “There, much better.  Now, as to the budget, I understand.  After all, the Curia and I have asked you to build a home out of bricks, but then deprived you of the clay you need to form the bricks.  I know the reason for your problems, and it is far beyond your remit to remedy them at this time.  Unfortunately, it is beyond mine as well, and perhaps beyond anyone’s.”  Durkhon sat back unhappily.

Brammer looked confused.  “Sir…what is the problem?”

“The economy is the problem.  We strained our economy to the hilt building up the fleet after the defeat in the Kure system, then we drained most of our liquid resources funding R&D on the new systems, and paying for the upgrade of your fleet and the defenses.  When your proposals relating to the upgrading of our munition’s stocks arrived, our finances were already in a poor state.  The Curia, however, was enamored by the new capabilities the anti-matter weapons would give the fleet, and was eager to ensure that the protectors of the faith would have the best equipment available.  Therefore, they dictated that your magazines be filled with the new munitions as quickly as possible, regardless of the cost.  Warnings of the expense were sounded, but the new capabilities were just too enticing.  The Curia ordered an immediate change over, the cost be damned.”

Brammer leaned forward.  “I was gratified by the speed that our magazines were filled with the new weapons, but to be honest, I had expected a much more gradual change-over.”

Durkhon nodded ruefully.  “We were, perhaps, all too enamored with the weapons for our own good.  In any event, the cost of the change-over was ruinous, as expected.  Even the sell-off of what little remained of our excess industrial capacity didn’t come close to covering the expense.  The Curia was forced to look elsewhere for the funds.”

Brammer looked confused.  “But where could they find the resources to pay for such a large expenditure?”

Durkhon shook his head.  “There was only one place.  The Alowan.  The Curia stripped the Alowan of most of their heavy industrial capacity, which was sufficient to pay for the magazine upgrades.”

Brammer looked shocked.  “But…that’s against the proscription for the treatment of the unenlightened!”

Durkhon’s looked grave.  “Too true.  Unfortunately, there was no other way to pay for the expansion in our capabilities.  The Curia authorized a one-time exception, and mandated repayment at the end of the current emergency.”

Brammer narrowed his eyes.  “Has this caused problems with the enlightenment efforts?”

Durkhon waived his concerns away.  “Nothing that you need to be concerned with.  Unrest has increased, along with scattered and uncoordinated minor acts of violence, but such is to be expected in the early phases of the enlightenment process.  As you may remember, the unenlightened fear change, and in particular fear change to their beliefs, as retrogressive as they are.  That fear may sometimes provoke them to violence, especially if the enlightenment process is accompanied by large-scale changes to their environment, such as a sell-off of their assets, or a radical change in their government.  It was for that reason that the Curia issued the Proscriptions on Enlightenment in the first place.  Still, the Ministry for Equity and Inclusion is present on Alowan Prime in force, and their Pilgrims and Preceptors are all-seeing, or nearly so.  The enlightenment continues.  However, that brings us to the real issue.”

Strategos Brammer leaned forward.  “Yes, Chancellor?”

“Our economy is in a shambles.  The demands of building up the fleet and incorporating the new weaponry have nearly bankrupted the state.  Excluding the resources we receive from the Alowan, our overall income has actually fallen approximately 15-20% over the last twenty months.  Indeed, without the resources from the Alowan, we would be forced to mothball a significant portion of the currently existing fleet.”

Brammer looked aghast.  “But that’s…that’s…”  He stumbled to a stop, at a loss for words. 

Durkhon looked grim.  “Yes, exactly.  I’m afraid that under the current restricted economic situation, we cannot afford to continue supporting the fleet as it is, build new defenses, and continue R&D on new technology.  The economy simply won’t support that, much less all of that and a continued economic recovery and expansion.”

Brammer was thinking furiously.  “IF we cannot expand the fleet, then our assault into D’Bringi space becomes incredibly risky.  Perhaps impossible.  And if we cannot build more defenses in the home system, then we cannot risk releasing the fleet to deal with the Bedu.”  Brammer looked hopeful.  “Has the situation with the Bedu changed?”

Durkhon shook his head.  “It has not.  Indeed, the Bedu just rejected our latest offer of a trade relationship again.  To be honest, the Curia has lost confidence in the negotiation process with the Bedu.”

“But what can be done?  If things are as you say, then we cannot afford to build up either our defenses or the fleet, and without improved defenses we cannot release the fleet from defensive duties in the home system.”

“The Curia has recognized the difficulty of the current situation, and has authorized me, and you, to take action.  The planned assault on the D’Bringi is to be delayed, perhaps indefinitely.  The Bedu will be given one more chance to peacefully open their borders, and if they refuse, you will be authorized to take a portion of the fleet and force them to open their borders to our Pilgrims.  How much of the fleet you will be allowed to take will be determined at that time.  We are expecting to make our final offer in three months.  That is the time you will have to prepare.”

“It will be done, Eminence.”  Brammer rose to leave. 

Durkhon raised a hand.  “One more thing.  You may hear, over the next several months, that the Curia is considering negotiating with the D’Bringi to establish a peace treaty.”  Once again, Brammer looked shocked.  Durkhon smiled, reassuringly.  “Fear not.  We will not consign their souls to the pits for all of eternity.  We must, however, take a pause and allow our economy to recover, before the push towards enlightenment can begin again.  If it should happen, it will be temporary in nature only.  You may reassure your commanders about that, should rumors appear.”

Brammer bowed.  “Thank you, Eminence.” 

Durkhon watched as the Strategos left, and then hit a key on his desk.  A minute later a door on the far side of his office opened and Minister Turval, head of the Ministry for Equity and Inclusion, entered the office.  “Well, how did Strategos Brammer take the news?”  He moved over to a chair and sat, a curious expression on his face. 

Durkhon sighed.  “As we knew he would.  He is a good son of the Faith.  He will do as we command, and as his faith dictates.”

Minister Turval could see that his old friend was troubled.  “What part of our current troubles takes such a toll on your conscience?”

Chancellor Durkhon looked up.  “I fear that we are embarking on this course with the Alowan, and now the Bedu, not to bring them to the faith, but to exploit them and their resources for our own goals.  Are we any better than the D’Bringi barbarians?”

Minister Turval considered the situation briefly before answering.  There were some in the Curia who constantly questioned everyone’s motives, the Chancellor’s most of all.  It clearly took a toll on him.   “You know we are.  We embarked on this course because of our concern for their souls.  No Mintek is benefitting materially from this.  It is the pressure from the D’Bringi that has forced us into the current situation.  Therefore, we will make peace with the D’Bringi, if necessary, which will give us time to make things right with the Alowan and properly introduce the Bedu to the Faith.  Once our flanks are secure, then we can focus on the Bedu.”

Durkhon sat a little straighter.  “I will not countenance creating little better than slave races in the name of the Faith!”

Minister Turval held up his hands placatingly.  “I know!  That allegation in the Curia came from those who fear our actions will stain our souls, and they are right to be concerned.  But we will not allow that to happen.  We will defend the Faith, and we will do it in a way that leaves our souls unstained.”

The two talked for some time, before the press of the daily schedule forced them back into the daily grind. 
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Kurt on June 13, 2021, 11:38:21 AM »
To make a personal point to Kurt's comments that I, to be clear, agree with on switching targeting:  when it is clear the defenders can't win the defence I switch from destroying to inflicting hard damage (inside shields) as my opinion is that recovery, repair and so on of these damaged ships inflicts more "friction" on the victor than a smaller number of outright lost ships will.  Worst case the victor may have to scuttle them...or else they will have to go back to be repaired then come forward again with a lowered crew quality due to battle damage and so on.

Then there is the soft factors of not killing ships crews and so on.  In this sort of battle it matters how you fight a lot more than when you dealing with a bug horde.

One further point with regards to mines and closed warp points.  What I do is have the mines in the closed warp point hex itself under command control not left they are brought up only if needed.  This stops an IFF error and also to a degree makes them more effective.  But I can also understand NOT placing mines there.  One would expect to see politicians from the side of the defenders now asking "Why didn't you emplace them you idiots?!?!"  "Military Bumbling At Its Best!!!" and so on...

Needless to say, the Tomsk government's attitude about placing mines on the warp point has changed, substantially. 

New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Paul M on June 13, 2021, 05:12:28 AM »
To make a personal point to Kurt's comments that I, to be clear, agree with on switching targeting:  when it is clear the defenders can't win the defence I switch from destroying to inflicting hard damage (inside shields) as my opinion is that recovery, repair and so on of these damaged ships inflicts more "friction" on the victor than a smaller number of outright lost ships will.  Worst case the victor may have to scuttle them...or else they will have to go back to be repaired then come forward again with a lowered crew quality due to battle damage and so on.

Then there is the soft factors of not killing ships crews and so on.  In this sort of battle it matters how you fight a lot more than when you dealing with a bug horde.

One further point with regards to mines and closed warp points.  What I do is have the mines in the closed warp point hex itself under command control not left they are brought up only if needed.  This stops an IFF error and also to a degree makes them more effective.  But I can also understand NOT placing mines there.  One would expect to see politicians from the side of the defenders now asking "Why didn't you emplace them you idiots?!?!"  "Military Bumbling At Its Best!!!" and so on...
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Kurt on June 12, 2021, 08:37:44 AM »
Firstly thanks for the updates, I enjoyed reading them.

As a rules question, I thought that only 1 ship can sit in each hex, is that not the case or did the Tormsk Union not place mines directly surounding the warp point?

As Paul noted, there are no stacking limits.  As for the mines, they cannot be placed directly in the hex containing the warp point, so this effectively creates a safe space in the warp point entry hex on the map for attacking ships.  Of course, they are only safe from the mines, not defending ships or buoys.  Mines can be placed directly on a closed warp point hex, meaning that as soon as the attacking ships jump in they are attacked by the mines, giving them no safe space.  The warp point into the Tomsk Union system is actually a closed warp point, so the Tomsk Union could have placed mines directly on the warp point, but I had decided way in advance of this event that the Tomsk Union would not do that, as they were maintaining diplomatic contact with the Colonial Union and were hoping for an improvement in relations.  In terms of economics, the Colonial Union is as large as the Tomsk Union and the Bjering put together, although it is lower tech.  In any case, the Tomsk Union didn't want to cause an interstellar incident by accidentally blowing up a Colonial Union diplomatic ship, so they hamstrung their own defenses.  They did this in the knowledge that the Bjering would back them up, and they were fairly sure the Colonial Union didn't want a long war on their hands.  Their entire strategy was based on the belief that if they made it too difficult and costly for the Colonial Union, Union forces would be forced to give up and leave by public opinion in their core systems.   

When the BC came through the warp point, the targeting switched from the CL to the BC. When the SD came through the warp point, the targeting switched again to the SD.
Why was this done? Isn't getting a mission kill on an existing target more valuable than scratching the paint on a new ship? Especially with the SD's being much larger than the BC which were firing on them.
In addition to this, the CL were minesweepers, so reducing the number of functioning minesweepers would have potentially let the minefield survive and inflict damage on the rest of the rest of the fleet as it passed through, or maybe caused the minesweepers to spend more than 1 turn sweeping, which lets the Tormsk fleet keep getting 'free' missile hits.

This was exactly what Paul said.  The defenders were trying to damage as many ships as they could on the turn they entered, taking advantage of the fact that they were out of their datalink networks and their point defense was degraded.  Also, from the Tomsk point of view, they were trying to inflict a lot of damage, not destroy ships.  Destroying ships would piss off the United Colonial Defense Fleet, and risked rousing the Colonial Union's population against them.  Instead, by damaging as many ships as possible, they were creating a problem for the Colonial Union, and reducing the number of ships that could move forward against them in the next phase of the battle, which would be around the capital planet, where the Bjering would come into play. 

Also I wasn't quite sure, are DSB-L one shot only and are they targeted by the command ship? It seems like another case where lack of focus fire left the CU with many functioning ships, whereas with more focus more of the ships would be mission kills, or is that the reason for using smaller hulls for minesweepers?

They are one shot, although there are higher tech buoys which can recharge, although not in time to fire again in a battle.  Preferably, the Tomsk Union would have preferred to fire their buoys earlier in the battle, where they would have caused damage to fewer ships, but would have caused more serious damage to those ships.  Unfortunately, the Tomsk Union only had two ships at the warp point that had control systems for the buoys, and by they time they activated it was too late to focus on fewer ships. 

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