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General C# Fiction / Re: Manticore Defiant: A Star Kingdom AAR
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I must admit after that update I am absolutely rooting for the aliens, looking at the Manitcore political scene nuking the planet from orbit appears the only way to be sure.  ;)
Other Games / Re: Terra Invicta
« Last post by Gyrfalcon on Today at 01:47:37 PM »
Picking which nation to control is also important. I’m still working out how to spend to achieve the best results, but currently India fully supports the Resistance, and that gives multiple armies to handle terrestrial threats.

My biggest bottleneck is generating boost. No orgs so far that grant it, and nations should do better at producing it than they do. I imagine it’s something that will be tweaked more.
Author's Note: I'm posting this several days later than intended. The initial draft of this chapter covered 3 years, but it ended up incredibly long and still felt rushed, so like the great George R.R. Martin before me, I decided to split the manuscript in half and publish the boring political part first as a standalone. I promise you won't have to wait six years for the rest.

Chapter Four: Changes (1588-1589)

[ 14 July 1588, Admiralty Building, City of Landing, Manticore ]

“Admiral Summervale.” Lady Suzanne Descroix, Countess New Dijon, freshly appointed Defense Minister for the Star Kingdom of Manticore flashed a politician’s smile as the First Space Lord entered her office. “Please sit down.”

Sir Michael Summervale sat stiffly and eyed her across the vast expanse of polished Sphinxian crown oak. The desk could have made a passable conference table. No knickknacks or family photos cluttered its surface, not even the ever present piles of hardcopy that seemed to materialize on flat surfaces throughout the Admiralty Building. He had a vague memory of his father telling him once never to trust anyone with an empty workspace.

“I want to hear your thoughts on the Wayfarer Incident.”

Summervale shrugged. “Internal disciplinary affairs aren’t really my department. I understand that Vice Admiral Sorbanne dropped the court martial and settled for beaching the commanders with half pay.” He’d also heard that decision came from this very office, on account of Lt. Commander Chandler’s family being large donors to the Liberal Party. He didn’t disagree with it though. He might even have intervened himself before it went much farther. 

“I meant your thoughts regarding the military’s readiness to defend this star system. I believe that *is* your department?”

“Ah, that. You’ve read ONI’s reports?” At her brisk nod he mentally adjusted his summary. “They identified at least a hundred unique gravitic signatures in Wayfarer’s sensor data, but we only got active readings on a couple dozen Light Attack Craft. They also detected a pulse from in system three times more powerful than any of our active sensors. ONI is calling that a battlecruiser, but it’s just as likely to be a fancy scout frigate. What I am certain of is that we can stop them if necessary. Our Home Fleet out masses ONI’s worst case estimate of their total strength.”

 The Countess considered him for a moment. “That’s reassuring. Do you believe an invasion is imminent?”

“No ma’am. Not imminent.” Summervale produced a tablet from his briefcase, opened the local wormhole map and activated the device’s holo projector. “This is Aral.” He pointed at one of the glowing spheres. “That’s what we’re calling the system where the aliens attacked Wayfarer. The wormhole there is only about six billion kilometers from the Manticore-Hennesy terminus. If they are native to that system, and know about wormholes, then they probably already know where we are. That means either they don’t have that technology, they don’t intend to attack us, or what we stumbled into is a large exploration fleet. I favor the latter explanation myself. In that case, we don’t know where they’re from, how quickly they can receive reinforcements, or how long it’ll take them to track us down. Or if they’ll even bother.”

“So you don’t share ONI’s concern our frigates were followed?”

Summervale shook his head. “After they saw what happened to Wayfarer’s crew, the survey commanders gave the alien fleet a very wide berth on their way back to rendezvous at the wormhole terminus. Given how aggressively they went after Wayfarer, I believe the aliens would attack any ship they detected, rather than following it. They’re almost twice as fast as our ships so they could have overtaken and destroyed the frigates easily.  It’s my opinion that they don’t know where we are and will need to grav survey both Aral and Hennesy, then investigate several wormholes to find us. Six months at least. That’s my conservative estimate. It could take years.”

New Dijon frowned. “So what’s your plan? We sit and wait for them to attack?”

“My preference would be to send a large fleet to secure Wayfarer and retrieve her crew for burials. Show these aliens that we will respond to aggression with overwhelming force. Unfortunately, our options are limited because the survey cruisers can only transit ships under 12000 tons. 50% of our total combat strength is stuck in Manticore.”

“You’re saying our most expensive ships are completely useless?”

“The RMN is a system defense force. It isn’t meant to go on ‘imperialist expeditionary adventures.’”

Her lips quirked ever so slightly. “So we defend.”

“We defend,” Summervale agreed. “Again, my preference would be to defend the Hennesy terminus, where we could see enemies approaching and make good use of our missiles, but our present capabilities make that impractical. Vice Admiral Sorbanne is vehemently opposed to detaching another survey cruiser for military duty and I agree with his reasoning. That means we’ll have to defend the terminus on this side.”

She wasn’t going to like his next point and he could hardly blame her. “While I endorsed King Edward’s doctrinal reforms, and still agree missiles are the weapon of the future, it has left our modern construction woefully ill suited for the present situation. Any close defense, or assault, of a wormhole terminus will be a back alley knife fight. We’re going to be stretched very thin on older ships.”

New Dijon scowled fiercely, leaned back and crossed her arms. “I seem to recall six battlecruisers eating up an unreasonable percentage of our maintenance supplies. I’m no tactician, but I expect their large laser batteries and heavy armor would excel in that environment.”

“Tactically, yes, you’re right. Strategically, it’s a nonstarter. Over the years we’ve hobbled the battlecruisers. In their present configuration, they only carry stores for three months. That’s enough time to intercept an enemy fleet threatening our planets, but inadequate for any kind of forward deployment.”

New Dijon grunted, stood up and crossed to the window, gazing out at Landing’s skyline. Her voice was icy when she finally spoke. “You’ve already admitted that 50% of our warship tonnage is useless for offensive operations and now you’re telling me 25% are nothing more than glorified defense platforms?”

“Yes, I suppose that’s one way to put it.”

She turned back to face him. “You understand this situation is unacceptable? The government expects me to reign in the Navy’s excesses. Those battlecruisers are nothing but excess. They’re expensive props for you and your fellow Admirals to strut around and feel important. I want them dealt with. Reimagined or replaced with units that can actually do their jobs.”

Summervale nodded. “I anticipated that, so I asked BuShips to develop several options, including a quick refit plan to extend the battlecruisers’ deployment time for wormhole defense. However, the… more conservative… elements of the Navy are justifiably reluctant to tear them open when aliens might arrive tomorrow.”

New Dijon sighed and slumped back down in her chair. “At least they’ll reassure our planetary population when word of an imminent alien invasion leaks out.”

“It’s now all bad news. In fact, I have a plan to deal with several of these problems.” Summervale flicked the screen of his tablet and the map vanished, replaced by a wireframe schematic of a large warship. “The Weapons Development Board has its best propulsion people working on those new missile boosters, but as soon as they’re done, I’d like to redirect them to develop a larger wormhole transit device. It’s critical for the fleet to have an independent transit capability usable by all of our ships. Unfortunately, with current technology, we expect it to be the size of a destroyer. It’ll take years to research, retool a shipyard and actually build a ship big enough to carry it. Frankly, I don’t think we can wait. A friend in BuShips mocked this up. I think you’ll like it.”

Off-Topic: show
Swiftsure class Jump Battlecruiser      28,000 tons       834 Crew       4,832.1 BP       TCS 560    TH 2,520    EM 0
4500 km/s    JR 3-50      Armour 8-82       Shields 0-0       HTK 138      Sensors 6/0/0/0      DCR 24      PPV 48
Maint Life 1.90 Years     MSP 5,088    AFR 261%    IFR 3.6%    1YR 1,812    5YR 27,177    Max Repair 1823.8 MSP
Commander    Control Rating 2   BRG   AUX   
Intended Deployment Time: 6 months    Morale Check Required   

M28000(3-50) Wormhole Transit Device     Max Ship Size 28000 tons    Distance 50k km     Squadron Size 3

NG60-840 Warship Impeller Drive (3)    Power 2520    Fuel Use 75.74%    Signature 840    Explosion 14%
Fuel Capacity 1,910,000 Litres    Range 16.2 billion km (41 days at full power)

100mm Point Defense Autocannon Mk 2 (16x4)    Range 30,000km     TS: 4,500 km/s     Power 3-3     RM 30,000 km    ROF 5       
AN/CDT-3a Point Defense Fire Control System (2)     Max Range: 96,000 km   TS: 4,500 km/s     90 79 69 58 48 38 27 17 6 0
Rukes GFR-48 Gaseous Fission Reactor (1)     Total Power Output 48.1    Exp 5%

AN/SML-3a Missile Tracking Array (1)     GPS 12     Range 4.8m km    MCR 430.9k km    Resolution 1
AN/SPG-3a Gravitic Detection Array (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19.4m km

“Basically, we carve the guts out of a battlecruiser, then stuff the wormhole transit device inside. They had to take out a couple reactors, the boat bay, and all offensive weaponry to make it fit, but her armor, engines and point defense suite are intact, so the new class can accompany our heavy warships, even in combat situations.”

New Dijon leaned forward to study the text floating in the air beside the design. After a moment, a genuine smile lit her face. “I’m impressed. This is exactly the sort of outside the box thinking we need, Admiral.”

“Good, because there’s more.” Summervale flicked his tablet again and another much smaller ship appeared. “While I was discussing our needs with my friend, she showed me this. Some junior officers at BuShips were playing around with it. This is a pinnace equipped with a miniature wormhole transit device. You know we have a serious communication problem with the new colonies. Especially Chimera, since it doesn’t get as much traffic as Medusa. That’ll become a nightmare if we deploy warships several hops down the chain. They call this a dispatch boat. It’s fast, cheap, small enough to be carried on our cruisers and has enough supplies to sit on a wormhole to relay messages.”

Off-Topic: show
Marathon class Dispatch Boat (P)      500 tons       12 Crew       52.4 BP       TCS 10    TH 40    EM 0
4007 km/s    JR 1-50      Armour 1-5       Shields 0-0       HTK 5      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 0      PPV 0
Maint Life 15.63 Years     MSP 42    AFR 4%    IFR 0.1%    1YR 0    5YR 5    Max Repair 20 MSP
Lieutenant (SG)    Control Rating 1   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

M500.0(1-50) Wormhole Transit Device     Max Ship Size 500 tons    Distance 50k km     Squadron Size 1

NG4-40 Pinnace Impeller Drive (1)    Power 40    Fuel Use 126.49%    Signature 40    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 78,000 Litres    Range 22.2 billion km (64 days at full power)

“Your research team might be a bit put out after they spend years developing a giant wormhole transit device and you immediately tell them to miniaturize it.” New Dijon chuckled. “But the military and civilian implications are huge.”

“I agree.” He still had one other item on his agenda. Now was the time. “I understand your frustration with the current state of our military, but in light of a possible existential threat to the Kingdom’s existence, I’d like to ask Parliament for an exception to the warship construction ban.”

New Dijon’s expression hardened. “Why?”

“We have a desperate need for energy armed light picket ships to guard wormhole termini. I’ve sent CruDiv 5 for now, uh, that’s the Casey-class light cruisers, but nothing else in our fleet has the right combination of size, armament and endurance for the task. I asked BuShips to develop a beam heavy destroyer based on the hull of our Salamander-class, so that we can switch them with refits if necessary, but I would advise against converting our dedicated point defense units until we’re certain the aliens don’t use missiles.”

“Believe it or not, my goal has never been to destroy the Navy. I just want our limited resources well allocated, to ensure we have the right tools for our job. It’s clear from your report that we don’t have them. I want to remedy that efficiently, but not at the expense of useful capabilities. Otherwise we’ll always be chasing our tails after the latest crisis.”

Summervale smiled. “Good. I hoped you’d say that.” He swiped the schematic again and a new ship appeared. “BuShips calls this the Mercury-class destroyer. It has the same energy armament as one of our Kodiak-class heavy cruisers for one third of the price. Being based on existing hulls will minimize retooling time, but I suggest we have Hephaestus start the first flight as soon as possible.”

Off-Topic: show
Mercury class Destroyer      7,200 tons       205 Crew       969.3 BP       TCS 144    TH 648    EM 0
4500 km/s      Armour 4-33       Shields 0-0       HTK 50      Sensors 6/0/0/0      DCR 5      PPV 29.6
Maint Life 3.52 Years     MSP 520    AFR 83%    IFR 1.2%    1YR 64    5YR 964    Max Repair 162 MSP
Magazine 147   
Lieutenant Commander    Control Rating 2   BRG   AUX   
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Morale Check Required   

NG27-324 Light Warship Impeller Drive (2)    Power 648    Fuel Use 76.80%    Signature 324    Explosion 12%
Fuel Capacity 522,000 Litres    Range 17 billion km (43 days at full power)

15cm Near Ultraviolet Laser Mk1 (4)    Range 180,000km     TS: 4,500 km/s     Power 6-3     RM 30,000 km    ROF 10       
AN/CAT-3a Beam Fire Control System (1)     Max Range: 192,000 km   TS: 4,500 km/s     95 90 84 79 74 69 64 58 53 48
Rukes GFR-24 Gaseous Fission Reactor (1)     Total Power Output 24.5    Exp 5%

Mod 4a Missile Launcher (6)     Missile Size: 4    Rate of Fire 600
AN/CAT-3a Missile Fire Control System (1)     Range 13m km    Resolution 10
Mark 4A Light Warship Missile (36)    Speed: 18,200 km/s    End: 9.3m     Range: 10.2m km    WH: 6    Size: 4    TH: 91/54/27

AN/SLL-4b Small Craft Tracking Array (1)     GPS 160     Range 11.9m km    Resolution 10
AN/SPG-3a Gravitic Detection Array (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19.4m km


The 1st Survey Squadron returned home after a long arduous retreat to find a Kingdom already in turmoil, and not from anything so straightforward as an alien invasion. Instead, the Queen had thrown a metaphorical hand grenade into the House of Lords with her annual Landing Day Address. Unlike King Edward’s fiery patriotic speeches, Queen Sophie’s was full of drivel about the responsibilities of the nobility. She spoke eloquently on the need for increased social spending to ensure every citizen of the Kingdom, from the noblest to the poorest, enjoyed a decent standard of living, excellent education and equal access to opportunities.

The Crown Loyalist party imploded. Although they liked to portray themselves as moderates beside the reactionary Conservative Association, the only real difference in most of their beliefs was whether the monarch should hold absolute power or share it with them. Now their absolute certainty in the monarch’s superiority shattered, and many defected outright. Other, more principled individuals, held their noses and caucused with the Liberal Opposition in favor of the Queen’s agenda. Both outcomes heralded doom for the Centrist coalition.

In June, the Queen called upon the Duke of Winter Mount to form a new government. The Liberals and Progressives, with their Crown Loyalist allies, had a clear majority in the Commons, although the situation in the Lords was murkier since many Lords professed to remain independent of political parties. This led to a reshuffling of the Royal Council with many long serving allies of King Edward and New Texas being ousted in favor of fresh blood.

Everyone, Sir Michael Summervale most of all, was surprised when Countess New Dijon asked the First Space Lord to remain in his post, to provide “stability and continuity” for the Navy. That she said it with a straight face while taking an ax to the other appointed leadership did not improve their frosty working relationship.

The discovery of hostile aliens and loss of a survey cruiser hardly amounted to a ripple in the chaos. The new government exercised firmer control of the media narrative. Their spokespeople promised to do everything necessary to ensure the Kingdom’s safety, while daytime talk programs debated whether the incident resulted from a misunderstanding and experts argued over the best way to establish peaceful communications with the new species.

Meanwhile, the RMN prepared for war. The First Space Lord dispatched the Casey-class light cruisers to picket the Hennesy wormhole and replaced the frigates in the Junction Fleet with heavy cruisers. BuShips started construction on four new Mercury-class destroyers and the Royal Marines deployed another planetary defense battery to each inhabited planet in the system.

It soon became clear to even the most paranoid staffers at ONI that an attack wasn’t imminent. Admiral Summervale’s conservative six months ticked by without incident. Then four more. Most people breathed a sigh of relief. Perhaps the aliens didn’t have wormhole technology after all. Or, perhaps they just had better things to do.

The civilian shipbuilding cartels continued to churn out freighters as quickly as possible, producing a Vega and three Clydesdales during this year. The Ship-to-Ship Tractor Beam technology finally matured and the Royal Auxilia ordered an experimental tug ship called Sisyphus. BuShip’s Weapon Development Board also made several exciting developments into Sidewall Generators, 20cm Laser Focal Size, and Active Sensor Strength 16.

On the morning of May 23rd 1589, the Defense Minister was alone in her office when the First Space Lord barged in without an appointment. His gruff warhorse face held a grim expression as he spoke the words that had haunted both of their nightmares for so long. “They’re here.”

Author's Note: I am so sorry to leave you all with another cliff hanger. I will try my very best to have the second half of this installment up this weekend.
General Discussion / Re: Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
« Last post by Xkill on Today at 12:46:32 PM »
1 - Do NPRs have to perform fleet training to avoid penalties? Doesn't look like it...

2 - Do NPRs fully use FACs and fighters and carriers now? Have seen FACs, but not sure on the fighters and carriers.

3 - Do NPRs have civilian shipping lines? Can't quite see why they wouldn't but would be nice to know.
Other Games / Re: Terra Invicta
« Last post by Black on Today at 11:35:40 AM »
I’m enjoying it as well. I went into it basically blind, so my first game has been some what slow with plenty of mistakes. I haven’t actually built any ships yet, but I have mines on the Moon, Mars, and 1951 Lick. Time to start designing that first ship!

Ceres is also important, because it has great water deposits. But there is risk if you expand too much that the aliens start to attack your outposts.
Other Games / Re: Terra Invicta
« Last post by db48x on Today at 10:33:58 AM »
I’m enjoying it as well. I went into it basically blind, so my first game has been some what slow with plenty of mistakes. I haven’t actually built any ships yet, but I have mines on the Moon, Mars, and 1951 Lick. Time to start designing that first ship!

My most satisfying accomplishment so far is killing an alien agent. It took a lot longer than I intended, because I had no one who could do assassinations. I had to fire my most redundant agent, hire someone with a bit of espionage skill, level them up enough to buy the Criminal trait, wait for an org to show up that granted the Assassination ability, buy it and 8 or 9 other orgs that boost the espionage skill, and then spend a year or more trying to find alien agents. (Apparently the ones I had detected earlier went home for a vacation!) Finally, with 21 espionage skill, and spending 64 ops, I was able to bag one.
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 213, End of the Month
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Month 213, Day 30, T’Pau home system
The Alliance 5th Fleet had been assembled at the warp point to the D’Bringi home system to ensure that the Imperialists did not try to break the blockade of their system.  No one knew how much of the old Alliance 2nd Fleet, which had been stationed in the D’Bringi home system, had gone over to the Empire, so no risks were being taken.  The forty-one ships of the 5th Fleet, along with its three hundred and forty-five fighters, were joined by the twelve battleships of the Alliance Strategic Reserve.  At the center of the warp point’s defenses were three BS3’s supported by nearly five hundred automated weapons and minefields, and over four hundred SBM pods. 

The defenses had been watching the warp point for long enough that no one really expected to see anything come through, when suddenly, a CD appeared on the warp point.  The CD began broadcasting standard Alliance contact codes, including a special code sent to the D’Bringi home system at the start of the blockade, to be used if they wanted to negotiate.  The Alliance flagship downloaded the CD’s message bank to an isolated system, where it was examined and re-examined for malware and other threats.  After being cleared, the fleet commander Cho-sho Tok, viewed the message.  The message was from a D’Bringi claiming to be not only in charge of the D’Bringi fleet in the home system, but, interestingly, was also styling himself as “Governor” of the D’Bringi system.  In essence, the D’Bringi admiral was asking for the Alliance to end the blockade so that the D’Bringi home system could rejoin the Alliance. 

The 2nd Fleet’s CO immediately sent off a message to the home world, and then responded to the D’Bringi message with one of his own, agreeing to meet and talk.  The details would have to be worked out, but at least the D’Bringi were talking. 

Month 213, Day 30, Aurarii controlled Sheund system
Aurarii naval intelligence teams complete their examination of the two captured Doraz hulks.  On one the crew managed to wipe the ship’s databanks, but on the second a serious of mishaps and malfunctions prevented the remaining crew from wiping the system.  The damaged heavy cruiser’s systems provided the Aurarii with a wealth of data, including data on the last two systems the ship had passed through, which included the Doraz home world.  In addition, there was information on the status of the Doraz fleet forces in the home system.  All in all, it was a windfall for the Aurarii invasion, which had originally gotten off to a rocky start. 

Month 213, Day 30, Lothari controlled Liawak System
The Kingdom’s assault fleet had been stalled here after successfully seizing the system as naval intelligence hadn’t been able to uncover any astrogation information on the Alliance systems surrounding them, and the 2nd Survey Squadron had only just begun its work.  In the meantime, the ground troops under the control of Swordsman Hartmann had busied themselves establishing control of the Alliance colonies in the system.  Swordsman Hartmann had spent much of his time meeting with the Alliance officers he had captured, and in particular had dined with the T’Pau commander of the Alliance patrol group, who, after a few days, had realized this wasn’t a trick to try to get information out of her, and that instead, Swordsman Hartmann meant what he said when he claimed he just wanted to get to know the Alliance a little bit better. 

It took a while, but Sho-sa Tegrix eventually relaxed and actually began enjoying the daily meals with the Swordsman, mostly because of the honorable treatment they had all received at the hands of the Lothari Navy. 

All of that changed when a special liner arrived in orbit over the largest Alliance colony.  The liner arrived without arrangements being made with the naval forces in the system, and when it had been questioned at the warp point the liner’s commander had used a high-level security code to shut down all questions as to its presence.  Swordsman Hartmann only found out about the liner’s presence when he received a summons to his own docking bay.  Upon arriving he found that the bay had been taken over by Kingdom Internal Security troops.  InSec was feared throughout the Lothari Kingdom, and rightly so.  Many who had encounters with InSec were never seen again, and those who questioned such things had a way of disappearing as well, no matter how important or necessary they thought they were.  Upon arriving Swordsman Hartmann was relieved of his sidearm and efficiently searched, then ushered into the presence of an InSec officer.  InSec troops wore body armor and helmets that completely obscured their identity, and officers only wore insignia that identified them as InSec officers, but nothing that would give anyone an idea of their rank.  This was done as an intimidation measure, as anyone speaking to an officer would have no idea if that officer was a green lieutenant or a general. 

Not knowing if this was his last moments, Swordsman Hartmann waited for the InSec officer to speak.  After the officer looked the Swordsman up and down, a second officer approached and spoke in the first’s ear.  The first officer nodded and then approached Hartmann.  “Swordsman, you have achieved a victory here, it seems.”

The InSec officer’s tone of voice made it very clear that Hartmann’s achievement was little more than what was expected.  “Still, there have been errors made here.”  The InSec officer looked the naval officer up and down, then continued.  “Not yours, perhaps, but still.  In the future you should be more diligent.  Your so-called intelligence officers have failed to get the information the State needs to prosecute the Great Leader’s war. Now that we are here, that will end.  Internal Security will assume responsibility for the occupation of the former Alliance colonies as of now.  In addition, we require that all Alliance naval personnel in your custody be transferred to my shuttle, now.”

Swordsman Hartmann knew what that meant for the prisoners, and knew that he couldn’t change that, but had to try.  “They are enemy military personnel.  They should remain in military custody, by the law and as tradition demands.”

The InSec officer stepped towards the Swordsman, and the InSec troopers behind him shifted their weapons to cover the naval officer.  “While you have achieved much here, don’t let that go to your head.  I am operating at the Supreme Leader’s direction, and to deny me is to deny him.  Is that what you intend to do?”

Swordsman Hartmann, knowing he had lost this battle before it even began, took a step back.  “I obey the State, as do we all.  The prisoners will be prepared for transport.”

The InSec officer took a step closer and leaned towards Hartmann.  “Very good, Swordsman.  After all, we wouldn’t want word of your coddling of these enemies of the State to get to those who may…misunderstand…your reasoning.  Would we?”

“Is there anything further, officer?”

The InSec officer turned away.  “That will be all, Swordsman.”

Swordsman Hartmann left the docking bay, carefully controlling his emotions.  The fact that InSec was here, now, was a blow to his offensive every bit as serious as the sudden appearance of an enemy fleet.  In the run up to the start of the offensive, he thought he had convinced the Supreme Leader to leave these matters in the hands of the military.  Thus, he would be able to ensure that the military personnel and the civilians they captured were treated well, and given no more reasons to fight against the Lothari forces than they already had.  Obviously, InSec had gotten the Supreme Leader’s ear and changed all of that, which would change the tenor of his campaign.  InSec only understood fear and brutality, and they used both with a will. 

Later, as Hartmann watched the Alliance prisoners being matched into the InSec shuttle, he knew that he would never see them again.  The knowledge twisted his heart, but he buried it deep within himself.  He was a protector of his people, sworn to their service, and if he began a pointless and doomed fight with InSec then his usefulness to his people would be at an end. 
Forum Issues / Re: #403 (Forbidden) on all forum images
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Use http, or badger the admin into investigating.

Here was the last thread about it.
Forum Issues / Re: #403 (Forbidden) on all forum images
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If you enter the site with HTTP instead of HTTPS you are likely to see all the icons... not sure why this is.
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