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New Cold War / Cold War: Alliance Internal Issues, Month 187-188
« Last post by Kurt on Yesterday at 04:48:41 PM »
Month 187, Torqual Home System, Day 1
The Central Government began a new program this month, loudly and universally announced as a patriotic resettlement program.  The program, the government claims, will be relocating the flower of the Party and the nation to beautiful, bountiful benign planets discovered by Party exploration ships in recent months.  These colonists, fully supported by the home world, will establish happy and productive communes to carry the Torqual race into a new future.  In reality, all of the colonists are “selected” from those placed on lists maintained by the Party of undesirables, or unreliable elements.  The colony transports are old and poorly maintained, unlike the glittering ships seen in the broadcasts, and the colonists are given little in the way of support.  For now, all of the colonists are being sent to the colony of Equity, a world charitably rated as “harsh’ by the prior administration, where they are unceremoniously dumped outside the existing colony and told to fend for themselves.     

Month 187, Day 25, Phyriseq system
“What is the latest, Admiral?”

Admiral Falson settled into the chair opposite Cho-sho Half-Hand and shook his head.  “It’s not good, sir.  My officers and I still have a few contacts back home, and they tell us that the government has started a massive fleet enlargement program.  As of the start of this month, they have eleven light cruisers under construction.  Combined with the forces they have scattered across the colonial territories; those new ships will make it difficult or impossible for my fleet to succeed.”

“Time frame till they are launched?”

The first group of six will be launched in month 190.  After that they will launch another five the following month.”

Cho-sho Half-Hand settled back in his chair.  “That gives us a definite time frame, then.”

Admiral Falson sat up straight.  “Sir…does that mean the operation is approved?”

Cho-sho Half-Hand gestured in the positive.  “It is.”

“But what of the ground forces?”

The D’Bringi admiral looked a bit uncomfortable.  “The Alliance Council cannot be seen to be openly supporting one side in this conflict.  Therefore, we will be working with Special Operations Command, who will provide access to ‘irregular forces’.”

“Irregular forces?  What does that mean.”

Half-Hand leaned forward.  “You might not be aware of this, as immersed in your own race’s problems as you are, but my race is going through a large societal shift as well.  Perhaps it is more ordered and less violent than your own, but it is no less unsettling.  Our amalgamation with the Rehorish has given the reformers in our society, of which I am one, the political clout and authority to finally enact sweeping changes to reduce the dominance that our major clans have had over our civilization for centuries.  This has long been needed, and has resulted in an unprecedented economic boom, but it has not been without pain and dislocations.  In particular, there are large numbers of young military aged D’Bringi who would have been employed in one clan or another’s military forces.  With the changes that have swept our nation, many of those youths were transferred into our new national military, but more were thrown out of work, not needed or wanted by the new professional military.  Some of the clans that better managed the changes that swept our nations were able to care for and reeducate their members, and find employment for them.  Many others were not so lucky, as their clans are faltering, unable to adapt to the new environment.  Some have disappeared into the fringes of our empire, while others have joined new “private mercenary groups”, many of which have their roots in the old clan forces.  The government has contracted with the better organized of these groups to provide security on the more distant colonies, and the Special Operations Command has been tasked with keeping track of these groups.  They have been told to work with us to locate and contract with groups that would be suitable for our operation.”

“Contract?  With what?  I have no access to funds.”

“No, you do not.  But by tomorrow you will have access to letters of credit which should suffice to contract with a small force suitable for assaulting the planetary capital and assisting a local revolution.  It will be expected that you will repay the loans out of the national treasury once you are in power, of course.”

Admiral Falson felt untethered.  “Me?   But why…”

Cho-sho Half-Hand stood.  “Who else?  Your ensign waiting outside?  Perhaps your wife back home?  Your men follow you, and for now that is enough.  Once you are in power you can set up any kind of government you want.  The Alliance wants a stable government in the Torqual system, and they will get it one way or another.”

Month 188
Two D’Bringi freighters operating in the Far Frontier Sector are declared overdue.  The freight carriers are calling for increased patrolling throughout the frontier, but the Alliance Navy points to the increased crime in the old D’Bringi Expanses as a likely cause of the missing ships, implying that insurance fraud or some other similar crime is responsible for the loss of the ships. 

In the territory of the Torqual Communes, forced emigration to the colony of Equity continues, but word of the harsh conditions on Equity has leaked back to the home world, causing unrest across the planet.  Stories of the ‘colonists’ being used as slave labor in the mines of the rich planet abound, and riots have broken out in several cities.  The central government has ordered the Army into those cities, and the units deployed have been given orders to harshly deal with anyone who resists them.  Anyone captured is sent straight to the relocation camps to be sent to Equity. 

Meanwhile, the Free Torqual Fleet has moved to the Chruqua Nexus in Alliance Territory, along with several Alliance squadrons, and is preparing to return to the home system.  Several clandestine messages from the Free Torqual Fleet to the Central Government on Torqual Prime, sent through the Alliance ICN, have been intercepted by D’Bringi Naval Intelligence.  A hunt is underway for the persons responsible for sending the messages.  Naval Intelligence isn’t confident that it has intercepted all of the messages. 

In Doraz space, a Doraz exploration ship discovers a system with three habitable type T planets, and all three have large to very large populations.  The ship, which entered the system through a warp point in the outer reaches of the system, observed for a short time then jumped out, escaping detection.  Interestingly, it seems that two separate races inhabit the planets in the system.  For now, the Doraz are keeping this discovery to themselves. 
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by TheDOC on Yesterday at 07:36:15 AM »
Hmm, i wonder if the Torqual fleet will have to bombard the planet, one way or the other. I could see attempts at intimidating the admiral and its crew with the fate of their loved ones backfire spectacularly, tbh.
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 187 Torqual Troubles Continue
« Last post by Kurt on July 30, 2021, 09:43:06 AM »
Month 187, D’Bringi Alliance Territory, Phyriseq system, Day 1
Torqual Admiral Falson entered the briefing room on Cho-sho Half-Hand’s flagship with some trepidation.  With the break with the home planet now open, his forces were completely dependent on the Alliance for not only shelter, but for food, fuel, and maintenance supplies as well.  Their grant of asylum from Cho-sho Half-Hand had been temporary, subject to the approval of the Alliance Council, although Half-Hand had made it clear that he would not allow the Alliance to send any Torqual crewman who wanted to stay in the D’Bringi territories back to Torqual Prime, no matter what the Council decided.  For weeks they had waited while the Council debated, and now it appeared that an answer had arrived. 

Cho-sho Half-Hand was standing when the Torqual admiral entered, his back to the door, staring at the wall mounted screens set to show the view of space from the cameras on the hull.  The effect was mesmerizing, as the monitors stretched the length and height of the bulkhead, and their seamless integration made it seem as if the bulkhead didn’t exist and the viewer was looking directly out into space.  The Torqual admiral came to a halt and braced to attention.  The two admirals were a study in physical opposites.  The Torqual were humanoid, with grey skin and a tall, skeletal, almost ethereal appearance, while the D’Bringi were shorter, lizard-like, with a crocodilian head and a thick, scaley hide, but for all of those differences Admiral Falson felt a fellowship with the D’Bringi Cho-sho, who had proven himself a capable fleet commander and who appeared to care about those who served under him. 

When the Torqual admiral entered, Cho-sho Half-Hand turned and gestured at one of the chairs, which had been modified to accommodate Torqual physiology.  The two sat down, and Cho-sho Half-Hand, blunt as always, plunged ahead without any preliminaries.  “The Council has agreed to my grant of asylum for your ships, and ordered you to concentrate your forces here, in the Phyriseq system.  I assume that will not be a problem?”

Admiral Falson felt hope kindle in his heart for the first time in a while.  “It will not.  I will dispatch the orders immediately.”  The Torqual admiral paused, to gather his thoughts, then continued.  “I…we all appreciate this, but I have to ask, what of the future?  Many of my crews have family at home, and they worry for their safety.”

Cho-sho Half-Hand shook his head.  “This decision was reached over the strong objections of the Torqual representative to the Council.  She demanded the return of all of your ships and crews, immediately, and threatened to withdraw from the Alliance if their demands were not met.  For now, the Council is united in denying that ‘request’, however, the political currents are uncertain and that may change.”  Seeing the Torqual admiral’s unsettled look, Half-Hand quickly continued.  “I have been assured, though, that under no circumstances will your officers and crews be required to return, although the Council may decide to return your ships, at some point.  To be honest, at the current time the Council is not particularly well-disposed towards your people.  The stories of the purges and violence that has been coming out of your territories for the last few months is unsettling to many, and while the Council has no direct authority to interfere in the internal matters of a member state, they are unwilling to support your government, which seems to be little more than a death cult, based on its current actions.  I believe that they will eventually offer to make your fleet an Alliance force, supported and maintained directly by the Alliance.”

Admiral Falson sagged in his chair.  “Thank you.  On the behalf of my officers and crews, we all thank you and your people for your support.”  Admiral Falson looked down in shame.  “I cannot justify what my people are doing now.  The Council is wise to suspect the motives of my government, as they are using the original D’Bringi conquest of our planet to justify their harsh measures now.  They claim that it was your conquest that destabilized our planet to begin with, which has a measure of truth, but they take it further and claim that the Alliance Council continues to meddle in our politics, with the goal of destabilizing our nation and keeping us down.  I ignored this propaganda, knowing it was baseless, but once they convinced some of the people that their true enemy was the Alliance, they used their distraction to begin purging everyone they believed were their opponents, or who might oppose them, or who was related to someone like that.  Our rulers are fools, and the fervor they stirred up will not just go away, even now that the people have seen the true faces of those that they have put in power.  Eventually they will leave the Alliance, as they will have to continue stirring the anger of the people to continue to distract from their purges and mismanagement, and once out of the Alliance they will plot to attack those they blame for their troubles.  It is inevitable, and will lead to disaster for all.”

Cho-sho Half Hand listened to the rant, thinking furiously.  The Torqual admiral’s appreciation of the situation matched his own, and crystalized something he had been considering for some time.  “Admiral, as I said, the Council is concerned about the actions and intent of the current Torqual government, but has no power to intervene in the internal affairs of a member state.  However, I agree with your fears about the future actions of your government.”  Half Hand paused, wondering how the Torqual admiral would take what was to come.  “You have said your officers and crews fear for your families.  And you clearly fear for the fate of your people as a whole.  You will have a significant force here, once your detachments are assembled.  Fifteen heavy cruisers, if I’m correct, including both long and short-ranged variants.  If the Alliance were to allow you to return home with your ships, do you think you have the forces necessary to overthrow your government and restore sanity to your people?”

The room fell silent as Admiral Falson considered the question.  Truthfully, he had considered little else since the government had seized the first force of cruisers that had returned to the home system.  “I have fifteen heavy cruisers under my command.  As you said, six are long-range variants, three D’Bringi export Imperial Favor class cruisers equipped with capital missile launchers, and three Rehorish export Akagi Long-Range cruisers with advanced missile launchers.  The remaining nine cruisers are all Rehorish export Akagi III short-range cruisers equipped with force beams.  Against that, the Home Fleet, to my knowledge, has three Imperial Favor long-range cruisers, three home-built long-range heavy cruisers equipped with advanced missile launchers, and three home-built light cruisers.  The central government was forced to draw down the Home Fleet to provide forces to patrol and control the colonies, which explains the depleted forces in the home system, and why they are so desperate to get their fleet back from the Alliance.  I have tracked the ongoing deployments, and the central government has deployed another nine heavy cruisers and nine light cruisers throughout our territories to attempt to control the colonies and support their political cadres that they have sent to decapitate and take control of the local colonial governments.  Finally, there is the orbital defense network of three cruiser sized bases in orbit over the home world.”

“If you return at the head of your fleet and declare your opposition to the central government and its excesses, will the Home Fleet fight?  They are outnumbered, but are they motivated?”

Admiral Falson grimaced.  “They will fight.  I know the people the central government has put in charge of the home fleet and its ships, if only by reputation.  They are bloody-minded fanatics.  But their ships are poorly crewed.  By all reports they butchered most of the experienced officers and crews, or at least sent them to reeducation camps on the surface, and replaced them with politically reliable people that they felt that they could trust.  That means that the crews of the Home Fleet will only barely know their jobs, and my ships are crewed by the best in our navy, even before the central government started its purges.  We can take them, even if the central government gathers its entire force in the home system.  If the central government manages to marshal its forces at the warp point and we have to force entry into the system, though, our losses will be heavy and we may not succeed.  If we can get into the system without opposition, though, then they will not be able to stop us.”  The Torqual admiral paused, considering the D’Bringi Cho-sho’s intentions.  “My people would all die to free our homeland from the nightmare that has swept across it, but we are a deep-space fleet.  I have no ground troops.  Even if we defeat the Home Fleet and sweep the skies clear, I will not bombard my own planet, even to rid them of the darkness that has taken over there.  And without ground troops, I cannot force change on the planet.”

“I see you have been thinking about this.”

“I have thought about little else.  If you allow it, I can take my fleet back home and sweep the skies clear of their filth, but then what?  If I call for a rebellion against the central government some people may rise up against them, but I cannot know how successful they have been in crushing resistance.  And without troops I can do little to affect events on the ground without bombarding the surface, which I would not order my crews to do, and they would not do even if I ordered it.”

Cho-sho Half-Hand grimaced.  “I too have been considering the situation.  I believe that if we present a credible plan for your return to the Council they will agree.  They are disgusted by the excesses of the Torqual government, and wish to effect change, but are limited in what they can directly do to affect change in your system.  I believe I can convince them to allow your fleet to return, which is merely acceding to the demands of your government, if not quite in the manner in which your government intends.  The ground forces are a more difficult issue.  Although I see a possibility there as well.”  The D’Bringi Cho-sho stood, and Admiral Falson stood as well.  “Admiral Falson, prepare a plan for your return to your home system.  I will work with my contacts to develop a solution for the gap in your capabilities, and we will present our plans to the Council.”

Admiral Falson bowed to the D’Bringi Cho-sho.  “Thank you, Cho-sho, for this opportunity to redeem my people.”

The two left to begin their planning. 
New Cold War / Cold War: older D'Bringi and Rehorish designs
« Last post by Kurt on July 29, 2021, 09:59:49 AM »
D’Bringi and Rehorish Designs, as of Month 177
Author’s Note: The ship designs below belong to the Rehorish and D’Bringi, and generally are pre-amalgamation designs.  After the amalgamation I decided to clean out the ship design section of SA for the new union of the D’Bringi and the Rehorish, but as I began clearing stuff out I realized there were a lot of designs I never posted.  So here they are.

The Akagi class cruiser was the main Rehorish combatant until the advent of battlecruiser hulls.  Rehorish fleet deployment strategy called for a strong attack force of short-range equipped cruisers, supported by a smaller number of missile hulls to distract an enemy while the beam-armed cruisers close to decisive range.  Many of the Akagi class were sold to Alliance members when the battlecruisers began being deployed.   
Code: [Select]
AKAGI class CA  12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 3
60 RCP  40 MCP    Trg:3     Cost = 922/138.3
HTK 39 Sx3  Ax4  Dx4  Lx3  Gx4  Mgx1 
100x GM
Code: [Select]
AKAGI R1 class CA  12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 4
60 RCP  40 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  952/ 142.8
HTK 39 Sx3  Ax4  Dx4  Fx3  Gx4  Mgx1 
90x GM, 12x SM, 2x EDM (Mg)
Code: [Select]
AKAGI R2 class CA  AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 5
60 RCP  40 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1040/ 156
HTK 44 Sx3  Aix9  Dx4  Fx3  Gx4  Mgx1 
90x GM, 12x SM, 2x EDM (Mg)

The Akagi(LR) design was intended to support the beam-armed cruisers with long-range missile fire.  Unlike the various human navies, which gave priority to missile armed combatants, these units were only ever intended to be secondary support units to the primary striking power of the fleet, the beam armed units. 
Code: [Select]
AKAGI(LR) class CA  12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 4
[3] Sx5Ax4ZH(BbS)Q(II)Ra(II)RaRaDRa(II)DRaDDRaMgM2Xr(II)LhQ(II)(II)F [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1000/ 150
HTK 41 Sx5  Ax4  Dx4  Fx1  Rax6  Mgx1 
186x SM, 4x EDM (Mg)
Code: [Select]
AKAGI(LR) R2 class CA  AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 5
[2] Sx5Aix9ZHs(BbS)Q(II)Ra(II)RaRaDRa(II)DRaDDRaMgM2Xr(II)LhQ(II)(II)F [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1088/ 163.2
HTK 46 Sx5  Aix9  Dx4  Fx1  Rax6  Mgx1 
186x SM, 4x EDM (Mg)
The Kongo class were intended to support the larger cruisers and for independent missions that did not require heavy cruisers or battlecruisers. 
Code: [Select]
KONGO class CL  9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 3
45 RCP  5 MCP    Trg:3     Cost = 685.5/102.8
HTK 26 Sx2  Ax1  Dx3  Fpx1  Lx3  Epcx1 
Code: [Select]
KONGO R1 class CL  9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 4
[3] SSAx3ZH(BbS)(I)(II)FQsDEpc(I)DDFEpcM2(II)Qs(I)(II) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  694.5/ 104.2
HTK 27 Sx2  Ax3  Dx3  Fx2  Epcx2 
Code: [Select]
KONGO R2 class CL  AM 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 5
[2] SSAix7ZHs(BbS)(I)FQs(II)D(I)Epc(II)F(I)DDEpcM2(II)Qs [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  761.5/ 114.2
HTK 31 Sx2  Aix7  Dx3  Fx2  Epcx2 

The Hosho class destroyers have been a mainstay of Rehorish fleets since before the interstellar era.  Rehorish fleet commanders use the Hosho’s as scouts, a role they are well suited for with their long-range weaponry and long-range scanners. 
Code: [Select]
HOSHO class DD  6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 3
[3] ZH(I)(I)GQs(I)DG(I)DGWMgM2Xr(I)Qs(I)(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:3     Cost = 479/71.9
HTK 20 Dx2  Wx1  Gx3  Mgx1 
60x GM, 20x SM, 2x EDM (Mg)
Code: [Select]
HOSHO R1 class DD  AM 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 5
[2] SAix5ZHs(I)(I)GQs(I)DG(I)DGMgM2Xr(I)Qs(I)(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  518/ 77.7
HTK 25 Sx1  Aix5  Dx2  Gx3  Mgx1 
60x GM, 6x SM, 2x EDM (Mg)

The Taiho class is the primary system defense base for the Rehorish nation.  The Rehorish are firm believers in a strong defense and have made sure to keep their defenses updated with the latest weaponry.
Code: [Select]
TAIHO class BS3  17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 3
85 RCP  15 MCP    Trg:3     Cost = 1109/55.5
HTK 36 Sx5  Ax6  Dx5  Fpx1  Lx9  Epcx3 
Code: [Select]
TAIHO R1 class BS3  17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 4
85 RCP  15 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1180/ 59
HTK 37 Sx6  Ax7  Dx5  Fx8  Epcx4 
Code: [Select]
TAIHO R2 class BS3  17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 5
[1] Sx6Aix15ZHs(BbS)QFEpcFFEpcFEpcFDFDFM2DEpcDLhQDF [0]
85 RCP  15 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1226/ 61.3
HTK 45 Sx6  Aix15  Dx5  Fx8  Epcx4 

This is the primary defense base for the D’Bringi nation.  Code-named Thimblegrumbleclown, this base is primarily stationed at the home system’s sole warp point, the warp point from the D’Bringi system to the T’Pau system.
Code: [Select]
THIMBLEGRUMBLECLOWN class BS3  17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 3
85 RCP  15 MCP    Trg:3     Cost = 1115/55.7
HTK 34 Sx3  Ax8  Dx2  Lx8  Epcx5 
Code: [Select]
THIMBLEGRUMBLECLOWN R1 class BS3  17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 5
[1] Sx3Aix17ZHs(BbS)QEpcFEpcFM2DXrEpcFEpcFEpcFx3DLhQF [0]
85 RCP  15 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1247/ 62.4
HTK 43 Sx3  Aix17  Dx2  Fx8  Epcx5 
Code: [Select]
THIMBLEGRUMBLECLOWN R2 class BS3  17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 6
[1] S0x6Sx3Aix17ZHs(BbS)QPgx6M2DEx3Pgx3XrPgx5Ex3DPgPgLhPgQE [0]
85 RCP  15 MCP    Trg:3     Cost =  1611/ 80.6
HTK 57 S0x6  Aix17  Dx2  Pgx17  Ex7 
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 186, Chirq Cooperative
« Last post by Kurt on July 28, 2021, 08:03:31 AM »
Month 186, D’Bringi Alliance, Chirq Cooperative Territory
The Chirq are a junior member of the Alliance, having just recently reached HT-2.  The D’Bringi conquest united the feudal states of the Chirq home world into one world-spanning government, and ever since then the Chirq had been striving to become useful members of the Alliance, and to build their strength so that they would not have to depend on others for protection.  It was a long road, though.  The Chirq had fully exploited their home system, and had established three out-system colonies in two systems.  Their commercial freight network had grown to include twenty-four small personnel transports and forty-four freight transports, almost all of which were kept busy every month either transporting new colonists out of the home system to their new homes, or on runs supporting the newly established colonies. 

The Chirq had managed to build an orbital station over their planet boasting three shipyards, and using those shipyards they had deployed a small survey fleet consisting of nine explorer class ships.  Just this month the Chirq had launched a brand-new escort class patrol ship for their fledgling navy, and a light cruiser-sized base intended for planetary defense.  The D’Bringi maintained a three-ship squadron of scout carriers in the system, to watch out for Alliance interests and provide for local defense.  All in all, the Chirq were a rapidly growing young race eager to make their place in the Alliance. 

On Day 10 the freighter CFN-021 jumped out of the Modi colony system, into the un-colonized Hymir system, en route back to the home system with a cargo of resources and raw materials mined by the new colony.  The jump was uneventful, and the small freighter set out for the home system, its crew already bored and looking forward to setting down on the home world.  They never got the chance, though.  The CFN-021 disappeared somewhere in the Hymir system, without a trace. 

When the freighter didn’t arrive in the home system, no one was very worried, at least to begin with.  Schedules slipped all the time, and the colonies were notorious for delaying freighters with their slipshod scheduling.  Still, when the freighter hadn’t made it to the home system by the end of the month, alarms began ringing in several levels of the government.  The loss of the resources from the colony was disturbing, and costly, but the government was also going to have to replace the lost freighter if it didn’t turn up, and for the Chirq government, the combined expense of the lost resources and the freighter came to about a quarter of their net-monthly budget.  On day 30 the Chirq government dispatched its new patrol ship, accompanied by a D’Bringi scout-carrier, to check the freighter’s route and try and determine what had happened. 

With this disruption going on, the Chirq government decided to delay contacting the planet-bound race they had discovered beyond the Modi colony system. 

Month 187, Chirq Cooperative
No trace of the missing freighter is found by the search ships.  The Chirq are concerned, but the commander of the D’Bringi patrol group dismisses their concerns, claiming that “freighters disappear every once in a while”.  The Chirq Cooperative, concerned about the suddenly hostile nature of interstellar expansion, delay plans they had to contact the newly discovered low-tech race on their border and instead focus on building more patrol ships. 
New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by Kurt on July 28, 2021, 07:59:58 AM »
With these latest developments in the Torqual government, the question arises. What can the Alliance do about this situation? Do they have the legal power to do anything? Should they do anything, or leave them to sort themselves out? Interfering in local politics can cause blowback, not just in the Torqual area, but other areas of the Alliance that see the Alliance giving itself the ability to be more heavy handed in interfering with local politics. If they leave them be, then political instability could leak out from the Torqual state and affect other states, including the Alliance itself. How the Alliance deals with this crisis could be very important to the future of the galaxy.

Legally, the Alliance government cannot interfere in the internal affairs of any state without an unanimous vote of the extended membership, which would include the Torqual representative.  This entire situation is the legacy of the early days of D'Bringi conquest that created the Alliance in the first place.  The Rehorish convinced the D'Bringi to give up indiscriminate conquest, and the smaller nations wanted assurances the bigger alliance members weren't going to meddle in their internal affairs. 

Even as this is happening there are high-level talks going on between the D'Bringi, T'Pau, and Rehorish members (the three full members).  The D'Bringi want to intervene, as they feel responsible for the situation as it currently stands, which is reasonable as they are responsible, but the T'Pau and the Rehorish are against it without a full vote. 

This evolving situation will stimulate discussion of change within the Alliance, to be sure.  The Alliance's strict rules about interfering are a result of the D'Bringi's previous acquisitive military adventurism, but they are all seeing the consequences of not being able to intervene when necessary. 

New Cold War / Re: Cold War Comments Thread
« Last post by StarshipCactus on July 28, 2021, 12:02:33 AM »
With these latest developments in the Torqual government, the question arises. What can the Alliance do about this situation? Do they have the legal power to do anything? Should they do anything, or leave them to sort themselves out? Interfering in local politics can cause blowback, not just in the Torqual area, but other areas of the Alliance that see the Alliance giving itself the ability to be more heavy handed in interfering with local politics. If they leave them be, then political instability could leak out from the Torqual state and affect other states, including the Alliance itself. How the Alliance deals with this crisis could be very important to the future of the galaxy.
New Cold War / Cold War: Month 185-186 D'Bringi Alliance
« Last post by Kurt on July 27, 2021, 08:05:51 AM »
Month 185, Day 28, Torqual Home System
Three Torqual cruisers, recalled from the force assigned to the Alliance 3rd Fleet in the Kure system, jumped into the Torqual home system after their long voyage home.  The crews were looking forward to shore leave after their long assignment in the Alliance, and the ship’s officers were looking forward to promotions and reassignment. 

When the ships materialized within the home system, they were met by the three cruisers and three light cruisers of the home fleet.  The ships of the home fleet all sent “welcome home” messages, and the Admiral in command sent his personal congratulations.  All three returning cruisers also received messages informing them that shuttles would be docking with them shortly, carrying critical updates for their computers, and delicacies for the crew to reward them for meritorious service.  The crews were overjoyed when word of this leaked out, and there was cheering on all three ships as the shuttles docked with the cruisers.  The joy quickly turned to horror, though, as armed and armored soldiers rushed out of the shuttles and secured the cruiser’s boat bays. 

One board the Reliant, one of the three returning cruisers, Lieutenant Besal was on duty in the comm room when they transited into the home system.  With little to do now that they were in the home system, aside from monitoring the data uploads and downloads taking place, he had tapped into the video feeds from the boat bay to watch the shuttle from the home fleet arrive.  He wasn’t suspicious, exactly, but rumors had been flying between the comm officers of the Torqual cruisers assigned to the 3rd Alliance Fleet about events back home, and some of them had been pretty bad.  To add to matters, no one in the fleet had heard from their loved ones back home in a while.  Officially, the government was blaming rebels for comms network failures, but it was hard to tell what was going on, and rumors abounded.  And so, Lt. Besal was watching when the shuttles had opened their bays and armored soldiers had rushed out, shooting down anyone in their way. 

Besal froze for a second, unable to believe what he was seeing, but then, realizing that the rumors he had heard on the comms network about the purges in the home system were true, he had leapt into action.  Working fast, he typed out a warning message.  By the time he had finished the short message, the boarders had begun shooting crewers they encountered, sometimes because they tried to impede the boarders and sometimes for no apparent reason.  Working furiously, Lieutenant Besal linked recordings of the video feeds from the areas around the boat bay that had caught the boarders in action to the message and slotted it for transmission to the Alliance ICN buoy sitting a short distance away.  He used a comms code he wasn’t supposed to know to change the message’s origin to something more innocuous, and then hit send.  Around the time the message went out, alarms belatedly began ringing throughout the cruiser, but just a few short seconds later the boarders reached the bridge and engineering.  The crew didn’t have a chance.  By the time the boarders reached the comms room they found Lieutenant Besal laying on the floor with his arms over his head and his console shut down.  His apparent compliance didn’t help Besal, who was on a rather long list.  Besal and a number of other officers and crewers never made it back to Torqual, having been spaced shortly after the fleet set out for the home planet.  Like many others throughout the crews, Besal was guilty of being related to persons under suspicion of anti-government activities, and the new government knew of only one way to deal with anyone under suspicion. 

Month 186, Day 3, Alliance SN-069 system, Returning Torqual Squadron
The Torqual warships were in Alliance territory, returning to their home system from their assignment with the Alliance Fleet.  A comms officer aboard the Torqual cruiser Adamant was a friend of Lt. Besal, and when the message arrived, he was pretty sure it consisted of Besal boasting about enjoying the fleshpots of the home world to annoy him.  Afterall, that’s what he would send to Besal if their positions were reversed.   To his horror, the message instead warned of the fate that had fallen the Reliant and all of the other cruisers that had returned to the home system.  Lt. Kison realized that the same fate assuredly awaited them when they transited into the home system at the end of the month, so he requested a private meeting with the captain.  The captain, already suspicious of events back home, had readily believed Besal’s message, and had called a halt to their progress back home.  The five other cruisers halted as well, and the captains conferred.  In short order they agreed that they would not continue towards the home world, and instead sent a message, signed by all of them, to the commander of all out-system forces, Admiral Fason with the 4th Alliance Fleet in the Phyriseq system.  The message was carried by the Alliance ICN to the 4th Fleet, which was just three jumps away.  In the meantime, the six Torqual cruisers remained in the starless nexus, awaiting orders.  The nexus was just an empty patch of space, but it was heavily traveled, as it was adjacent to the Rehorish home system, and the cruiser’s presence and lack of adherence to their travel plan was noted by the Rehorish, who also sent a query to Admiral Fason. 

Month 186, Day 3, Phyriseq System, Alliance 4th Fleet
The message from the returning cruisers containing the warning from the home system was not really a surprise to Admiral Fason, if he was honest with himself.  Admiral Fason had been dreading this moment since the admiralty had begun ordering his ships home, but his fears had no facts to back them up, and he couldn’t bring himself to believe that his own people would betray their defenders in this manner.  He had underestimated the fear and determination of the new government, though, and the crews of the first three cruisers to return had paid the price. 

After considering the situation for a short period of time, Fason realized he didn’t really have any choice.  He dispatched orders to the ships in the starless nexus to remain in place and ignore any orders from the home system.  In addition, he sent the commodore in command of the squadron of cruisers still assigned to the 3rd Fleet the same orders and the warning message sent by Lt. Besal.  Then he went to meet with the commander of the 4th Fleet, Cho-sho Half Hand. 

The D’Bringi admiral met him in the boat bay of his command battlecruiser and conducted him to the nearby conference room.    They had always got on well together, as two old warriors tended to do, so the tone was casual and light, until they were alone in the conference room. 

“I must bring up a most difficult matter, Cho-sho.” 

Cho-sho Half-Hand took in the Torqual admiral’s formal tone, and noted that his head was down, not looking directly at him.  “What can I do for you, old friend?”

“Things have gotten considerably worse back home.  I have just received word that the ships I recently sent home were ambushed at the warp point in our home system by forces loyal to our new government.  The ships were boarded and their crews have been, at best, imprisoned.  I fear much worse has befallen them.”

Cho-sho Half Hand, no stranger to internal politics after leading his clan through a lifetime of the bitter internecine conflicts that characterized D’Bringi politics prior to the interstellar age, leaned forward in interest.  This was a new development.  “What is your intention now?  Surely if your government has started this, they will continue moving forward, and request all of your ships return, bit by bit.”

“Yes, of course.  Already a second group of cruisers was en route, but fortunately a warning from a quick-witted comms officer reached them before they entered our territory.   I have ordered them to hold position in the SN-069 system and await further orders.”

Cho-sho Half Hand grunted.  “A fact the Rehorish have surely noted, given SN-069’s proximity to their home system.”

“That is why I am here.”  The Torqual admiral looked down, away from the D’Bringi admiral’s eyes.  “I am forced by events to request asylum for my crews.  If they return, they will be interned and likely killed by the butchers in the new government.”

Half-Hand leaned back in his chair, considering the situation.  At his level, the decision was simple enough.  “I will grant you and your crews’ temporary asylum here.  Order all of your ships to concentrate here, in the Phyriseq system.  In the meantime, I will send this matter up the chain.  The Alliance Council will have to decide on this matter.  It is to them that your government will go when your ships do not return.”

“I will do as you ask.  But…we will not return.  We’ve seen the warnings, and heard the rumors.  It is death for us if we go back.  The government forces that took our returning cruisers opened fire on the crews without provocation.  I will not lead my people into that cauldron.”

“And I will not order such a thing.”  Half-Hand stood.  “The Council may order the return of your cruisers, but I will ensure that you and your people will have a place here, regardless of what happens on your home world.”

Admiral Falson stood; relief evident on his face.  “Thank you.  I will issue the orders to concentrate my forces here.”

Cho-sho Half-Hand escorted the Torqual admiral to his shuttle, then began composing messages to Fleet Command, the Alliance Council, and to his government.  This new development in the continuing slide of the Torqual state was disturbing.
Starfire / Re: Hello from Starfire player of old
« Last post by Paul M on July 15, 2021, 11:39:46 AM »
I have the vassel documentation and the desire to make a real starfire set for the game but I need to find time and also practice a bit.  I'd like the counters to have different information on them such as movement and turn mode and have it be adjustable depending on damage...also shields up, streaming air and so on.  But I'm not sure how to make the counter art and how to script this all but from what I can see it is do-able. 

I can say that Starslayer and I have used vassel to run a few battles it most certainly works but the counters are a bit dull and you end up tracking everything manually.

It is a lighter version of SFB with rules that are written by David Weber so they are vastly entertaining but full of interesting bits "...a presser beam is for all intents and purposes a reverse polarity tractor beam..."  without ever saying anywhere that the tractor lock applies or not...still they are fun to read.  What starfire after 3rdR lacks is Starfire Assistant (SFA).   Any improvement to the game system is lost due to really it is just unfun to do the management without a database program to keep track of things.  I tried a solo Galactic Starfire game and that ended when I hit my first NPR and realized I'd have to double my 3 EXCEL spreadsheets for them...and every other NPC in the game.   Starslayer just says "no" when I suggest either modern Starfire or other systems (VBAM, Squadron Strike) as they all lack a SFA eqivelent.

I've played Starfire by mail in the 80's...second edition and 3rdR for ages now.  Glad you are enjoying our write ups.  We do keep getting distracted by Stellaris or City of Heroes (or in my case Cyberpunk 2077) so it comes in fits and starts.
Starfire / Re: Hello from Starfire player of old
« Last post by bankshot on July 13, 2021, 03:50:19 PM »
Wow, I remember starfire as a pencil and paper game - I think we played 2nd edition (late 80s?) but I never got involved in anything online with the game.
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