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Part 8: Economics Window: Mining and Maintenance Tab
« on: January 16, 2010, 05:20:57 PM »
Part 8: Economics Window: Mining and Maintenance Tab

A quick zip through this tab as it is relatively straightforward.

There are two sections on this tab. The Mining Report shows the mineral production for the colony while the second section shows an estimate of the minerals that will be consumed by maintenance facilities, based on ships currently in orbit. The number of mines and the annual production is shown above the grid control. Moving your mouse over this area will show how the production is calculated. The columns on the Mining Report are as follows:

•   Mineral: Name of the mineral
•   Quantity: Amount of raw mineral remaining within the planet’s core
•   Accessibility: The ease of mining for that particular mineral, ranging from 0.1 to 1.0. A mineral with an accessibility of 1.0 will be mined at the same rate as the annual production shown above. Lower accessibility minerals will be mined at a lower production rate based. For example, if a colony has an annual production of 5000 tons, then 5000 tons of each accessibility 1.0 mineral will be produced but only 3500 tons of an accessibility 0.7 mineral and only 500 tons of an accessibility 0.1 mineral. For planets and moons, if a mineral's accessibility is greater than 0.1 it will begin to fall once you have mined out half the mineral. The accessibility will reach 0.1 shortly before the mineral deposit is exhausted
•   Annual Production: The amount in tons of the mineral produced per year, based on the total production of the colony’s mines multiplied by the accessibility of the mineral
•   Years to depletion: How long it will be before this planet runs out of this type of mineral, based on the number of mines for this population only. Note if that if other races also have populations on this planet, the mineral deposit may be exhausted more quickly.
•   Stockpile: The total amount of refined minerals available at this population
•   Recent Stockpile: The change in stockpile since the last 5-day increment. This shows whether the stockpile is rising or falling, based on mining production and the use of minerals by factories, shipyards, etc.
•   Mass Driver: The total amount of minerals delivered or dispatched by mass drivers since the last 5-day increment.
•   Stockpile plus Production: An estimate of the stockpile in one year’s time, based on the current stockpile plus one year’s production
•   Projected Usage. The projected use of this mineral based on the queues for ordnance, fighters, construction, shipyard tasks, etc

The second section on this tab shows a list of all ship classes currently using the population’s maintenance facilities (if any exist) and what minerals will be used over the course of a year in supporting these ships.