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January 27th 2053:  Survey of Lacaille 8760 is complete.  It has a total of four jump points.  No exploration beyond the probes is planned at this time.

March 22nd 2053:  Brunke Shipping line is created and recives some government funding.  Despite rapid growth, transport to Mars cannot keep up with demand.

April 19th 2053:  The first two Hero class ships are laid down, to be done in about a year.  Two spillways are designated for each of the new classes, to begin construction as soon as each individual is ready.  A few days later the first Argentina class ships are laid down as well.

June 7th 2053:  Three new missile designs are commissioned, the M-AM-01B, M-AM-02A, and the M-AS-02A.  The first is a direct upgrade of the current anti-missiles on hand.  However, command believes they are over engineered for the task at hand, and thus a smaller design is created to go with it.  In the future the size AMM launchers will most likely be scaled down as part of this project.  The last design is a completely reworked antiship missile.  It is projected to have at least a 33% improvement in accuracy as well as a slightly larger warhead for the same size as it's predecessor.

August 6th 2053:  Karnopp Shipping Line is established.  The civilian sector is having enough success that subsides can be slowly toned down, with the new companies still flourishing.

September 3rd 2053:  An improved command facility is completed on Earth.  While not strictly needed,  with three populated worlds and ever increasing civilian traffic, the old, minimalistic command center wasn't operating at full efficiency.

October 13th 2053:  Guy Guillet, the Governor of Titan, is made Duke of France following exceptional management.  He is a member of the industrialist, despite being personally far removed from the faction base.  He is also well liked in the nobility, having a naturally outgoing personality.

January 5th 2054:  Minor protests occur because of the lack of elections.  The Emperor reinstates elections for 2055, saying that the crisis is now under control.

January 9th 2054:  Hinds Transport and Logistics is formed.

January 11th 2054:  Martian governor Pearl Karam is made Duchess of Punjab, in her native India, for her hard work handling the stream of colonists.  Despite the population of the planet shooting past 20 million in only a few short years, she's managed to keep the population content and employed.  She is also an industrialist faction member.  The other nobles aren't quite fond of her, though, because of her withdrawn nature.

February 27th 2054:  The supply of underground mercassium is exhausted on Earth.  Fortunately, there's a large stockpile of the mineral and it isn't in very high demand.

May 3rd 2054:  Tau Ceti is the next system up for survey.  A jump point is found fairly quickly.  It leads to Delta Eridani, a reddish-orange star.  The system has some basing prospects and potential for mining, but nothing that immidiately jumps out as a priority.

May 18th 2054:  TES Hero and TES Skyers launched, providing Earth with the first mobile weapon platforms in its arsenal in nearly three years.  There is a bit of a naming dispute for future ships of the class.  The flagship name was an obvious choice, as was the use of Skyers' name, as he was a flag officer.  The plan is to continue using the names of the officers at the Second Battle of Lalande 21185, but the order in which they are chosen is contested between some of the militarist leaders trying to make "symbolic gestures".  In the end, however, it's agreed to simply go down the registry list of ships and take the name of the fallen captain for use on the next vessel.

September 3rd 2054:  Two salvagers are completed.  The project was started long ago, and currently there's no use for the ships, so they are held in reserve for future use.

October 15th 2054:  Another jump point is discovered in Tau Ceti.  It leads to AD Lenois, a red dwarf.  It's a rather bland system, with one possible base site.

January 4th 2055:  The two Argentina class ships are finished.  While their active sensors are the same as the surviving TES Newfoundland, and thus the Heroes were able to operate before their launch, the Argentina class is overall vastly superior to the old command ship.

January 5th 2055:  Elections are held.  The Industrialists win because of cooled tensions as the public memory of the battle slightly fades.  Also, with the general rise in Industrialist power, the workers who are less fortunate are becoming more politically active.  There's some rumblings that the colonies do not get to vote, an issue that must soon be remedied.

Council:        4 Militarists -       2 Industrialists -  2 Apolitical
Senate:   1345 Militarists  - 1365 Industrialists -  8 Apolitical (Industrialist +20)
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