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Aevum Obscurum - Part 2, The Age of Discovery
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Aevum Obscurum – Part 2    The Age of Discovery, 1055-1060

From the personal diary of Johannes of Wuertemberg

1st July 1055
„Oh Lord, this was a hard day. I was working all the time to improve on the turret tracking speed of our ships. The intended speed is 4000 km/s. What a ridiculous number. A half year ago I wouldn't dare to imagine such a high speed in my wildest dreams. So much changed in so short time. And after all I'm not the same anymore.
It was interesting to watch how the once mighty kings and princes bowed before the Master, they plead for the gift like children plea for cookies, they were pathetic. I think He's a little bit picky, for instance some minor prince or count was fried alive in the black fire because the Master was insulted by his idiocy, saying: „Even my gift would not make a genius from an idiot, he was weak to bear the knowledge.“
The most interesting thing about Him is how easily he gained the trust of the common folk. They treat Him like a God and consider his technology, as magic. For myself I prefer the hard facts and the arguments of mind, but I have to admit that the  aura around the Master has something magical to it.
I'll continue my work tomorrow. I'd like to please the Master. After all He changed my life and I owe Him so much...“

1st August 1055:
The Construction of 7 new factories is finished. The factories are now beginning the construction 10 automated mines. In the queue are also 4 new monasteries and 4 mass drivers.

15th October 1055:
The shipyards completed two new cargo ships of the Workhorse class, the ISS Workhorse and the ISS Commoner. Two additional freighters were ordered.

Workhorse class Cargo Ship    36,450 tons     113 Crew     392.3 BP      TCS 729  TH 490  EM 0
672 km/s     Armour 1-97     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 7    Max Repair 17.5 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 6 months    Spare Berths 2    
Cargo 25000    

GMW SET-70 Engine (7)    Power 70    Fuel Use 10.18%    Signature 70    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 500,000 Litres    Range 24.2 billion km   (417 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

1st November 1055:
The officers of the 1st Homeland Defence Fleet were appointed by Lord Shuv’Rath himself. It was a grandiose public ceremony and Commander Richard of Normandy was appointed as the fleet commander.

21th December 1055:
 The whole world celebrates the 1st jubilee of the arrival of Lord Shuv’Rath. Grandiose celebrations take place. The Lord shares His essence with the promoted officers. (Every officer automatically receives the Lord's essence from the rank of  Lieutenant Commander e.g. 3. and the rank of Brigadier General e.g. 2. Civilian administrators and Scientist have no rank limitation, so they receive it as soon as they join in.)

1st July 1056:
Finally the Lord's Eyes are complete. The shipyard retools to the gravitational variant as soon as possible and after finishing with them they retool the slipways to the warships. Earth is yet unprotected, the warships are priority 1.
Commander Richard of Normandy appointed  the ship officers quickly and ordered them to begin the survey of the system.

ISS The Lord's Eye – Lieutenant Grace de Hale
ISS Shuv – Lieutenant Morgan Le Puy
ISS Heretic – Lieutenant Connor McDonough

6th August 1056:
The ISS Heretic under the command of Lieutenant Connor McDonough made a significant discovery on Venus, discovering 3 types of minerals in big quantities.
Venus Mineral Report:

Duranium: 16,877,590t – 0.9
Boronide: 11,486,130t – 0.9
Sorium: 2,871,534t – 0.5

On the same day two more Workhorses were finished and all 4 of them began loading automated mines.

11th September 1056:
The same ISS Heretic discovered another mineral source. This time on Mars, but the deposits were of small concentration of 0.1. Only Corundium was at full concentration. The Master is displeased by this discovery but with that giant deposit of Corundium (8,579,446t) Mars is still on the „To colonise" list.

11th November 1056:
The mining colony of Venus is now consisting of 12 automines, 28 of them are on Earth. The factories are finishing with the last one and then they will build 4 research labs and 4 mass drivers. Godefroy de Troyes is assigned as the governor of Venus.

12th January 1057:
The population of Earth has reached 300 milions.

An interresting discovery was made on Sinope. Small deposits of various minerals were found at 100% concentration. (Duranium: 595, Neutronium: 315, Corbomite: 272, Boronide: 121, Gallicite:306) Lord Shuv’Rath has decided to commit 10 automines to mine the precious minerals out. The Master assigned Andreas Scottus as the governor.

The Imperial Naval Shipbuilding has retooled for the Stella class., three keels were laid down.
ISS Virgo, ISS Cygnus and ISS Lyra.
The Orbital Commercial Shipyards began to construct two more Workhorses, the ISS Sylvania and ISS Spica.

13th February 1057:
Great news came from the orbit of Jupiter, ISS The Lord's Eye under the command of Lt. Grace de Hale reports gigantic deposit of gaseous Sorium in the atmosphere of the gas giant. The sensors of the ship informed about 580,651,500 tons at the concentration of 0.9. The Lord is very pleased, it looks like that with the deposits on Venus and Jupiter we should never face a fuel crisis. Inspired by the good news Lord Shuv’Rath commissioned a new military award, The Order of The Eye, awarded for important discoveries. Of course the Lieutenant was awarded right away. If she manages to repeat her success, one day she should become a Shuv herself.

11th July 1057:
ISS Spica and ISS Sylvania are launched from the shipyards. The Cargo Task Group is now consisting of 6 Workhorses.
The factories are still building the new monasteries, the Master ordered them to prepare the needed minerals for the construction of 500 infrastructure and 5 terraforming installations, after they're done. The colonization of Mars is at hand.

9th September 1057:
Good Lord, Sorium is raining from the sky! At least on Saturn. The ISS Shuv discovered 60,270 tons of Sorium at concentration of 100%. Only if the ships had so much success with other minerals too.
The Stella's will be complete on 3rd March 1058. The Master seems impatient, Earth is not protected yet. A new military shipyard was queued for construction, it should produce small patrol crafts up to 1000 tons.

16th December 1057:
A new slipway was added to the Orbital Commercial Shipyards, now counting three.

21th February 1058:
Johannes of Wuertemberg has finished researching the turret tracking speed of 4000 km/s. He will now research a new 5HS engine model intended for the FAC‘s. We have no propulsion experts yet.

21th March 1058:
Another finished project. This time Olivia of York has finished the new Damage Control systems. She will now research a 12000t jump engine.
Finally the Stella's are complete.
ISS Lyra – Lt.j.g. Caisin de Vittry
ISS Virgo – Lt.j.g. Beatrix Livingstone
ISS Cygnus – Lt.j.g. Morgan Freeman  :D

The Lord urges the fleet commander to send out the ships as soon as possible. We have to know where are the jump points.

14th May 1058:
As predicted by Lord Shuv’Rath, a jump point was found in Sol. It's positioned cca 6m kilometers from the orbit of Earth at the bearing of 46°. As soon as some of the ships will finish the search at the survey locations, it will explore the unexplored and boldly go where no Shuv/Human has gone before. :-)

Johannes of Wuertemberg has finished with the engine for the patrol crafts. It turned out that the standard weapon systems are too bulky to be employed by this design. The next thing to do is to miniaturize the weapon systems.

14th June 1058:
The entire Solar system is bathing in Sorium, another deposit was discovered on Uranus, 131,455,100t at 0.4 concentration.

11th July 1058:
ISS Lyra has found another jump point.

11th August 1058:
A scholar, Laura of Metz was killed in an accident. That leaves us with only two scientists.

12th October 1058:
A third jump point was found by ISS Virgo when surveying the 25th survey point.

12th November 1058:
Finally the Imperial Naval Shipyard retooled for the Charles the Great class. Three keels were laid down:
ISS Charles The Great
ISS Julius Caesar
ISS Hannibal

Grace de Hale has been promoted to Lieutenant Commander, therefore she's eligible for the Essence of Lord Shuv’Rath. The Master thinks she should be transferred to one of the Charles The Great classes after they're constructed.

26th December 1058:
ISS Cygnus finds a new jump point at his final prescribed survey location, therefore the course is changed for the nearest one.
Few hours later the ISS Lyra is finished too. She's ordered to explore the first discovered jump point. So far we have 4 of them in Sol.

12th January 1059:
The first ship of Shuv/Humankind passes through the wormhole with Morgan Freeman in charge. (LOL)
The ship appears in the system of Proxima Centauri, with a single K8-V class star and two 2.00 class planets.  The first ones atmosphere is filled with ammonia, but the second one is good enough to enter the „to colonize“ list. The system contains two gas giants with several small moons and some asteroids. With our luck with Sorium they should be oceans of it there.
ISS Cygnus retreats to Sol and continues to explore the jump points.

27th January 1059:
ISS Virgo founds an another jump point, the fifth. Two more survey locations to go.

21th February 1059:
After transiting the first discovered jump point the ISS Lyra appears in the Alpha Centauri system. One M2-V star and another two class 2.00 planets. One is filled with methane, but the Alpha Centauri I is good enough. Deja vu?

28th February 1059:
The ISS Cygnus transits the third jump point to the Barnard's Star system, a level 6 nebula. Nothing too much interresting in this system.
One day later ISS Virgo founds the sixth jump point, one SP to go.

13th April 1059:
After transiting the fourth jump point the ISS Cygnus discovered the Sirius system. A binary star system consisting of a G5-V and a G7-V companion. While shearching for habitable planets, the sensors of the ship pick up an odd anomaly. Lt.Jr. Morgan Freeman suspecting a malfunction orders the sensor operators to recalibrate their equipment. After the recalibration the sensors identified the anomaly as a wreck of unknown origin with the size of 7600t. The captain ordered the ship back to Sol at maximum speed and after the transition he sent a report to the High Command.
Cdr. Richard of Normandy has reported about the events personally to Lord Shuv’Rath.
The Master felt uneasy about the report. He banned all traffic, military or commercial to enter that jump point until the Imperium had enough ships to defend Sol. He knows what menace lurks among the stars.

5th May 1059:
ISS Virgo transited to the binary system of Luyten 726-8. The system consists only of large numbers of asteroids and comets. Lord Shuv’Rath hopes that this system is full of precious minerals because the abundance of comets.

6th June 1059:
The final jump point was explored by ISS Virgo. The system was identified as Epsilon Eridani. One 2.88 class terrestrial planet with trace atmosphere, several other rocky planets, 3 gas giants and 74 asteroids.
The ships return to Earth for replenishment and overhaul.

23rd November 1059:
At least the warships leave the slipways. Our Lord is very pleased and orders Cdr. Richard of Normandy to nominate the captains.
ISS Charles The Great – Lt. Cmdr. Grace de Hale
ISS Julius Caesar – Lt. Imogen Row
ISS Hannibal – Lt. Morgan le Puy
The warships are transferred to the 1st Frigate Squadron and right away begin their sea trials and trainings.
In the same time all the slipways are retooling for the Emperors.

So far the first five years look good. We have found giant deposits of Sorium. As soon as the Eye's are done with Sol they will move on to Luyten 726-8, which is full of comets and other goodies.
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