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Development status (Updated 13/12/2013)
« on: December 10, 2013, 05:26:55 AM »
It lists the features to be implemented/ already implemented.
Comments are blocked in this topic, please post in the Main topic or create a new one if you want to react to the updates.

Bold = Done
Italic = Partially done
Normal = to be implemented

            This list is incomplete

*Economy based on supply/demand
*Market prices varies upon stockpiles , productions ,  demandes, it is adjusted given the order of magnitude of the PPUB (Base Production per Units).
*Industries financial simulation. Bankruptcy , investissement.
*Industries will try to survive market fluctuations by adjusting their productions
*Industries will make mid-term previsions to see if it is really profitable at term.
*Subside factories for each sale/unit produced or by adding capital.
*Make contracts with industries for a given quantity at a fixed prices. Monthly/ponctualy.
*Population salaries depending on job, influenced by taxes.
*Advanced population consumption depending on theirs final revenues , theirs propensity to save , priority factor for different goods , consumption limit for each good, factor depending of the market price / base price. Citizens have a high priority list, they will try to buy those goods first no matter the price (minimum amount of food).
*Intermediate companies is completing the economy : freight demand depends on the amount of goods consumed, R&D , engineer & technical services on the number on working factories (Demands varies with the industrial sector) , social services depends on total  population , retail depends on the amount of consumers goods traded, same for hypermarket but variety is taken in account too. Wholesale depends on all types of goods traded.

*Datas are centralised , game languages and moddable datas are loaded from files

*Buildings can be designed edited saved and loaded from files.
*Modeles of blocs ( large polyvalent complexes of 300m * 300m * 600m) are completed.
*Blocs holds datas similar to provinces.
*Blocs residences are generated and theirs properies (ids, inhabitant(s), surface, type ect...) are calculated .
*Blocs retails shops, stands, wholesale shops, and hypermarkets are generated and their properties (ids, workers(s), surface, activity ect...) are calculated.
*collisions and inter-tiles wall and door are generated via a secondary file.
*Population is generated placed in household. Jobs and shedules are assigned.
*Graphical representation of blocs

*Ships can be designed edited saved and loaded from files.
*Components can be placed in ship, wall and door are placed automatically , properties of the ships are calculated.
*Collisions detections
*Graphical representation of ships
*visual enhancement in the design panel.
*Hohmann transfer with automatic detection for a rendez-vous.

               -Universe Generation-
*Galaxy are generated holding theorically billions of stars.
*Stars, types OBAFGKM and temperature gradients are generated , along with their diametres ,temperatures, names (HD catatalogue) and galactic positions .
*Planetary systems are generated around stars with planets and asteroids.
*Planets & asteroids geology generation.
*Planetes & asteroids orbital & physical characteristics generation.
*Newtonian physic for asteroids and planets, accurate precalculations of orbits.
*Planetes atmosphere generation.
*Graphical representation of galaxy sector.
*Graphical representation of system map (in real time , time can be adjusted).
*Moons generation.
*Comets generation.
*Advanced geological, atmospheric and  physical properties based on stellar system history.
*Neutron stars (and pulsars), quasars, black holes, nebulaes, clusters, vampire stars.
*Rogue planets generation (I have a lot of projects with that !).
Note : Eccentrical planets orbits and x-nary stellar systems are not generated yet for simplicity of the rest of the game mecanics .

              -User Interface-


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Re: Development status
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