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Doodle_sm's Fiction / Re: The Duranium Curtain
« Last post by doodle_sm on Yesterday at 06:40:53 PM »
September 1952
The Soviet Union begins to construct an additional research facility after completing the Trans-Newtonian conversion of Fuel Refineries, Mines and Financial Centers. Although they are falling behind in the industrial sector, new research is being developed to enhance the construction rate. New trans-newtonian construction vehicles and methods will help the Soviet Union immensely in their path towards modernization.

The Red Army is close to completing the MAKAROV combat suit. Prototypes of the suit have been rumored to be in North Korea.

Current Soviet industrial efforts
Converting 490 CI to TN Construction Factory (60% of capacity)
Constructing 1 research facility (40% of capacity.)

Germany's pride, the Entdecken II, has surveyed 12 bodies with TN minerals. Germany's modernization efforts are beginning to lose momentum. They've begun to construct an additional laboratory and commercial shipyard. Focus has shifted from equal priority to investing into the trans-newtonian mines. The Bundestag votes in favor of a 10 Year Plan. The plan is to create infrastructure and three commercial spaceships (2 freighters and a colony ship) to establish colonies across the Sol System. President of the Bundestag states that it will be in the best interest of Germany and the world's future for colonization of the stars.

Current German industrial efforts
Converting 410 CI to TN Construction Factory (40%)
Converting 21 CI to TN Mines (30%)
Converting 44 CI to Fuel Refineries (10%)
Constructing 1 Research Facility (10%)
Constructing 1 Commercial Shipyard (10%)

The United Kingdom finish research into Railguns. British soldiers have been seen testing out the new personal weapons developed. British Prime Minister states that it is the duty of the United Kingdom for her army and future space navy to be at the ready.

October 1952
Japan completes modernizing the fuel industry and begins to construct an additional research lab.

December 1952
The United Kingdom begins construction of the Scott-class vessel.

January 1953
Germany retools a commercial shipyard for constructing the Riese class Freighter. The Riese class Freighter holds 50,000 tons and has a range of 87 billion km.

October 1953
The United Kingdom and Soviet Union begin to develop ground forces which use the TN technology. The Soviets complete the MAKAROV Combat Suit and put it on public showcase for the world to see. Germany has launched the first Riese class Freighter.

1953 is a fairly uneventful year.

January 1954
Soviet Union develops a Trans-Newtonian enhanced T-55 MBT, along with new rifles and infantry equipment. Japan launches a freighter (the Jintsu) of their own to support industrial efforts on the home island. Germany finishes its research into more powerful researching methods.

April 1954
German industry reports fall behind. Japan prospers economically, as their industry is booming due to the efforts put in by the pro-Western government. The Soviet Union has almost completed its rebuilding from the Great Patriotic War, but tensions in Korea and Vietnam keep them distracted.

CIA agents, poised to sabotage the Kremlin's diplomatic ties with Japan, sabotage the SV Kawa while she was overhauling. The agents succeeded in their false flag operation. The Prime Minister of Japan sends provoking messages to the Kremlin, stating that the Soviets are stuck in the Newtonian age. Tensions run high between the two nations.

May 1954
The United Kingdom's first Survey Team is complete. The Soviets reallocate multiple mechanized regiments to Vladivostok and a few seafaring naval ships. Japan, backed by the United Kingdom and the United States, begin to build up military forces. British Prime Minister states that "...the intention is not to start a war, but to prevent one."

June 1954
Germany begins to expand naval shipyard slipways, the project is estimated to take 4 years. Russia invests more into the military education by constructing new halls and buildings at the Leningrad Military Academy. Soviet professors are eager for the new buildings and equipment. They encourage more officers to join their navy and army. Meanwhile, in Japan, scientists have almost had a breakthrough regarding interstellar travel.

July 1954
The T-55 MBT is first seen along the East German border. The tanks wait at the checkpoint, surrounding Berlin and various major highways leading into the east. The United Kingdom and United States issue a warning. But the warning falls on deaf ears.

The Scott Survey Craft reports that Titan is suitable for ground based survey teams. Over the pond, the United States enters into the Vietnam War after France pleads for military aide from NATO.
It has taken longer than I hoped to reply to this, but it is partly your fault for writing such involved and detailed chapters. It is also partly your fault for dragging me back into this black-hole-for-free-time, I've started a new game and am even plotting out an Aurora story. So taking these two things together, it is very clearly your fault.

The Lords Admiral, now quite put out at the prospect of doing even more group work, nevertheless grudgingly set about the task at hand, being not entirely acrimonious towards one another.
In fairness, no-one likes group work.

Perhaps the most sensible objection raised, and thus naturally the one paid least attention to by the majority of the Lords Admiral despite the lack of a strong rebuttal, was that brought up by Lord Admiral Agamemnon Hydra, who noted that the necessity to design and build three 20,000-ton ship classes rather than two would be somewhat challenging for the Legion Navy to pull off in the short term. The best reply was made by Lord Admiral Pandia, who noted that the Legion shipbuilders had not struggled to manage this with the previous ship classes, and thus it would certainly be achievable with the heavy cruiser classes as well. As the majority of the Lords Admiral preferred to minimize discussion of logistics-related topics, the matter was not pressed by the remainder of the assembly.
I am sure this absolute contempt for logistics, shipbuilding limits, mining outputs and general industrial capacity will never come back to bite them in any way.

Regrettably, light refreshments were not served.
What fresh barbarism is this? Mark my words this is the thin end of the wedge, it'll be the end of civilisation next.

It is good that the Legion is sticking with Railguns, I say this not out of any particular knowledge of the game but just because they are absolutely the correct weapon system for the personalities and general organisation of the Legion. And that's organisation in the broader society sense, the Legion is robust in it's argument, bordering even on direct, but has honour and integrity, it also revels in violence and bloodshed (Hence why Jump Point assaults are the most 'glorious' thing they can conceive of). Sniping away at a distance with Particles beams against an enemy who cannot shoot back is almost the complete anti-thesis of that way of warfare, only missiles would be a worse fit, so of course they must stick with Railguns. The only better option would be energy weapon fighters, which I understand don't really work in the game-meta but do seem incredibly Legion - a chance to whizz around at high speed and shoot the enemy right in the face, huge losses, lots of explosions (mainly of fighters) and the 'honour and glory' of an individual pilot (or small crew) doing the fighting.
C# Bureau of Design / Re: Commercial Hangers (help)
« Last post by Nori on Yesterday at 04:38:30 PM »
They are very useful to transport military ships (fighters and FACs especially) to near the front lines or a different colony. However, this does require that you put maint facilities in as well.
Below is a example ship (which doubles as being able to move maintenance supplies. Note that you don't need the armor, that much MSP or the CIWS in some situations.
Code: [Select]
Gungnir 2150 class Carrier      175,000 tons       1,714 Crew       11,341.9 BP       TCS 3,500    TH 11,200    EM 0
3200 km/s      Armour 6-278       Shields 0-0       HTK 287      Sensors 0/0/0/0      DCR 11      PPV 0
MSP 30,040    Max Repair 400 MSP
Hangar Deck Capacity 30,000 tons     Cargo Shuttle Multiplier 9   
Lieutenant    Control Rating 1   BRG   
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months    Flight Crew Berths 600   
Maintenance Modules: 10 module(s) capable of supporting ships of 25,000 tons

CIFD EP1600 (7)    Power 11200    Fuel Use 2.21%    Signature 1600    Explosion 5%
Fuel Capacity 2,377,000 Litres    Range 110.6 billion km (400 days at full power)

CIWS-200 - 2146 (16x10)    Range 1000 km     TS: 20,000 km/s     ROF 5       
ASS11-R1 (1)     GPS 28     Range 11.2m km    MCR 1m km    Resolution 1

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a b for auto-assignment purposes
C# Tutorials / Re: aurora 4X C# Youtube Videos
« Last post by AJS1956 on Yesterday at 03:24:26 PM »
Good evening all,

We have eleven new videos in the past four days!

Firstly, in version 1.12 (or later) news.

Defran Strategy has posted the next four parts of his 'Uncut' live playthrough (parts 28 to 31). Liquidor has posted the next four parts of his 'Coffee Consortium' playthrough (parts 13 to 16). Spacemarine658 has posted the next part of his Season 2 series (part 3). Wolfman at Large has posted the next two parts of his 'Kingdom of Gloria' playthrough (parts 10 & 11).

So, for version 1.12 we now have 372 videos with a total running time of 11 days, 22 hours and 45 minutes.

Next, for other/unknown versions.

All videos posted were for version 1.12 (or later).

So, overall, we now have a total of 878 videos with a total running time of 25 days, 5 hours and 24 minutes.

As usual, I have added the latest copies of the spreadsheets to the first post.


Doodle_sm's Fiction / Re: The Duranium Curtain - Comments/Background
« Last post by doodle_sm on Yesterday at 12:16:55 PM »
I am going to be cutting down on the granularity of what is posted in the reports. It's getting exhausting to post and check what each nation is researching/building.
Gyrfalcon's Fiction / Re: Terra Invictus - Comments Thread
« Last post by Gyrfalcon on Yesterday at 11:41:12 AM »
Very unlikely - the Pius are the pacifist faction. They’re the ones who believe they’re Aberrant because they (or their ancestors) did something so bad they were exiled from the Children of Gaia and denied paradise. The only way to atone is through service to the Children and obeying the rules of the Disciples - one of the most prominent being non-violence.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by skoormit on Yesterday at 11:29:51 AM »
I play Aurora with three monitors.
Two are side by side (one of which is my primary monitor), the third is above the other two.
All three are 1920x1080.
(I also have a fourth monitor off to the side, but I never put Aurora windows on it.)

When I open a game window (Fleet, Econ, etc.), the window opens on whichever monitor I last closed that type of window, in the same position it was in when I closed it.

At least, it tries to.
For the side-by-side monitors, it works fine.
But when the game tries to open a window on the third monitor (the one above the other two), the window appears at the very top of the monitor below.
Perhaps this happens because the y-coordinate for the window is negative (being above the top of my primary monitor), and the game just changes it to zero?

This is a minor annoyance over time, since I have to reposition such a window every time it happens.
Probably not worth a major time investment, but if it's an easy thing to fix in the code, that fix sure would be welcome.
Gyrfalcon's Fiction / Re: Terra Invictus - Comments Thread
« Last post by Black on Yesterday at 08:14:44 AM »
I wonder how much trouble can Crassus with The Children cause. Army would most likely stand against the Pius as it is unlikely that sympathizers would volunteer for military service. Could we see terrorist actions against research centers, assassinations of key scientists?
New Cold War / Cold War: D'Bringi Alliance, Months 176-185
« Last post by Kurt on Yesterday at 08:08:06 AM »
Month 177
The T’Pau Syndicate, taking advantage of data provided by the D’Bringi, begins development of fighters and their associated systems.  The expense is immense, but the T’Pau are motivated to prove that they are the equal of the two senior races in the Alliance, and are willing to bear the expense.  Work is begun on a proto-type escort carrier hull in the shipyards, with holds in the place of fighter bays.  The CVE’s design is controversial, both within and without the T’Pau navy.  The design is intended to deliver fighters to the battlefield, and mounts no weapons, defenses, or support systems aside from those directly related to the fighters themselves.  The ship has only a thin armor covering and no missile defenses, and so will have to be escorted, as not only doesn’t it have any defenses, it has no sensors to detect targets for its fighters.  It does carry more fighters than equivalent D’Bringi and Rehorish designs, almost a full squadron more, meaning it can deliver more fighters to the target, or even hold some back for fleet defense without weakening its strike wing.  It will still be some time before the T’Pau can begin fielding their fighters, but they have taken the first step. 

The D’Bringi and the Rehorish have been focusing on integrating their militaries.  The D’Bringi, in particular, had problems with many of the proposed changes, such as the inclusion of qualified non-Clan personnel into their military forces, the integration of independent Clan forces into a unified force, and the regularization of clan rank structures.  The Clan Chiefs reluctantly agreed to make some of the changes at the time of the union, and the results have been encouraging.  The Keeper and Clan forces in the home system have been unified into a single fleet, drilling together and with a unified command chain.  Although there have been several bloody fights off-ship, resulting from frayed nerves and old clan resentments, the results have been almost overwhelmingly positive.  At least so far.  The older Clan Chiefs admit the necessity of the merger, but fear and resent the changes it has brought, while the younger Clan Chiefs see opportunity opening up in front of them as the D’Bringi society begins moving beyond the strictures of the old clan organizations that held so many D’Bringi in menial positions just because they didn’t have the right relatives.   

Month 182
The T’Pau achieve HT-8, and the Alliance government announces that the T’Pau have agreed to join the Alliance as its third full member.  The T’Pau government makes its own announcement, stating that its integration into the governmental framework of the Alliance will be complete in Month 188, and that it is paying the costs, in full, to save the Alliance budget, which is currently being stretched refitting the Alliance fleet and expanding the Alliance’s industrial base. 
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