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Posted by: ExChairman
« on: March 30, 2012, 06:49:07 AM »

Things are getting interesting!

I look forward to seeing how your new naval ships perform...
I am a bit afraid that my ships are a bit to weak to be of any real threat against certain aliens in the universe, but I hope there will be some fu... :)
Posted by: chrislocke2000
« on: March 29, 2012, 11:22:23 AM »

Things are getting interesting!

I look forward to seeing how your new naval ships perform...
Posted by: ExChairman
« on: March 29, 2012, 03:57:47 AM »

14th March 2037 Commodore Kondo Ryokai has been promoted to Rear Admiral

14th March 2037 A team on Earth led by Akira Kawasaki has completed research into Missile Launcher Reload Rate 3, now we will start the research for the Type 6 launcher

14th May 2037 Construction of 4 more  Construction Factory completed on Mars

14th June 2037 The Type 6 Missile Launcher is to fire the upcoming Bofors ASM AlRSSM-33 at a rate of 1 in 60 seconds.

14th June 2037  Our main attack missile is researched, the Bofors ASM AlRSSM-33 is put into mass production and a 1000 units are ordered.

22nd June 2037 Minerals Discovered on Sol-A Asteroid #196: Corbomite 2,401 (1)  Tritanium 4,802 (1)  Uridium 566 (1)  

14th July 2037 The civilian mining colony on Sol-A Asteroid #177 has been expanded to 4 civilian mining complexes

14th July 2037 The first system in our new missile magazine is finished the Magazine Ejection System - 70% Chance is to prevent a cataclysmic chain reaction in the magazine if it is hit by enemy fire

14th August 2037 A team on Earth led by Louis Singh has completed research into Bofors ASM Bamse is finished, this small missile is put into mass production.

14th August 2037 Unrest is rising on Mars again, Mars Now movement are stirring again, the Mars garrison regiment are moved into the dome of Cydonia.
14th August 2037 Ground forces on Mars have reduced the unrest level to zero

14th September 2037 The last batch of 20 research labs are finished.

14th September 2037 A team on Earth led by Yokoyama Kenji has completed research into Magazine Feed System Efficiency - 75% a much needed system to be able to build a new type of magazine that can work in free fall

14th February 2038 On Earth we have researched a faster way of building missiles, it’s an increase of 20% and we need that, it’s going to slow with what we have, we are also increasing our ordnance factories with 50 more

14th March 2038 4 more Assault Infantry Regiment are trained on Earth, the 9th, 10th, 11th &12th Assault Infantry Regiment trained on Earth

14th May 2038 A team on Earth led by Akira Kawasaki has completed research into Capacity 350 Magazine, this will take almost 300 of the new Bofors AIRSSM-33.

14th May 2038 Uno Freight Limited has launched a new Victory II class Colony Ship

14th June 2038 A team on Earth led by Mason Bird has completed research into a vital part of the new missile system was to day finished the RDY-3 Missile Control System.

14th August 2038 A team on Earth led by Leon Townsend has completed research in research rate and gets an increase of some 16%

14th September 2038 The civilian mining colony on Sol-A Asteroid #177 has been expanded to 5 civilian mining complexe

14th September 2038 3rd Assault Brigade Headquarters trained on Earth

1st june 2038 RDY-2 missiles controlsystem is finaly assembled.

14th August 2038 The magazine for the Washington class destroyer is finished, iy will take some 200 Bofors ASM Bamse

14th August 2038 The final tech specifications for the Heavy Cruiser and Destroyer are accepted, still it will take time to enlarge Kockums Naval Yard to the size were the America Class can be built, this will bee finished in the middle of 2044, we are starting to retool Yokosuka Naval Yards to build the Washington class destroyer and the first 3 Washington’s will start building in April 2039. You will notice that both the cruiser and destroyer designs have the same sensor suit, this is to avoid the possibility of a unlucky hit
Here are the specifications for the 2 new ships of the Imperial Navy

America class Heavy Missile Cruiser    20,000 tons     1657 Crew     2473.75 BP      TCS 400  TH 450  EM 0
1500 km/s     Armour 4-65     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 7     PPV 60
Maint Life 1.44 Years     MSP 541    AFR 457%    IFR 6.3%    1YR 287    5YR 4302    Max Repair 100 MSP
Magazine 1810    

Rolls Roys Military Pulse Engine (15)    Power 40    Fuel Use 100%    Signature 30    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 4.5 billion km   (34 days at full power)

Type 6 Missile Launcher (10)    Missile Size 6    Rate of Fire 60
RDY-3 Missile Control System (2)     Range 45.0m km    Resolution 100
Bofors ASM AlRSSM-33 (297)  Speed: 13,300 km/s   End: 41.7m    Range: 33.2m km   WH: 6    Size: 6    TH: 62 / 37 / 18

Space search Sensor SSS-1/60 (5)     GPS 10000     Range 60.0m km    Resolution 100

ECM 10

Washington class Missile Destroyer    8,300 tons     663 Crew     976.6 BP      TCS 166  TH 300  EM 0
2409 km/s     Armour 4-36     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 4     PPV 20
Maint Life 2.65 Years     MSP 294    AFR 137%    IFR 1.9%    1YR 59    5YR 891    Max Repair 100 MSP
Magazine 416    
Rolls Roys Military Pulse Engine (10)    Power 40    Fuel Use 100%    Signature 30    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 10.8 billion km   (52 days at full power)

CIWS type 1 (1x2)    Range 1000 km     TS: 8000 km/s     ROF 5       Base 50% To Hit
Type 2 Missile Launcher (10)    Missile Size 2    Rate of Fire 20
RDY-3 Missile Control System (2)     Range 45.0m km    Resolution 100
Bofors ASM Bamse (200)  Speed: 14,000 km/s   End: 35.7m    Range: 30m km   WH: 1    Size: 2    TH: 84 / 50 / 25

Space search Sensor SSS-1/60 (1)     GPS 10000     Range 60.0m km    Resolution 100

ECM 10

19th December 2038 Soon the greatest adventure in the human races history will commence.
The Emperor has given the order for Galileo and the both defence groups to move to the first wormhole and there wait for the go ahead to try Galileo’s jump engine.

31st December 2038 16:02:00 The Imperial order are received at 1600 and 2 minutes later the Galileo engages her jump drive and vanishes.

31st December 2038 16:01:45 Sol
Galileo Bridge.
Communications officer Valdez: “Captain message coming thru the pipe, we are ordered by the Emperor to proceed with the plan to test our jump drive

Captain Daniel Andrews: “Ok Valdez, give me ship wide communication.” “Okay crew, we have got the order to proceed

Engine room, technician Plato: “Okay lads prepare to fire her up all hands not tied down do it now.”

Galileo Bridge 16:01:45 Sol

This is the captain speaking, now hear this, all hands to their stations, I repeat all hands to their stations and prepare for jump


Communications officer Valdez “A message from the Emperor” “Good speed Galileo


31st December 2038 16:02:05 somewhere

Captain Daniel Andrews: “ All stations report in to Valdez, all damage report to me

Senior Sensor technician Petersen: “Captain we don’t have sensors, don’t know why

Captain Daniel Andrews: “Start a diagnostic program and find if it’s a malfunction or worse

Senior technician Petersen: “ Ay Ay sir!”

Captain Daniel Andrews “Valdez, any other problem?”

Communications officer Valdez: “No sir all stations have reported in, no other damages have been found and I made a short range message burst to the fleet, they haven’t answered”

Captain Daniel Andrews “Okay, thanks”

31st December 2038 16:02:35 somewhere

Senior Sensor technician Petersen: “ Sir! We are working again, getting a lot of information, we are not in Sol System, computer are placing us in Ross 128, some 10,89 LY from Sol. We seem to have an interference on our sensors after we exits a wormhole, seems to be around 30 second lag”

Captain Daniel Andrews: “Okay Thanks Petersen” “ All hands, now hear this, we have travelled some 11 light years in no time!”
From the ships speakers a mighty HUUURRAYY hears.

31st December 2038 16:10:00 Ross 128

Senior Sensor technician Petersen: “ Captain, the third planet is frozen but can sustain human life, with help of course, its temperature is -132 Celsius ”

31st December 2038 16:10:45 Ross 128

Senior Sensor technician Petersen:“Oh My God, the second planet is larger than Earth by 85% and a bit hot at 51 degrees Celsius, but the air is breathable and all of it is covered by water…”

31st December 2038 16:11:00 Ross 128

Captain Daniel Andrews: “Okay lads, we are going back to Earth and report this find, alla hands prepare for jump!”

31st December 2038 16:11:05 Sol system, Galileo appears again, the fleet hails her and get the news about a working jump engine and what was found on the other "side"

Ross 128-A  M4-V  Diameter: 556k  Mass: 0.26  Luminosity: 0.012

Ross 128-A I:  Colony Cost: 54.64,  Temperature: 1246.2,  Gravity: 1.33,  Orbit: 2.54m
    Carbon Dioxide 96%, Nitrogen Dioxide 4.0%,  Pressure: 28.40
Ross 128-A II:  Colony Cost: 2.00,  Temperature: 51.5,  Gravity: 1.60,  Orbit: 18.3m
    Nitrogen 81%, Oxygen (0.41) 16.2%, Carbon Dioxide 2.85%,  Pressure: 2.57
Ross 128-A III:  Colony Cost: 6.02,  Temperature: -132.4,  Gravity: 1.17,  Orbit: 42m
    Nitrogen 74%, Oxygen (0.1) 18.2%, Argon 7.8%,  Pressure: 0.55
Ross 128-A V:  Colony Cost: 6.02,  Temperature: -185.4,  Gravity: 1.08,  Orbit: 139m
    Ross 128-A V - Moon 11:  Colony Cost: 7.79,  Temperature: -171.3,  Gravity: 0.30,  Orbit: 570k
    Nitrogen (F) 74%, Methane (F) 21.8%, Chlorine (F) 4.2%,  Pressure: 0.00
    Total Moons: 18
Ross 128-A VI:  Temperature: -207.9,  Gravity: 1.72,  Orbit: 252m
    Total Moons: 16
Ross 128-A VII:  Temperature: -228.7,  Gravity: 4.1,  Orbit: 544m
    Total Moons: 20
Asteroid Belt: 397
Ross 128-A XII:  Temperature: -255.2,  Gravity: 0.09,  Orbit: 3.4b
Ross 128-A XIII:  Temperature: -262.3,  Gravity: 0.11,  Orbit: 7.2b

Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 434m   Bearing: 346