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Posted by: ExChairman
« on: April 01, 2012, 10:46:49 PM »

Oups a little glitch, will increase it to 16000 tons, but most will be in the form of spare parts, when that is researched...
Posted by: Beersatron
« on: March 30, 2012, 10:20:43 AM »

You might want to increase the mass of the jump tender to be 16000, otherwise it will only work for 14100 and lower ton ships.

Long Live Emperor Carl!
Posted by: ExChairman
« on: March 30, 2012, 06:38:47 AM »

1st April 2039 Construction of Ordnance Factory completed on Earth

1st April 2039 A team on Earth led by Katherine Rice has completed research into MC Donald Military Jump Engine 16000, she also puts up with a proposition about a jump tender that can taka any ship thru a wormhole.

Nigeria class Jump Tender    14,100 tons     575 Crew     2111 BP      TCS 282  TH 500  EM 0
1773 km/s    JR 3-50     Armour 5-51     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 94    Max Repair 1600 MSP

MC Donald Military Jump Engine 16000     Max Ship Size 16000 tons    Distance 50k km     Squadron Size 3
Rolls Roy´s Commersial Puls Engine (5)    Power 100    Fuel Use 10%    Signature 100    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 63.8 billion km   (416 days at full power)

CIWS type 1 (2x2)    Range 1000 km     TS: 8000 km/s     ROF 5       Base 50% To Hit
This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

1st May 2039 Slipway added to A. Leslie & Co. on Earth

1st May 2039 we need to increase our sensor strength so a team on Earth led by Mason Bird has completed research into Active Grav Sensor Strength 12

1st May 2039  Slipway added to Sabah Shipyard on Earth

1st June 2039 The first of our new freighter is built on Earth Tribal III 001 (Tribal III class)

Tribal III class Freighter    73,300 tons     493 Crew     731 BP      TCS 1466  TH 1500  EM 0
1023 km/s     Armour 1-156     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 6    Max Repair 25 MSP
Cargo 50000    Cargo Handling Multiplier 20    
Rolls Roy´s Commercial Puls Engine (15)    Power 100    Fuel Use 10%    Signature 100    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 12.3 billion km   (138 days at full power)

13th June 2039 A scientist named Mason Byrd have a new idea about jump engines, he is proposing a new type of "engine", well more like a gate, a machine that will link 2 wormholes in 2 different system to each other and make it possible to use standard ships thrue the hole. We are a bit low on research centres for the moment so he gets the only one left but will get more as they are free.

13th June 2039 22:11 Galileo are taking the 3 Vikings II thrue to Ross 128 to start examine the 2 planets that are possible for a manned landing and in the future a possible colony site. After that they will start examine the other planets.

1st July 2039 Ross 128 Today the first scanning of the planet is in and there are a lot of minerals, all except Neutronium, all but one is in the 10ths of million tons, all at 0.1 ton/day range, probably due to all the water
Duran 19,787,450 (0.1)  Corb 27,562,500 (0.1)  Trit 4,862,025 (0.1)  Boron 34,574,400 (0.1)  Merc 60,372,900 (0.1)  Vend 32,148,900 (0.1)  Sorium 275,625 (0.1)  Urid 42,380,100 (0.1)  Corun 6,890,625 (0.1)  Gall 89,302,500
During the second scanning a known anomaly was found, deep beneath the waves, a city is placed on the bottom of the sea,  with a special landing craft we will be able to go down to the submerged city and possible explore it, on Earth this "little" news stirs the old group that excavated the Martian site into action, this site is so much bigger that we probably want to send two groups.

13th July 2039 Ross 128 Not as much on planet 3 but still good. Duranium 116,311,800 (0.1)  Tritanium 44,116,160 (0.1)  Mercassium 2,689,600 (0.1)  Vendarite 19,607,180 (0.1)  Sorium 18,887,720 (0.4)  Uridium 21,086,460 (0.1)  

3rd August 2039 Ross 128  luckily we found a bit of neutronium on the first planet.  Duran 1,431,432 (0.2)  Neut 16,337,760 (0.1)  Trit 9,048,064 (0.7)  Boron 7,952,400 (0.1)  Vend 974,169 (0.8)  Sorium 1,069,156 (0.1)  Urid 10,824,100 (0.3)  Corun 565,504 (0.1)  Gall 4,084,441 (1)  

29th August 2039 17:56:36   An exploration of a jump point in the Sol system has revealed the new system of Lalande 21185, this is at 8.31 LY from Earth in the constellation Ursa Major. The third planet is a possible colony site, still too cold but there are frozen water on the planet and acceptable gravity.

Lalande 21185-A  M2-V  Diameter: 696k  Mass: 0.39  Luminosity: 0.03
Lalande 21185-A I:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: -273.0,  Gravity: 0.75,  Orbit: 5.7m
Lalande 21185-A II:  Colony Cost: 0.00,  Temperature: 1.6,  Gravity: 7.7,  Orbit: 22.4m
Lalande 21185-A IV:  Colony Cost: 4.90,  Temperature: -107.7,  Gravity: 0.77,  Orbit: 65m
    Nitrogen 86%, Oxygen (0.08) 14.0%,  Pressure: 0.59
    Total Moons: 1
Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 2.50b   Bearing: 9

18th September 2039 Sol Uno Freight Limited has launched a new Victory II class Colony Ship

18th September 2039 Ross 128,Minerals Discovered on Ross 128-A V - Moon 17: Tritanium 3,318 (1)  Boronide 303 (1)  

7th November 2039 12:00:00 2 new missile destroyers are delivered to the naval shipyard TG, the Washington and New York (Washington class)  this will be joined later by the Seattle (Washington class)

7th November 2039 A fourth Naval Shipyard Complex completed on Earth and given the name Portsmouth Naval Shipyard, it start directly by adding 2000 ton to its slipway.

12th January 2040 The last destroyer are built, its name is Miami and all thre are placed in a Missile task group for traing.

12th January 2040 A team on Mars led by Lova Axelsson has completed research into Gas-Cooled Fast Reactor Technology, with this reactor we are able to test an ionizing engine, or an Ion engine, it's still only a theory but a sound on and hopefully it will work.

12th February 2040   On Earth the defence fleet has been in for a routine overhaul and are finished and ready to move again soon.

12th February 2040 Sol,3rd Mobile Brigade Headquarters trained on Earth

15th March 2040 00:16:41,Ross 128,Minerals Discovered on Ross 128-A VI - Moon 6: Duranium 172,872 (0.9)  Tritanium 432,964 (0.9)  

1st April 2040 12:16:41,Ross 248 An exploration of a jump point in the Sol system has revealed the new system of Ross 248, this is some 10,3 LY from Earth in the constellation Andromeda. There is only a small planet, slightly larger than Luna and a piece of a planet, so for the moment nothing to explore.

21st April 2040 00:16:41,Wolf 359 An exploration of a jump point in the Sol system has revealed the new system of Wolf 359, 7.8 LY from earth in the constellation Leo, one planet and one Jovian, still nothing to brag about
Wolf 359-A  M6-V  Diameter: 417k  Mass: 0.16  Luminosity: 0.005

Wolf 359-A I:  Temperature: 1835.6,  Gravity: 3.2,  Orbit: 765k
    Carbon Dioxide 99%, Nitrogen Dioxide 1.00%,  Pressure: 194.00
Wolf 359-A II:  Temperature: -74.0,  Gravity: 9.2,  Orbit: 16.5m
Jump Points
 1) Sol:    Distance: 2.01b   Bearing: 145

27th April 2040 18:16:41,Ross 128 Minerals Discovered on Ross 128-A VII - Moon 9:
21st May 2040 Ross 128,Minerals Discovered on Ross 128-A VII - Moon 3: Neutronium 369 (1)  

4th June 2040 Barnard's Star 10:00:45 An exploration of a jump point in the Sol system has revealed the new system of Barnards Star, it's about 6 LY away from Earth in the constellation of Ophiuchus and it got one Jupiter class gas planet and some 550 asteroids, these were the larger one, there are probably tens of thousands of small pebbles in this system.

29th June 2040 Teegardens Star12:00:00 Another exploration of a jump point in the Sol system has revealed the new system of Teegardens Star, this star is some 12 LY from Earth and holds some promise, the first planet is a good candidate for a colony, needs a little more warmth and oxygen and it could probably be made a garden planet

6th July 2040 To day we finally finished the 1000 Bofors ASM AlRSSM-33 and as it rolled of the assembly line the factory got eerily silent.

28th July 2040  Progress into terraforming is going fast, today we found a way to increase our rate to 0.002 atm per year, the team led by Joe Walton completed research and proposed a new terraforming ship. The Gaia is a huge ship by our standards and can terraform with a speed of 0.01 atm per year. It´s not fast but will get to its destination eventually.

Gaia class Terraformer    148,100 tons     1307 Crew     3897.5 BP      TCS 2962  TH 1000  EM 0
337 km/s     Armour 4-249     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 16    Max Repair 500 MSP
Terraformer: 5 module(s) producing 0.01 atm per annum
Rolls Roy´s Commersial Puls Engine (10)    Power 100    Fuel Use 10%    Signature 100    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 200,000 Litres    Range 24.3 billion km   (833 days at full power)
This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

4th October 2040 A second batch of 1000 Bofors ASM Bamse are ordered, at the same time in orbit around Earth 3 new destroyers get there keels laid down,  name of those ship will bee  Austin , Chicago and Los Angeles


5th October 2040 08:14:25
The Emperor are dead, he was assassinated today in Cydonia, colony on Mars, while walking the streets with his wife and Cydonia officials he was hit by 4 bullets from a unknown source, security personnel tried to save his life but to no avail, he died immediately from his wounds.
Several more bullets were aimed at the Princess  Andrea but the sacrifice of both security and civilians saved her life, several civilians threw their body’s between the Princess and incoming fire, 1 were killed directly and one more were mortally wounded and died at hospital. Mars is a closed planet until they find the assassin or assassins.
On Mars all military units are called out on to the streets to guard against an uprising, especially in Cydonia
08:24:30 Earth

The news are reaching Earth, a stunned population ceases all activity, many are weeping openly.
At Navy HQ, Rear Admiral Felix Delagarza Delgado, momentarily puts his head into his hands.
Then he sends a message to the light cruiser Le Clerc.
“Sire I have grave news, our liege have been assassinated on Mars, take care and do not be alone at any time! Stay on the bridge and take the fleet to Mars. The Emperor is Dead! Long Live the Emperor!”1 Minute after the message is sent all military personnel is activated and on high alert, a coup could begin in any moment so all civilians are ordered home and to close their doors, anyone that is on the street after 09:00:00 and can’t identify themselves are to be arrested.
After that the missile group gets an order to move to Mars and guard it against all enemies.

Deep space Defence fleet 08:30:00
At Defence fleet all the ranking officers swear their fealty to Emperor Carl, in the background the fleet’s junior officers and the enlisted med repeats the words.

At 08:35:00 Emperor Carl transfers the FF Alberta and with its sisters starts the long way to Earth, it will take almost 33 days to reach Earth from the vicinity of jump point 7

6th October  2040 Back on Mars the police have arrested one man for the Murder of the Emperor.
In a statement from Mars Police it said that one person is arrested, his name is Arkon Wooshler , son of murderer Janus Wooshler, he was executed for the murder of Reece Whitehouse death in October 2028, ha has managed to get a weapon from the robotic guardians of Zlatousi Star Empire and managed to get it working, but he wasn’t ready for its kick or he would also have hit the Princess.
The first official act of the new Emperor is to proclaim a sorrow period from now and until the old Emperor is buried.

Missile group arrives in Mars Orbit, the coffin with Emperor Carl I is placed on a old cannon carriage, draped with the Empires flagg and driven throe the streets of Cydonia, an honour guard from all the assembled military units on Mars lines the streets and behind them a weeping populace, before and after carriage troops marches, all are taken from the 3rd Mobile Regiment, The Swedish Pagans.
At 12:00:00 the body arrive on the destroyer Washington and they start moving to Earth at a slow pace.

8th November 2040 At 12:00:00 the Emperor´s arrive in Earth Orbit, they are transported down to Paris first, were the procession starts a new, first to Brest and  to Gothenburg were the procession moves thrue Sweden to Stockholm, the Emperor is burried in the Riddarholmskyrkan, 12:00:00 on the 6th November.

31st December 2040 Emperor Carl II is crowned Emperor of the Terran Empire in Paris.