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1.11.0 Changes List
« on: May 28, 2020, 11:24:36 AM »
Next version, probably later tonight or tomorrow morning, will be a DB release. There are a couple of bugs that can only be fixed via a DB update.

  • Cloaking Device has to be large enough for design
  • Shipyard can throw error if retool selected and no class eligible after previous shipyard was selected which did have eligible classes - rare but fixed.
  • Auto Assign FC did not work correctly on ships with multiple ECCM systems.
  • Alt-F4 did not work with new hot keys
  • Multiple Stabilisation modules can no longer be added to a design
  • Fixed size and crew multipliers for reduced-size missile launchers
  • Hit Chance being displayed as 100x actual
  • Saving Aether Rifts is fixed.
  • Fixed error in function #28 that affected AI repairs
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