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v2.0.3 Changes List
« on: August 14, 2022, 05:23:13 AM »
Changes List for 2.0.3 (released)

  • Fixed 'Raider Systems'. Value was being set to 0 for new games.
  • Fixed ability to turn off hull number display.
  • Fixed bug that caused ships with less than 1 engine power to move at 1 km/s.
  • Fixed error with 'Show Next Tech' on Create Project window for those techs that have no 'unresearched' items.
  • Fixed error on Create Project window when using fractional capacitors tech in conjunction with 'Show Next Tech'.
  • Fixed error that prevented destruction of shipyards if they took more slipway hits in a single combat phase than their number of slipways.
  • Fixed duplicate commander history entries for automated assignment to naval admin commands.
  • Minimum number of starting commanders doubled from 150 to 300.
  • Fixed display bug on Academies tab of Race window, which was showing only half of number of commanders produced.
  • Fixed display bug showing min jump drive size as (no squadron jump).
  • Sub-fleets of sub-fleets will now be saved and reloaded correctly.
  • Cancelling naming popup for deep space populations and named waypoints will cancel creation.
  • Added a couple of tooltips on Game Creation window.
  • Fixed display bug on missile design window that showed incorrect development cost. Research cost on Economics window was correct.
  • Fixed error with mass driver packets when source population had reserve levels set.
  • Changes to eccentricity are now saved.
  • Ruin-only tech can no longer be gained from wreck salvage.
  • Fixed the error preventing use of alien tech components in class design.
  • Updated automated fire control assignment to be aware of single-weapon fire controls.
  • Medal award to admin command now includes admin commander.
  • Fixed issues caused by selection of rank themes on race creation with non-matching numbers of naval and ground ranks. Affects 10% of themes.
  • Fixed issues caused by alien race names with less than three letters.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented fleets moving if they had a reaction bonus of more than 100%.
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