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v2.0.2 Changes List
« on: August 07, 2022, 11:12:56 AM »
Changes List for 2.0.2 (released)

This post includes bug fixes or minor changes. Any more significant changes will have their own post. I am flagging some with (DB) to indicate they are database changes. As these are only minimal so far, if you update the exe and not the DB, the only difference will be the absence of the (DB) fixes. I might remove this note if I get a few more database-related issues.

  • Fixed a temporary display bug for newly created system bodies on the System View. The bug only lasts until the first orbital movement phase post-creation.
  • Fixed bug with manual orders for conventional geosurvey ship (standing orders are OK).
  • Fixed display bug for conventional geosurvey ship where class type and geosurvey value were not set.
  • Added some extra tooltips to Game Details window.
  • Fixed a bug that happens on game start if orbital movement is turned off.
  • Fixed a bug prevented update of contracted supply and demand amounts when a ship only transported a fraction of an installation.
  • Fixed a display bug that affects selected bonuses for admin commands.
  • Fixed #3415 errors (AI-related. No player impact).
  • Fixed the 'jump to on select' functionality for a few event types.
  • Fixed display of 'Hide Fleets in Orbit checkbox.
  • Updated Modify Body window to allow changes to eccentricity for planets, asteroids and comets.
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