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This is just me sharing my current notes of a new single player campaign I decided to start as I wait for the next version to take me down the road a more complex multi faction campaign. The story of this one is rather boring... but basically there was a large devastating conflict on Earth in the late 21st century and almost half of the Erath population perished in one way or another. The terran Union was born out of the victorious nations from the remnants of the United Nations charter. The Union had about one billion people and another 3 billion was living in missreable no mans land, goverened by marauding states or just gangs and lords. The union was basically erecting large walls and fences until they could recolonize and help the rest of the world population.

I have played about 35 years of this campaig starting at roughly conventional start and the more interesting bit have just started so I start the description of this campaign from here.

Setup specifics

25% Research
50% Terraforming speed
5% Survey speed

1b People on Earth
3b Neutral population

Year... 2100-2134... http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=13181.msg163628#msg163628
Year... 2134... notes... http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=13181.msg163629#msg163629
Year... 2134... ship designs... http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=13182.msg163631#msg163631
Year... 2135... notes... http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=13181.msg163630#msg163630
Battle at Namars point!  http://aurora2.pentarch.org/index.php?topic=13181.msg163674#msg163674

Year 2100 to 2134

Population:   1.605m
Wealth:   49.8b UC (Union Credits)
Construction:   19796 BP
Refining:   5.62m   Liters/year
Naval Supplies:   10800   MSP/year

Strategic reserves
Fuel:   135.2m Liters
Naval supplies:   158k MSP

Naval construction
Military:   21k ton
Yards/Slipways   4 / 5

Commercial   620k ton
Yards/Slipways   6 / 6   

Population:   23.4m

Population:   21.6m
Wealth:   507 UC
Terraformers:   3.25m workers

Noteworthy mineral resources in Sol

9m / 0.8 – Duranium – Mercury
17m / 1.0 – Sorium – Jupiter

Year 2134

Earth construction focus
20%  Research expansion
20%  Mining equipment (Auto & Standard)
15%  Infrastructure    (Low & Standard)
10%  Economic  expansion   
10%  Terraforming equipment
5%    Industrial expansion
20%  Other projects   

Current running projects

Terraforming equipment for Mars
1x Ant “Cargo Ship”
5x Terraforming plants per year

Fuel: 700k Liters of fuel/year
750x Duranium / year
750x Boronide / year
1500 UC / year

Infrastructure for Mars & Luna
1x Ant “Cargo Ship”
360 Infrastructure per colony each year

Fuel: 500k Liters of fuel/year
720x Duranium / year
720x Mercassium / year
720x Boronide / year
2160 UC / year

Mining equipment for Mercury
1x Bulwark “Cargo Ship”
15x Mining plants per year

Fuel: 500k Liters of fuel/year
3600 Corundium / year
3600 UC / Year

Year 2135

New project starting in early 2134

Colonization of Arcadia in Proxima Centauri
The Arcadia project is expected to last about 7-8 years.

Size: 12800km diameter
Temperature: -17 to +7 C
Terrain: Coniferous Forest
Gravity: 0.88
Atmosphere: Nitrogen-Oxygen (0.09) 0.79 atm
Distance for sun: 19m
Tidal locked: Yes (max pop 2417m)

Neutronium......36,864.........Acc 0.1
Tritanium.........17,842,176...Acc 0.7
Boronide..........2,359,296....Acc 0.1
Vendarite.........7,541,504....Acc 0.1
Sorium............28,217,344...Acc 0.5
Corundium.......4,194,304....Acc 1.0

Project resources
1x Serenity class colony ship
5x Bulwark class cargo ships

Yearly efforts
900k colonists
270x infrastructure
9x terraforming plants

Project costs
1620x Duranium / Year
1350x Boronide / Year
270x Mercassium / Year
15m Liters Fuel / Year
3240 UC / Year

Industry projects going on for the next 5 years

50%   Colonization & mining
20%   Research
10%   Economic expansion
5%    Industrial expansion
15%   Other minor projects

New ship building projects planned

New civilian engine is projected to ease the fuel efficiency of the commercial fleets which currently is too inefficient.

New design of major cargo and colony ship might happen in 2135-40 with upgrading the current fleet with new engine types, this might cause issues with the Arcadia project. The discussions in congress is ongoing on how this should be solved as fuel consumption of the Arcadia project is just too high as it consumes about 15m liters of fuel and Earth producion is about 4.5m a year currently.
Any hope of take advantage of fuel extraction on Jupiter is at least a decade away before being realized and the only option right now is expansion of Earths refineries and build more efficient engines for the colonization fleet.

A new orbital mining platform at about 200kt is planned to be deployed in Sol by 2140.

Battle of Namars point in Sol, 2135

1.57 AM, Jan 17 - 2135
The station in the Nevada dessert on Earth registered a foreign object moving from the asteroid belt towards Earth on a direct collision course. It was only an hour or so before the object was identified as an unknown type of ship engine, never before seen or registered. The ship was moving in very high speed at almost 4200km/s, much faster than any Union vessels.

3.23 AM, Jan 17 - 2135
First patrol squadron of Sparrow class patrol ships was ordered by rear admiral Bethany Cook to intercept and identify the incoming object. The senior commander Iseki Shuichi of the two ships was ordered to not fire unless they were fired upon and try to establish communication with the incoming vessel if possible.

10.42 AM, Jan 17 - 2135
The two patrol ships USS Hussar and USS Middlesbrough had closed with the alien vessel and deployed their gravitation radar on the and precluded the size of the vessel was surprisingly small at roughly 894 tons. Commander Shuichi ordered the two ships to edge closer to get a better reading of the ship as the size seemed odd and might not really be correct for the IR signal or match the engine profile, something was odd so it required a closer inspection.

9.48.55 PM, Jan 17 - 2135
The two ships now was quite close to the alien vessel, perhaps a few hundred thousand kilometres only when The Hussar detected several energy surges from the vessel after which several heavy impact was registered on the hull of the ship. Shuichi immediately broke off formation and started retreating while ordering commander Charlotte Norman of the Middlesbrough for arm their weapon and close in and fire their railguns.

After only a handful of second a second barrage of metal slugs ripped into the Hussar, but still the armour was holding it together, but for how long.

The Middlesbrough had now managed to close in on the enemy vessel and opened up fir with their own railguns and its shot impacted the enemy ship. More time passed and several times the Hussar was hit and started taking sever damage... the Middlesbrough was now chasing the enemy vessel and the Hussar launched their lifeboat vessel and started to prepare for abandoning ship. But in order to give Middlesbrough time to engage commander Shuichi  ordered to stand their ground and the ship suddenly exploded and some survivors managed to get to the rescue pod but Shuichi died standing on the bridge.

Several more seconds passed and Middlesbrough launched another salvo at point blank range and suddenly the alien vessel stopped cold, apparently severely damaged from the attack... but apparently it's weapons was still functional and a frantic salvo at close range simply pulverised the Middlesbrough . Some of the crew including it's captain managed to reach the escape pods. Luckily the Hussar managed to deploy their lifeboat who picked up the survivor of both ships and quickly exited the area.

Lieutenant Waylon Mickens, commander of the lifeboat was later awarded the medal of honour for his quick action and saving the surviving crew crew of both ship.

A few hours later, the mineral hauler USS Amber was dispatched to asses the damage of the alien vessel that now had disappeared from the sensors of Erath tracking equipment. It managed to make contact a few hours later and discovered that indeed the alien vessel was damaged and it's engines seemed to have been disabled. The ship stayed there for several days trying to make contact, but it was more or less impossible as the ships crew seemed to refuse any such attempts. later on a small probe was left to just monitor the ships thermal signature.

Nov 7, 2125
The two newest patrol ships had now been deployed from the Earth shipyards with four more being constructed or planned. A new mission to engage the damaged alien vessel had been planned and this time a veteran of the space navy called Kubota Toshiyuki had been appointed as the commander. How ever, he was know for his aggressive stance and doing things his own way, was he the best choice?

The two ships was dispatched and soon they started the approach of the the alien vessel with their weapons ready. The hope was that the alien ship had lost most if it's ability to defend itself from the last salvo of the Middlesbrough . But soon several shots was ripped into one of the patrol ships as Toshiyuki ordered a general charge... sadly this did not go so well. One of the ships did manage to open up fire on the alien ship but only do minor damage before both ships were destroyed. Although, most of the crew could be saved, Toshiyuki himself died standing on the bridge pressing the railgun fire button in a fit of rage and madness.

If he survived he probably would have been court-martialled for disobeying orders and recklessly endangering the crew and his ship for no good reason.

A new attempt with four patrol ship was later done to try and approach the alien vessel surrounding it from four different direction... but every time the alien vessel was frantically defending itself from any approach and even this attempt was abandoned as not to risk any further unnecessary losses.

The union politician now argued how to best solve this situation. They know that some technological new weapons needed to be developed to deal with this threat and there also was the issue of where it came from. None of the the jump points in Sol was directly monitored by the union so some form of monitoring station had to be considered, then there was the issue of defending Earth. The Union had basically no real army, fleet or orbital defences in place... no one even contemplated there could be some intelligent threat out there besides other humans.

This was a GAME CHANGER in terms of policy and strategic focus of the Union and a wake up call of a new reality!!!


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