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The Federated Solar Nations of Earth AAR


History of the Federated Solar Nations of Earth
By Dr.      Gracie Kruss-Dorchester, PhD.     
What we know now as the F. S. N. E began in 2432, a coalition of surviving governments after the 300 year ice age that decimated Earth's population.   Dozens of underground complexes were built by various nations to preserve humanity, preventing our total extinction.   Complex, underground facilities were built to house humanity's most important members, and preserve a large amount of plant and animal life.  Many of these facilities survived, and even thrived in confinement.   Located across all the continents of Earth, the world's culture was preserved by tradition and history.     

The founder of the F. S. N. E, Director-General Frances Huald, was the first to discover the receding ice age.  Seeing times shift, the man immediately called for all leaders of the world to meet to discuss the future.   Many felt that the lessons of the past could be learned from, and agreed to joining a coalition of nations to spearhead surface colonization efforts.  The few who didn’t were quickly pressured into becoming more agreeable.  Fearing that they would be subjugated or imprisoned in their underground facilities.     

Surface recolonization soon began after this meeting, as Earth slowly began to lose its frigid coating of ice.  Some infrastructure was preserved and still usable, making the efforts a bit less of a daunting effort.  Old roadways, buildings, and underground power grids were retooled to work again.   Providing surface power for the first time in 300 years.     

As time went on, and more land became habitable, the F. S. N. E created the ‘Exploration Corps’ to re-discover technology and knowledge lost due to the decay of time.   The S. N. E. C (Solar Nations Exploration Command) sent teams all across Earth to try and unearth a golden age lost to time.     

Discovery X-764 ‘Icarus’
In 2451, S. N. E. C Team B-20 stumbled across a recently revealed restricted air base located in the Alaskan wilderness.  Hidden for years until the ice-ages recession melted away the snow and ice that buried it.   Several well preserved shuttles made of an alien material.  These shuttles were discovered to be still functional with a pre-programmed route.   After authorization, the leader of Team B-20 and several armed F. S. N servicemen entered the shuttle.     

Immediately, the shuttle's automated navigation systems launched and began to propel out of Earth's atmosphere.   Communications was then lost between S. N. E. C Central Command and Team B-20.  Which was maintained for approximately two hours.   Afterwards, early detection radars detected the shuttle's return.   Team B-20 arrived back at Facility X-764 and reported of an abandoned yet still functional space station orbiting the planet.   B-20 C. O, Major Iosif Julien Stastas, gave the following report.     

“The station appears to be entirely functional.  Automated maintenance systems have been maintaining the facilities essential and non-essential functions, yet there was no human presence.   It was as if they had all… Disappeared.  Searching deeper in the station, we discovered a tram system that led us through the station.  Eventually, this brought us to a large, automated ‘drydock’ looking structure. ”

Major Stastas continued on.     

“We discovered production files in English that stated the intent was to build a ship to bring them to another planet.   Somewhere habitable, which they had discovered using probes.   The report began to describe using materials found on Earth, but not discovered by any pre-ice age governments.   The space station seemed dedicated to studying them in orbit, and were successful.      We managed to secure several servers and bring them back with us.  They’ve been handed over to the S. N. E. C science division, and are being studied intensely.  ”

The Second Industrial Revolution
S. N. E. C Scientists found themselves amazed by the research the station scientists were able to perform.   Soon, using the station's database, several automated mining facilities were discovered by various S. N. E. C teams.   Rapid industrialization to use these new materials quickly began to envelop the colonies of the F. S. N.  Amplifying growth and improving quality of life to absurd degrees.     

Advanced weapons technology, powered exo-skeletons, and even early spacecraft that could reach other planets in days.  Early projects for Lunar colonies were put into place, but eventually shelved due to a lack of clear goal and logistics restraints.     

Humanity is now in full swing of its second golden age, and seeks to reach the stars.  While part of the planet remains in an ice age, it continues to recede and provide more settleable land for humanity to colonize.  More of these new minerals to exploit.  Now, the atmosphere is no longer a restriction.  The Federated Solar Nations turn their gaze to the stars and great beyond.     

So, I've been on and off with Aurora 4x for a while.   I've been really enjoying playing, but I find it hard to commit to saves sometimes.   I thought writing up this A.  A.  R would be a really good way to do that! So here it is.   My plan is to start updating this once a day.   I'll be first working on basic, starting ship designs and logistics.   As I go on I plan on writing updates through in-world news articles, speeches, military reports, and other types of updates to keep this fresh and consistent.   After that, I will most likely add an "out of character" explanation on whats been going on.      Updates and things of that nature.   I hope you all enjoy!

Starting settings (image isn't showing currently.   Trying to fix it!)

Nation settings (image isn't showing currently.   Trying to fix it!)

So, just a little update.  I've managed to finish all ships, infantry templates, components, fighters, etc.  I unfortunately can't post any photos of them but I plan on having an in world update soon! Stay tuned!


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Starting settings (image isn't showing currently.   Trying to fix it!)

Nation settings (image isn't showing currently.   Trying to fix it!)

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