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Celtic Campaign Year 3128
« on: July 28, 2010, 12:19:43 PM »
4th Cantlos 3128 – 61 Cygni system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system is a K-K binary system that contains a terrestrial planet with a HI of 1.62.  The planet’s rather chilly surface temperature of -94 degrees keeps it from being a garden paradise.

8th Cantlos 3128 – Groombridge 34 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The M-M binary star system contains 5 terrestrial planets.  Unfortunately, they have HIs between 1.62 and 2.87, primarily due to low surface temperatures.
16th Cantlos 3128 – Epsilon Indi system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The K-L-T trinary system has a single chunk in orbit around the system primary.  There is already an Ark JG construction ship on the JP.
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First Contact Protocol Destruct 01
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1900UST 6th Samonios 3128
Space Commodore Rhobert Augustus looked around the bridge and studied his crew as they recovered from the effects of the transit into the Delta Pavonis system.  As always there were some nauseous faces, but he took pride in how the crew performed their duties.  Since taking command he liked to think that he had instilled a sense of common purpose in the crew of Yr Hendre 005.  He smiled to himself as he thought ‘My ship’.

Not so long ago it looked like his career was over.  He had saved that idiot Hugh Hall from making a complete fool of himself when he froze under fire.  Yet Hall thanked him by trying to get him court marshalled for insubordination and transferred him off Gorseinon so quickly he had not been able to pack his cabin up.  Fortunately, it appeared the First Space Lord disagreed.  24hrs after Gorseinon had broken orbit for Operation VERTICAL, he had received a message from his posting officer.  A message that was now framed and in his cabin:


By the time Gorseinon and Hall had returned from Op VERTICAL, he had been in deep space heading for 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn’s next survey target.

1901UST 6th Samonios 3128
The tallest of the 3 people in the small ship looked at the woman hunched over the control station.  ‘Are you sure that we have not been detected?’
Without looking up the woman replied ‘Absolutely, the Precursor’s tech cannot detect this ship even when we are right next to it; which, by the way, will occur in 35 secs.  Are you both ready?’
Last of the group grunted a reply whilst the first said ‘This is not our first mission engineer, just make sure you can activate the temporal displacement field on our signal.’

1905UST 6th Samonios 3128
The two of them had been aboard for 4 minutes now and it appeared that their personal cloaking technology was working.  The Precursor ship was cold, dark and appeared dead.  As they both knew that was not true.  In 6 minutes the 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn would be detected by the 2 listening stations placed on asteroids in this system; then the ship would wake and join the others in attempting to attack the Celtic ships.  They were 15 secs from the AI core and hopefully 45 secs from completing their mission.

The AI Core known as 751-42589 felt one of its data ports become active.  How was that possible?  The port was for use by the Builders and the ships sensors showed no Builders aboard.  Twelve microseconds later the AI shut down forever.

‘Operative 1 to Engineer, Phase 1 complete, clear for Phase 2.’
‘Copied, temporal field extended to surround Precursor vessel.’
‘Temporal Displacement Device activated.’
As the Precursor ship phased out, Operative 1 thought to himself ‘That was much easier than shooting Caesar.’

AI Core 751-54127, detected a blue flash that appeared to originate from the location of 751-42589 some 100 M km distant.  Before it could move to investigate a message was received from the listening post network. +HOSTILE VESSEL DETECTED+  
Downloading the target location 751-54127 communicated with its sister ships, apart from the curiously silent 751-42589, as it started to head towards the intruders.  +INITIATE FIRST CONTACT PROTOCOL DESTRUCT 01+

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Uncommon Valour
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2010, 04:14:03 PM »
2000UST 8th Samonios 3128

Rhobert Augustus listened to his chief science officer provide a run down on the Delta Pavonis system.  They had been in-system for nearly 2 days now and his crew had settled down into the routine required for completing the extremely accurate gravitational survey.
The system was a relatively boring G8 star system with 3 terrestrial planets.  All of the planets have either little or no atmosphere and, as a result, they all had a HI of 1.70.  Whether there was any worth in colonising them would be determined by the geo survey sqn that would eventually be assigned to this system.

 Suddenly, the red alert tannoy sounded followed by a sharp intercom call. ‘Commodore to the Bridge!’

Arriving on the bridge at the run, Rhobert snapped ‘Report!’
‘Commodore, Sensors, new thermal contact.  Range 92M km. Contact does not match records of any known race.  Designate contact Golf 1.’
‘Helm, reverse course take us away from them at maximum speed.’
‘Commodore, Sensors, second contact detected same class designate Golf 2.’

‘Commodore, Sensors, speed of Golf 1 and Golf 2 is 10000km/s.’
‘Commodore, Helm, new course achieved.’

2005UST 8th Samonios 3128

‘Commodore, Tactical, Golf 1 and Golf 2 will approach within 20 M km as we head across their course en-route to the JP.’
‘Tactical, when will they close approach?’
‘Commodore, Tactical, closest approach will be at 2200UST tomorrow.’

2157UST 9th Samonios 3128

‘Red Alert! Missile defence alert, short range thermal contact speed 39200km/s.’
‘This is the Commodore, brace for impact!’

Rhobert Augustus was thrown forward in his crash seat as the first of the missiles hit.

As his vision started to clear Rhobert realised that the only lights in the bridge was coming from the emergency lighting.  ‘Damage report.’
‘Commodore, Tactical, we have lost active, passive and survey sensors, 3 machinery space, 3 fuel bunkers and 3 engines.  The ship has dropped to a maximum speed of 5700 km/s.’
‘OK, we can’t afford to lead the hostiles to the rest of the fleet.  Change course towards waypoint 1.’
‘Commodore, Helm, new course laid in.’

Yr Hendre 005 turned towards a point deep in the outer system, well away from any of the other ship’s courses towards the exit jump point.  As the ship turned away from safety and towards probable destruction, Rhobert Augustus appended a brief message to his family to what would be his final ship’s log and transmitted it on wideband.  Hopefully, one of the other ships would pick it up and take it home.

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Re: Celtic Campaign Year 3128
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2217UST 9th Samonios 3128

‘Commodore, Sensors, we have managed to jury rig a low sensitivity thermal sensor.  The sensor shows no alien craft within 10M km.’
Augustus could feel the pressure of the bridge crew’s thoughts.  They were almost certainly hoping he would order a turn back towards the JP.

‘We can’t be sure aren’t still being followed, continue on course’
‘Tactical, make sure we have as many personnel working on damage control as we can.  Let’s keep them busy.’

2356UST 9th Samonios 3128
‘Commodore, Tactical, damage control has restored all of the engines, they are now attempting to repair the thermal sensor.’
‘Good work.  Helm, accelerate to maximum speed, remain on course.’

0556UST 10th Samonios 3128
‘Commodore, Sensors, Thermal sensor back on line, no alien ships detected.’
‘Thank you.  Helm remain on course.’

1355UST 10th Samonios 3128
‘Commodore, Sensors.  Active sensor has been repaired, you wish to activate it?’
‘Sensors, negative, maintain EMCON.  We may have escaped our pursuers, let’s keep it that way.’

1455UST 12th Samonios 3128
‘Commodore, Tactical, we have arrived at destination waypoint.’
‘Understood, shut down all but essential systems and make an inventory of available stores.  We may be here for a month or more until a combat fleet arrives.’
Augustus thought to himself ‘We have a chance, and I intend to take it.’
‘Tactical, when do you think the rest of the sqn will make it to the jump point?’
‘Commodore, Tactical, based on the last known dispositions the last of the sqn will not arrive at the JP until 21st Samionios.’

0921UST 21st Samonios 3128
‘Commodore, Sensors, Jump Transit signature detected.’
‘OK, it looks like the rest of the sqn are taking the warning home.  Stay alert, let’s still be here when the battle fleet arrives.’

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New enemies; old answers
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0800UST 3rd Dvmannios 3128

Amynedd Grunna looked around the familiar surroundings of the main briefing room; the vast majority of the faces in the room were familiar, the real difference was that now most of the officers in this room were considered combat veterans.  ‘Funny, I don’t feel any different’ she thought to herself.  As before, Chief Space Marshal Torlan Carduggan took the stage and introduced the briefing.
‘This is the briefing for Op CERNUNNOS.  The Op commander is Deputy Space Marshal Trevon Kenderick.’
Amynedd tried to keep the look of surprise from her face, three operations and three different commanders.  Either the Chief Space Marshal had been unhappy with Ithel’s performance or he wanted to give the ‘Golden Boy’ his chance in the sun.
Kenderick took to the podium and flashed one of his dazzling smiles at the audience.  ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn has been attacked by aliens of unknown origin in the Delta Pavonis system.  One ship, the Yr Hendre 005, is missing, presumed destroyed.  This aim of this operation is the elimination of the alien threat in the Delta Pavonis system and the rescue, if possible, of the Yr Hendre 005.  Full details are in your briefing packs; time is of the essence so we depart in 60 minutes.  Dismissed.’
As she followed the crowd out of the auditorium, Amynedd saw Hugh Hall talking with his new tactical officer.  What was striking was the look of smug satisfaction on Hall’s face.  She knew he didn’t like Rhobert Augustus, but that look was extremely unprofessional.  

0900UST 3rd Dvmannios 3128

‘Marshal, Comms, the Flag has instructed all ships to leave orbit and shape their course for Delta Pavonis.’
‘Comms, acknowledged.’
Amynedd looked at the list of formations in the Task Force; BB Division #1, Carrier Group #1, her own Cruiser Sqn #1 and Frigate Squadron #4.  An impressive force for dealing with a star swarm but would it be enough against a completely new foe of unknown strength?  At least the new Dreigiau F2 and Gliesion R2 fighters that now formed the strike group of the carrier Gorseinon would be tested in combat.  The smaller size of the new fighters also meant that the Gorseinon could carry an extra 2 Driegiau F2.

Code: [Select]
Dreigiau F2 class Fighter    210 tons     10 Crew     72.2 BP      TCS 4.2  TH 120  EM 0
28571 km/s     Armour 1-3     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 1.8
Annual Failure Rate: 42%    IFR: 0.6%    Maint Capacity 0 MSP    Max Repair 29 MSP    Est Time: 0 Years
Magazine 12    

Lightning Mk1 SCAM (1)    Power 120    Fuel Use 5000%    Signature 120    Armour 0    Exp 25%
Fuel Capacity 5,000 Litres    Range 0.9 billion km   (8 hours at full power)

Crossbow Mk1 BL (6)    Missile Size 2    Hangar Reload 15 minutes    MF Reload 2.5 hours
FMA-1A (1)     Range 6.9m km    Resolution 10
Bolt Mk2 ASM (6)  Speed: 99,000 km/s   End: 1.5m    Range: 9m km   WH: 4    Size: 2    TH: 660 / 396 / 198

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a military vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a fighter for production and combat purposes
Code: [Select]
Gleision R2 class Scout Fighter    175 tons     16 Crew     101.4 BP      TCS 3.5  TH 120  EM 0
34285 km/s     Armour 1-2     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 0
Annual Failure Rate: 35%    IFR: 0.5%    Maint Capacity 0 MSP    Max Repair 72 MSP    Est Time: 0 Years

Lightning Mk1 SCAM (1)    Power 120    Fuel Use 5000%    Signature 120    Armour 0    Exp 25%
Fuel Capacity 5,000 Litres    Range 1.0 billion km   (8 hours at full power)

FSA-1A (1)     GPS 1152     Range 9.2m km    Resolution 16

This design is classed as a military vessel for maintenance purposes
This design is classed as a fighter for production and combat purposes

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« Reply #5 on: October 24, 2010, 02:44:42 PM »
1000UST 17th Dvmannios 3128 - BB Iwerddon
As her sensors came back on line Amynedd Grunna quickly scanned the tactical display for any threats to her ship.  The threat board was clear.
‘Marshal, Comms, Flag has ordered formation Dai Tri’
‘Comms, acknowledged; Nav place into our designated slot for Dai Tri.’
‘Marshal,Nav copied.’

1005UST 17th Dvmannios 3128 – GE Yr HEndre 005
Rhobert Augustus stopped the running machine as he saw the attention getter blinking away at him.
‘Commodore is on, go ahead.’
‘Commodore, Comms, we have received a transmission that appears to be from the Home Fleet, all security protocols are green, request permission to respond.’
‘Go ahead, I will be there shortly.’
As he rushed out of the gym, Rhobert thought to himself ‘We made it!’

1010UST 17th Dvmannios 3128 - BB Iwerddon
‘Marshal, Comms, Flag reports that Yr Hendre 005 has responded and is intact.  Commodore Augustus has been ordered to make best speed to the JP.’
‘Comms, acknowledged.’

0804UST 20th Dvmannios 3128 - BB Iwerddon
‘Marshal, Tactical, the fleet scout reports a passive contact 1.5 billion km on a bearing of 340.  The ship is not the same class as the one that attacked Yr Hendre 005 and has a thermal signature 4.5 times greater than the previously encountered type.  Flag has ordered the fleet to close on the target.’
‘Tactical, copied.’

1030UST 20th Dvmannios 3128 – BB Iwerddon
‘Marshal, the passive comtact is now within range of active sensors, the target has a mass of 7 600 tonnes.’
‘Grunna to crew, Flag has decided to launch our new fighters to attack the target.’

1217UST 20th Dvmannios 3128 – BB Iwerddon
‘Marshal, Tactical, the fighters have destroyed the target.  No lifepods were detected after the attack’
‘Marshal, Comms, Flag has ordered us to head towards the final known location of the other enemy ships.’
‘Nav, change course as directed.’
‘Aye, Marshal.’

0020UST 21st Dvmannios 3128– BB Iwerddon
‘Marshal, Tactical, the two original ships have been detected within active range, they must have been drifting powered down relying on passive sensors. The taregts both mass 1000 tonnes.  Flag has decided to continue to close.’

0400 21st Dvmannios 3128 – BB Iwerddon
‘Begin log– At 00:20, the 2 alien ships that originally attacked Yr Hendre 05 were detected and the fleet changes direction to close.  The aliens were within active range and appear to be FACs with a mass of 1000 tonnes.  At 03:20, the CGs opened fire at both of the FACs.  At 03:21, 14 size 7 missiles are detected inbound to Cruiser Sqn #1.  At 03:21, the salvo from the CGs hit home and both FACs exploded.  With the loss of their guidance the inbound alien missiles self-destructed.’
Grunna looked around her ready room and thought about the last few days.  Another race that appeared to present no long-term threat to the Celts had been encountered.  The weapons and ships of the fleet had worked as expected and as an added bonus the last few days.  Another race that appeared to present no long-term threat to the Celts had been encountered.  The weapons and ships of the fleet had worked as expected and as an added bonus the Yr Hendre 005 had been found and rescued.  All-in-all not a bad operation to be part of.
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Remainder of the Yr 3128
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5th Rivros 3128 – Beta Hydri system discovered by BB Div #1.  The system contains a terraforming target.

26th Rivros 3128 – The task forces in the Delta Pavonis system depart for home leaving Frigate Sqn #4 behind to cover the ships of 2nd (Geo) Survey Sqn.

8th Anagantios  3128 – A small seemingly uninhabited base is discovered on an asteroid in the Delta Pavonis System.  Ground forces are despatched from the home world to take possession of it.

9th Anagantios  3128 – Yr Hendre 05 arrives home to a hero’s welcome.  Space Commodore Augustus is formally presented with the Space Cross.  Out of a crew of 693, 183 were killed in the alien attack.

10th Anagantios  3128 – A second alien listening post is detected in the Delta Pavonis system.

14th Anagantios  3128 – Alien ruins are discovered on the surface of Delta Pavonis II.  A team of xenologists is assembled under the leadership of Space Commodore Hu Bibbs and despatched by fast courier to the planet.

19th Anagantios  3128 – Salvage of the larger wreck in the Delta Pavonis system yields a trove of information on Jump Drive Efficiency 5 and comes with the added bonus of an alien internal confinement fusion drive and missile fire control system.  The salvage also revealed that the ships appear to be automated and are of a similar design to one of the ships that was observed over Daear over 100yrs before.

25th Anagantios  3128 – Hu Bibbs’ team arrive on Delta Pavonis II and begin work on deciphering the aliens’ language.

5th Ogronnos 3128 – Luyten 143-23 System discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system has one planet that could be a future terraforming site.

11th Ogronnos 3128 – Gliese 682 and Gliese 588 systems discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

18th Ogronnos 3128 – The 310th Marine Btn (Colonel Earwine Nannau) drops onto one of the Precursor’s asteroid bases.  The base is found to be completely abandoned with only automated defences.  After 12 hrs the base is cleared.

20th Ogronnos 3128 – The 309th Marine Btn (Colonel Mabon Peters) drops onto the second of the Presursor listening posts in the Delta Pavonis system.

23rd Ogronnos 3128 – The clearing of the second listening post is much trickier and is not cleared until 11:00 today.