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Celtic Campaign Year 3130
« on: October 28, 2010, 07:42:46 AM »
6th Semivisonna 3130 – Following an extended period of wrangling by OC Home Fleet (Chief Space Marshal Torlan Carduggan ), BB Div #1 (with OC Home Fleet and his staff aboard), Carrier Group #1, Cruiser Sqns #2 and #3, Destroyer Sqn #2 and Frigate Sqns #1 and #4 leave for the Gliese 526 system.

27th Semivisonna 3130 – The Task Force arrives at the JP to the Gliese 526 system.  BB Div #1 will lead the way into the system at 1653. 15secs after the transit the Cymraeg was hit by multiple missiles knocking its shields flat and punching holes in its armour.  5 secs later BB Div #1’s sensors snap on and the ship’s consoles light up with targeting solutions.  Lasers and missiles reach out from the ships.  At 16:53:41, a series of explosions rocked Cymraeg, the armour is punctured and several systems are destroyed.  At 16:53:46 one of the 15200 tonne cruisers exploded. At 16:53:56, one of the 7200 tonne Frigates explodes.  At 16:54:01 the other frigate and one of the 2 remaining cruisers explodes.  At 16:54:06, the last of the Precursor ships explodes.  Cymraeg suffered extensive armour damage (more than 50% of the armour had been blown away and 50% of the engines had been damaged, the fire control and search sensors had been damaged, 1 CIWS, 1 Laser, 2 Maintenance Bays and, most importantly, the Military Jump Drive were also damaged).  Cymraeg is sent back home escorted by another BBJ.  There is only one planetary body in the system; Chief Space Marshal Carduggan sends Cruiser Sqn #2 to investigate. Cymraeg and its escort will route home via the Ross 154 system and will pass on orders for 4th (Geo) Survey Sqn to come forward and investigate the planet.  Once in Ross 154, Cymraeg’s escort will return to BB Div  #1 allowing the Cymraeg to get home using the JG network.  As a result of the battle both the CO of Home Fleet and the CO of Cymraeg (Space Commodore Rhiain Dieniol) are awarded Distinguished Service Crosses.

14th Eqvos 3130 – A Precursor listening post is detected on one of the comets within the Gliese 526 system.

16th Eqvos 3130 – Another Precursor listening post is detected on the only planet in the Gliese 526 system.  The rest of the system is empty and why such a large number of ships were in the system is somewhat of a mystery.

19th Eqvos 3130 – FL Virginis system is discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  There is a potential terraforming site orbiting the secondary component of the system.

22nd Eqvos 2130 – Giclas 9-38 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 potential terraforming sites.

23rd Eqvos 3130 – The Cymraeg arrives home and is immediately taken into the yard for repairs that are scheduled to last for a few days shy of a year to complete.  Gate Construction ships are sent to create a route to the Gliese 526 system and a salvage ship is immediately sent to salvage the Precursor wrecks.  Meanwhile, the crew of the Cymraeg are feted as heroes.

20th Aedrinios 3130 – Gliese 868 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn. 

21st Aedrinios 3130 – Ross 780 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains two terraforming targets.

30th Aedrinios 3130 – EG426 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn. 

3rd Cantlos 3130 – 82 Eridani system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 possible terraforming targets.  Relations with the Arks have improved to the stage that trade access is granted to them.

7th Cantlos 3130 – A alien race is detected in the 82 Eridani system.  The Aliens are on the fifth planet of the system and the scout Wanoeur 001 is detached to make a fast approach and see what it can detect.  The CO of Wanoeur 001 (Space Commander Addfwyn ap Meyler) risks activating his active sensor as he zooms around the planet and scans a very well populated planet with some defence bases in orbit.  The overall tech of the aliens appears to be behind that of the Celts with no alien ship travelling faster than 4000 km/s.  The aliens do have some FACs capable of 6000km/s.  Later analysis would suggest that the aliens are using ion drive propulsion.  The largest alien warships mass 18,600 tonnes.  For his daring Space Commander ap Meyler is awarded the Distinguished Service Cross.

10th Samonios 3130 – News of the new alien race arrives on the home world.  It is decided that the planet Providence in the Ross 154 system will be built up to become a major fleet base with sufficient minerals and maintenance facilities to support capital units.

18th Samonios 3130 – Lutjens 19-19 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 terraforming targets.

23rd Samonios 3130 – 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn enter the Gliese 588 system.  As they do so they detect the unmistakable signature of Star Swarm soldiers and immediately jump out.

6th Dvmannios 3130 – There is a communication breakthrough with the aliens who identify themselves as the Calebririon Dynastry (Cal).  The new aliens appear humanoid in shape but encase themselves in armour and their true body form cannot be determined.  Of interest is the fact that they have a national flag that is very similar in design to that of the Celts.

8th Dvmannios 3130 – The message about the latest Star Swarm reaches the home world.  Given the lack of threat, Fleet HQ decides to wait until some CG conversions are completed before despatching a force to destroy the swarm.

16th Dvmannios 3130 – BB Div#1, Cruiser Sqn #1, Carrier Group #1 and Frigate Sqn #3 break orbit for the Gliese 588 system.  The CO of BB Iwerddon, Deputy Space Marshal Armynedd Grunna has fought in every battle since the Celt Space Fleet left the home system.  This will be her third engagement with the Star Swarm.

5th Rivros 3130 – The task force jumps into the Gliese system at 03:33.

6th Rivros 3130 – At 13:07, 24 swarm soldiers are detected heading inbound to the fleet.  At 14:13 the first missiles from the CGs leapt into space.  The Swarm Mother is also detected next to a comet in the system.  By 14:30, the first wave of missiles has completely destroyed all of the swarm soldiers.  The task force presses on towards the Swarm Mother.

7th Rivros 3130 – The Swarm Mother is attempting to close, at 23:29 10 Swarm Workers are detected orbiting the comet that the Swarm Mother had recently left.

8th Rivros 3130 – Carrier Group #1 launches a strike at 02:29.  At the same time the CGs and BBs launch their missiles.  The first missiles hit the Swarm Mother at 02:41 and, as expected, another 20 Swarm Soldiers launch.  The CGs start engaging them.  The fighters withdraw until the Soldiers are destroyed.  After the first wave of missiles has hit it appears that the Swarm Mother is heavily damaged.  Rather than pressing home an attack it appears that the Swarm Soldiers are attempting to protect the Swarm Mother.  As they have chance of launching their missiles without being attacked by the Soldiers, the fighters re-commence their attack.  By 02:52 all of the Soldiers had been destroyed by the missile fire from the CGs and BBs.  The fighter strike closes to 500k km before launching all of their missiles.  At 03:06 the Swarm Mother breaks apart after being hit by 396 Bolt Mk2 fighter missiles.  As is now SOP, the Frigates are detached to engage the Swarm Workers.  By 05:58 all of the workers have been destroyed.  The Task Force turns for home.

10th Rivros 3130 – In preparation for the creation of the Fleet Base in the Ross 154 system a 2nd Fleet HQ is stood up under the command of Chief Space Marshal Leyshon.

6th Anagantios  3130 – There were 2 wrecks of swarm soldiers in the Gliese 588 system.  In the hope of better understanding these creatures Salvage Sqn #1 is send to investigate.  Cruiser Sqn #1 is sent in case there are any Swarm Soldiers left in the system.

18th Anagantios  3130 – Alpha Mensae system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 3 Terraforming targets.  The system is also enormous, it would takes months even at 10000 km/s to cross from one side of the system to the other.

27th Anagantios  3130 – The ruins in the Delta Pavonis system have been studied in depth by the Hu Bibbs Xeno team.  They have deciphered the aliens’ language and have identified them as The Confederation of Mezzena.  Engineer brigades are sent to the site to start exploiting the ruins.  Cruiser Sqn #1 discover a live Swarm Soldier that seems to have hatched from one of the wrecks in the Gliese 588 system.  It is rapidly destroyed by missile fire.

3rd Ogronnos 3130 – Gliese 169 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

8th Ogronnos 3130 – EG165 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

9th Ogronnos 3130 – Capella system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains no less that 5 terraforming targets.  One of which has a habitability index of 0.29.  Unfortunately the system is so large that the planet is too far away to be a viable colony.

11th Ogronnos 3130 – Gliese 96 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 2 terraforming targets.

14th Ogronnos 3130 – Wolf 1323 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 3 terraforming targets, including one with a HI of 0.59.

16th Ogronnos 3130 – Cruiser Sqn #1 observes the second Swarm Soldier wreck splitting apart and a new living Swarm Soldier appearing from what is obviously now a cocoon.  The Soldier is blown apart by missile fire 12 mins later.  Cruiser Sqn #1 departs for home.

26th Ogronnos 3130 – Gliese 211 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

13th Giamonios 3130 – The first installations are recovered from the ruins on Delta Pavonis.