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Celtic Campaign Year 3132
« on: October 30, 2010, 03:06:46 PM »
15th Eqvos 3132
Romney Meredith walked out of his official residence with a broad grin on his face.  The scheme had just thought up should improve the financial output of Daear by at least 5% and probably closer to 10%.  Nodding to the head of his security detail Romney said ‘I think I’ll take the sky car today, Gareth.’

‘Yes Sir, I’ll call the pilot and instruct her to start it up.’

As the head administrator of the planet Daear, Romney had several perks; the personal sky car was definitely his favourite.

 As the noise of the sky car grew, Romney looked up and saw the dark blue liveried vehicle approach.  The metallic red stylised dragon on the prow glinted in the early morning air.

The sky car came to the hover and started to descend and was about to land 10 metres away when suddenly the engine rose in pitch and the craft slid sideways towards him.  Before he could react the sky car crashed less than 3 metres away from him and the resulting explosion immolated Romney, the security detail and the front third of his official residence.

‘One to Two.  Objective neutralised.’

15th Eqvos 3132 – Administrator Romney Meredith is killed in a freak transport accident.  He is replaced as governor of Deaer by Administrator Dewir Howel, the former governor of Ogma.  Howel in turn was replaced by Dewey ap Rhy.

25th Eqvos 3132 – An espionage team lead by Cyrnol Jestin ap Hullin steals the plans for one of the Ark ship classes.  The Myr class is clearly technically inferior to even unrefitted Celt ships.  Most intriguingly, the Myr class’ primary armament is a battery of 5 Particle Beams.

29th Elembiv 3132 – A new alien race is discovered in the Ross 594 system.  Cruiser Sqn #1 is sent to investigate.

17th Aedrinios 3132 – At 00:12, Cruiser Sqn #1 (OC Deputy Space Marshall Amynedd Grunna aboard the CG [iJames Hook[/i]) detects an alien ship in the Ross 594 that corresponds to the class detected by 4th (Geo) Survey Sqn.  The ship has a thermal signature of 2800.  Grunna decides to close to 10K km in order to get some active scans of the ship.  At 08:12 a second alien ship of the same class is detected.  Grunna decides to stick with the original plan and close with the aliens.  A third ship of the same class is detected at 13:57.

18th Aedrinios 3132 – At 06:42, 30 new ships comprising 5 new classes are detected in orbit of the second planet of the system.  Suspecting that the Celt ships have a speed advantage Grunna elects to continue closing.  At 21:12, the first class encountered is scanned and has an estimated tonnage of 69,300 tonnes indicating it probably a freighter or similar design. Three new classes are detected orbiting the second planet.  The original 5 classes are assessed to be FAC designs (if their thermal signature is similar to Celtic designs) the 3 newly detected classes are assessed as possible fighters.  Grunna turns the fleet to get some scans of the other classes.

19th Aedrinios 3132 – The intelligence estimates are well off, the larger thermal sensor targets are resolved to have a mass of 14000 tonnes, whilst the smaller thermal targets have a mass of 7000 tonnes.  This implies either excellent thermal reduction technology or much lower tech engine.  Grunna continues to close to 10M km of the ships.  At 08:12, two alien sensors are detected, Grunna continues to close.  At 10:31, the aliens leave orbit and head towards Cruiser Sqn #1 at 5714Km/s.  This is what Grunna has been waiting for and she orders her ships to turn away and head back to the JP at 6000 km/s initially.  At 13:30, it appears that Cruiser Sqn #1 has already moved outside of active sensor coverage of the aliens.  Cruiser Sqn #1 head back to the JP at full speed.  Deputy Space Marshal Grunna’s actions, and the intelligence gained as a result, lead to her receiving a DSC. 

21st Aedrinios 3132 – Once well clear of the alien sensors, Cruiser Sqn #1 changes course and heads for one of the other JPs in the system. Grunna has decided to check them all out to see if they can work out where the alien home world is.  They start with the Gliese 211 JP as a ship was seen heading on a bearing that seemed to emanate from that JP.  At 12:57, an alien freighter is detected near the JP.  Grunna assembles her staff to decide whether to transit the JP or not.
23rd Aedrinios 3132 – After transiting the JP, Grunna decides on a more intelligent course of action and decides to enter the 2 nearby systems with habitable planets.  The closest of these is the Capella system.  Gliese 229 discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 3 terraforming targets including one with a HI of 0.61.

25th Aedrinios 3132 – Cruiser Sqn #1 enters the Capella system and it appears as though they may have hit the jackpot.  Clustered around the JP are 33 ships including 2 classes that have not been encountered before.  Cruiser Sqn #1 shapes a course for the 2 possibly habitable planets orbiting the system primary.  At 19:12 a massive EM and Thermal signature is detected eminating from the habitable planet orbiting the secondary star in the system.  Cruise Sqn#1 changes course towards it.

29th Aedrinios 3132 – Donner 91 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

30th Aedrinios 3132 – The High King and his council of advisors meet and decide that if the new aliens are not proven to be friendly by Dec 3134 then combat operations against them would be considered.

3rd Cantlos 3132 – Gliese 205 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.

20th Cantlos 3132 -  HR4523 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

23rd Cantlos 3132 – Gliese 257 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains 4 terraforming targets.

27th Cantlos 3132 – Cruiser Sqn #1 arrives back at its picket station with an enormous amount of int that had been gathered.  All of the skippers of Cruiser Sqn #1 receive the General Service Star.

22nd Samonios 3132 – The aliens in the Capella system identifies themselves as the Union of Bhuj.

23rd Samonios 3132 – Palomar 914-54 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

23rd Samonios 3132 – HO Librae system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contained one possible terraforming target.

29th Samonios 3132 – 41 Arae system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains the first perfectly habitable planet outside of the Daear system.

2nd Dvmannios 3132 – Gliese 204 system discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one possible colony site on a planet with only a trace atmosphere.

25th Dvmannios 3132 – Gliese 707 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

7th Rivros 3132 –The embassy on ArkCon that the aliens that the ArkCons have been at war with may just have sent a ship into the ArkCon home system.  Unfortunately, there are no fleet units nearby that could attempt to make contact.

9th Rivros 3132 – Luyten 205-128 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains one terraforming target.

20th Rivros 3132 – Teegardens Star discovered by 1st (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system has one terraforminng target.

5th Ogronnos 3132 – Luyten 768-119 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.

6th Ogronnos 3132 – GJ1207 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.  The system contains an almost ideal world (ColCost 0.02).

7th Ogronnos 3132 – Ruins are discovered on 41 Arae-III.  A xenology team is sent to investigate.

24th Ogronnos 3132 – Wolf 629 system discovered by 3rd (Grav) Survey Sqn.