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Campaign Year 3118
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Chronometer Error! Bulk Hub Satellite Facility
Mabon Peters helped heave the body onto the slab in the medical bay.  His team leader turned to the only medic present and said ‘Here you go doc, this is the body of the sniper we recovered.  Be careful, we have checked the body for booby traps, but we haven’t removed the helmet or opened any of his armour.  Also, there could easily be a booby trap inside the body.’

With a wry smile on his face, the medic replied, ‘Thanks for those comforting words.  Now get out of here, only I need to be at risk, you can watch the procedure via visipresence from the control room next door.’

The three operations team members left the medbay and headed into the control room.  Nodding to the medical technician who was running the remote equipment, the team members gathered around the holographic visipresence display.  The doctor started to speak.

‘Post-mortem report on unknown humanoid killed by Operations Team 3 on Sirius B-III, temporal date 16th August 3122, Reality Designator Gamma 31.  The humanoid is wearing a single piece jumpsuit of indeterminate colour, it appears to be reacting to the surroundings and changing colour to blend in.  The humanoid is wearing a helmet of streamlined profile that is exhibiting the same properties as the clothing.  Humanoid is 1.85 metres tall and has a clothed weight of 103 kgs.  The humanoid is in proportion to a human of equivalent height.  I am moving towards what appears to be a head and will attempt to remove the helmet.  There appear to be 2 clasps that hold the helmet on to a neck joint.  I am attempting to undo the clasps now.  The clasps have detached.  There was a rush of gas as the helmet unsealed.  Scanners show no hazard from the gas down to the nanoscale level.  Gas has been identified as a human ideal mix of nitrogen, oxygen and trace gasses.  I am removing the helmet.’

As the team watched the doc remove the helmet they all unconsciously leaned towards the holographic display slightly.  As the helmet cleared the head, Mabon Peters broke the silence.

‘That looks human.’

The doctors voice cut in.  ‘Subject appears human, I will take a tissue sample from inside the cheek and run it through the DNA analyser.’

The team looked on as the doctor prised open the apparent human’s mouth and took a scraping from the cheek.  The sample was taken to the analyser attached to the wall and there was an agonising 3 minute wait as a quick analysis was conducted.  The doctor looked at the readout and spoke out loud.  ‘Analysis complete, sample is human with a 99.9% confidence.’

10 minutes later, Mabon was heading for one of the small briefing rooms.  As he walked down the corridor, he was mulling over what had just happened.  As soon as the result was announced, the team leader’s private channel had crackled into life and after a brief conversation he had disappeared off leaving instructions for Mabon and the other team member to meet him in Briefing Room 5.  Was there another human faction with the same ability to flit realities as them?  If so why were they apparently trying to help wipe out the Human Race?  He didn’t think he would be getting any answers soon.

As he entered the Briefing Room, he saw that, in addition to his team, Andy had joined them.  As he took his seat, Andy stood up and turned to face them all.

‘You’ve done some damned good work bring that body back.  We have no idea what the implications of it being human are, but you can be certain that they can’t be good.  We’ll have to wait for some more analysis to be conducted; however, in the meantime, I have another mission for you.  We need a Precursor ship to replace the one that nearly killed us.  You are going to the QY Aurigae system in the year 3113.  We think that we have a way to overcome the virus in the Precursor AI core and we really need one of these ships intact.’

At that point the team leader stepped forward, ‘take a full rest period then report back here, we’ll plan the op in conjunction with the crew of the Liberator.’

As Mabon left he thought to himself, ‘I’ll drop in on Amynedd, I wonder if she can make any sense of why the body was human and why Andy wants an intact Precursor warship.’

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Re: Campaign Year 3118
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<<View Galactic Map>>

29th January 3118 – Survey Sqn #3 is formed under the command of Space Marshal Treman Walliter and is sent to expand the boundaries of the Celtic Empire. 

5th February 3118

Drwysone Hoskins walked out of the research facility and headed for the ground car parking area.  This visit seemed to be pretty successful.  This had been the weakest performing of the research facilities involved in his armour research programme.  He had made the facility director totally aware of how precarious her position was.  Any further failures in the testing of the new design of smelting furnace shielding would be result in her being lucky to find work as the designer of home cookers.  He smiled to himself as he recalled how shocked she had looked when he had delivered his assessment of both her and the facilities performance. The fact she was his ex-wife made things all the sweeter.  As he reached his ground car, the access door swung open smoothly and he climbed into the warm environs of his personal transport.  Ogma had been terraformed years ago; however, he was always disappointed in how cold the surface temperature was.  Turning the car on, he selected his destination and allowed the autodrive to engage.  Settling back in his seat, he lifted the latest research reports form his case and started to read.

Fifteen minutes later, a very confused police trooper was inspecting the mangled remains of a ground car and its occupant.  It appeared to have completely missed a corner and driven straight into the side of a cliff at over 100 miles per hour.  According to his PDA the vehicle was registered to D Hoskins, a research scientist for the government.  This appeared to be a very rare case of autodrive failure.  It was unfortunate but not unknown for autodrive systems to go haywire; this Hoskins fellow was doubly unlucky as the failure had occurred at a point that was guaranteed to kill him.  Totally engrossed in the scene of destruction in front of him, the trooper failed to notice the ground car that passed behind him.  Even if he had, there was no reason to suspect the occupant had been involved in a very sophisticated reprogramming of the autodrive system.

As the second ground car drove away, its occupant open a communications channel and spoke, ‘One to Two, target eliminated.’

5th February 3118 – Scientist Drwysone Hoskins (lead researcher for an armour improvement project) is killed on Ogma in an accident.  The project is taken over by Arwel Benjamin. 

16th May 3118 – As the size of the Celtic Fleet increases, it is decided to create a 2nd Battle Fleet consisting of BB Div #2, Carrier Group #2, Cruiser Sqns #3 and #4.  2nd Fleet is commanded by the newly promoted Chief Space Marshal Gwilenhin Bebb. The first Battle Fleet will be renamed as Home Fleet.

22nd May 3118  - As a result of the re-organisation, the CinC of Fleet Command Gryphon Isaac, is promoted to the newly created rank of Space Lord.

14th June 3118 – At 0908, a JP is discovered in the Tau Ceti system by Survey Sqn #3 (Space Marshal Margred Wynn). 

17th June 3118 – At 0247, a flash of neutrinos heralds the arrival of a Stable Wormhole in the Procyon system.  As soon as word of the appearance arrives on Daear, 2nd Fleet is sent to reinforce the defences of the Newydd Cymru colony in the system.

<<View Image 1>>

18th June 3118 – At 0808, Waunoer 005 (Space Commander Cadell Lloyd) probes the unexplored JP in the Tau Ceti system and discovers the YZ Ceti system.

Code: [Select]
YZ Ceti-A  M6-V  Diameter: 417k  Mass: 0.16  Luminosity: 0.005
Jump Points
 1) Tau Ceti:    Distance: 13.5   Bearing: 17

22nd July 3118 – Collier Sqn #1 (Space Commander Lacheu Vallant) empty their magazines to create a stockpile of missiles on Newydd Cymru.

27th July 3118 – High King Llewylln resurrects an old tradition when he grants the First Space Lord Gryphon Isaac the title of ‘Defender of Daear’.

11th August 3118 – 1st Assault inf Div (Major General Kendrick Watkiss) is landed on one of the Precursor listening posts in the Sirius system.  No robotic defenders are encountered and the base falls in short order.

14th August 3118 – 1st Assault Inf Div (less 4th Assault Inf Bde) is landed on the remaining listening post in the Sirius system and begins an assault on the Precursor facility.

18th August 3118 – The remaining facility is overrun without encountering any resistance.  The decision is made to move all of the listening posts to a single site on B-III.