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Posted by: Person012345
« on: August 22, 2012, 04:54:50 AM »

mmmm, I had one where I had about 9 different factions spread over 3 different systems. It's quite difficult to keep track of, but fun if you like micromanagement (which I do :D ).
Posted by: TheDOC
« on: August 21, 2012, 07:53:26 PM »

Thanks waresky and person! Handling 10 different factions is difficult, but manageable with some event panel using.

Next part coming asap.
Posted by: Person012345
« on: August 21, 2012, 09:47:25 AM »

I'll keep reading this one. Looks interesting.
Posted by: waresky
« on: August 21, 2012, 09:38:05 AM »

Bravo DOC!!! gran lavoro!!!!!!
Posted by: TheDOC
« on: August 21, 2012, 05:21:08 AM »

Chapter I

Part 1: The dawn of space age.

20th January 2030

The powers begin their work on Trans-Newtonian tech.

Notably, the biggest Construction/Production expert is from the AU, namely Mariette Neethling, along with Fujimaki Yukihide, Japanese.

USA manpower shortages are evident. Installations run at 81%.
Japan too has problems, but these are mainly an annoyance, as industries are 99% efficient.

Industries begin producing maintenance facilities for the ships of the future.

25th January 2030

A conference between Oceania, Japanese Federation, China and India is set for the 4th of June.
This conference will decide about Indochina's future, so the leaders of Vietnam and Thailandia are present.

24th February 2030

Treaty of Rio: All the superpowers will forbid any nuclear bombardment on ground forces or defence bases. If a nation breaks the treaty
the other nations will consider the attacker as hostile and consider themselves at war if capable.

3rd April 2030

Japanese federation announces the world of a breaktrough into Trans-Newtonian Technology. Many nations are surprised of such a good
research team. Japanese scientists begin working on improvements on ground forces, since w/o nuclear weapon ground forces are the
only instrument for defense/attack.

10th April 2030

EU joins Japanese federation with TN tech. This led many nations to revise plans based on the fact that they were among the
fastest nations to achieve TN tech. Neutronium shortages are heavy since accessibility is very low.
EU cancels a programmed MF to begin works on converting industries ASAP. EU research efforts begin in the Propulsion, trying to design
reactors and engines based on TN tech.

15th April 2030

Japanese scientist point out how having a very skilled man commanding TN working is very useful in increasing various production areas.
Soon, other nations appoint a Governor.

25th April 2030

EU begins work for converting industries.

25th May 2030

USA are the 3rd Superpower that joins TN club, 1 month and a half after JF and EU. USA cancel a maintenance facility too speeding up
the industry conversion that is gonna begin soon. USA scientists begin researching Pressurised Reactors.

5th June 2030

The Indochinan conference takes place in Sorebaya, Java. The only important outcome is data from Vietnamese population, that would
prefer joining Japanese Federation, and in second place Oceania. A further conference is planned for the 16th of August, with the
Myanmar head of state participating.

10th June 2030

Japanese industries begin conversion into TN.

15th June 2030

Same fate for USA industries.

5th July 2030

SAAS joins trans-newtonian club. Research efforts are directed for Active sensors, as the best expert in the world, Emìlia Caldeira,
is part of SAAS research staff.

10th July 2030

China is now a Trans-Newtonian power. As the Neutronium crysis had a heavy toll on the number of MF (most nations canceled one),
chinese scientists are researching a way to increase mineral output.

15th July 2030

SAAS begins industrial conversion.

10th August 2030

China join the conversion party.

20th August 2030

European Union completes researchs on a Power Plant based on TN Technology. The next goal is to integrate this power plant into an
engine, using Thermo-Nuclear energy. The predicted power output is 25x a Conventional Engine.

The 2nd Indochinan conference opens with a Vietnamese declaration of a referendum planned for 1st January 2031. The voters will decide
between Joining Japan, Oceania or stay independent. A large "electoral" campaign is ongoing from the state to avoid people choosing
independence, as well aware that China's attack at that point is unavoidable. Thailandia is beginning to considerate the Oceanian
option, with their open markets and a land road for Singapore, the major commercial port in the Indochinan zone.

25th August 2030

CSCA is a TN power. Works begin for the Pressurised reactor.

20th September 2030

USA develop a Pressurised Reactor similar of the one EU developed.

30th September 2030

SAAS develop Active Sensor technology. SAAS scientists believe that a further sensor used for TN minerals detection could be possible,
and begin work for a Geosurvey Sensor.

5th October 2030

Oceania announces the world that TN tech arrived in Indonesia. Indonesian scientist try to replicate SAAS's success on an Active sensor.

5th November 2030

Japanese complete research on the first TN ground unit. The Mobile Infantry is designed with power suits, capable of surving in any
condition on a solid body, as a defending unit. Japanese expert Hakateyama Mito believes that an energy weapon CAN actually pass
through a thick atmosphere, being based on Mesons. Japanese Federation gives funding for a Meson Focuser.

15th November 2030

Indian Federation is TN. Scientists work on an Armor based on Duranium, capable of taking much more hits.

25th December 2030

SAAS announces that a new sensor can survey other system bodies and get a good idea of the TN minerals in the core.
Now, SAAS researchers begin to work on a ship capable of doing a survey of Solar System. First step is the nuclear reactor.


20th January 2031

Japanese scientist team led by Hakateyama Mito achieves a breakthrough on a meson focuser. Now, connecting the focuser with a Focal
opening a meson cannon could be produced. Work begins on a 10cm Focal diameter ray.

25th January 2031

After multiple checkings, the Vietnamese referendum gave the following result: 43% Join JF. 39% Join Oceania. 18% Independent Vietnam.
Voters % 98,7.
Since no 50%+1 has been achieved, another voting is set for 1st July, w/o the independence option. Ministers point out in talk-shows
how much Vietnam is vulnerable as independent.
CSCA Industry conversion begins.

15th February 2031

Indian scientists deploy a Duranium Armor. This armor is much more resistent than any Newtonian-Based Armor. Research
begins for a particle shield capable of blocking energy rays and missiles. Though many scientists believe it's actually possible,
many nations laugh at indian efforts.

19th February 2031

In the 3rd Conference intense diplomatic tensions occur. Everything begins when China asks why in first place they weren't included in
the referendum options. Vietnam's head of state points out that being not democratic, hardly people could choose joining China.
Arguing explodes and insults are thrown at each other, Japanese Federation joining the discussion and supporting Vietnam. Oceania
representants quietly chatting with Thailandese HoS about a possible joining into Oceania. Myanmar regime supporting China's position
led Indian people thinking that action could be pursued about military occupation and installation of a regular democracy within Indian
Relations between China and JF are now degraded by most diplomatics to "Poor", the usual Ante Bellum grade. Messages come from EU, USA
and SAAS for keeping peace, because industrial damages would be heavy in case of war, even w/o Nuclear weapons.
Many governments, which pointed as useless the armour researchs of IF, are buying consistent amounts of those new Armors for their
ships, and duranium quotations on Stock Exchange in NY are rising to new heights.

15th March 2031

African Scientists completed researchs on TN tech. Only Sunni Alliance is left w/o TN tech. AU begins working on
propulsion tech.

25th March 2031

Many shocking achievments in this week.
Both EU and USA announce that they achieved tech used for spacecraft engines based on Nuclear Thermal Power.
USA's disadvantage of more than a month in TN and manpower shortages were covered by much better experts in Power and Propulsion.
Both nations design an engine and begin projects for prototypes.
Japan research projects were unknown to other nations. Shockingly, an athmosphere-crossing energy weapon can now be designed by JF.
More details are unknown, and other nations don't know that mesons can trespass armours as well.
Miho projects a cannon and research begins for a prototype.
Oceania's Industrial conversion begins.

30th March 2031

More achievements in scientific field.
CSCA lags behind, but scientists now figured out how to build a Pressurised reactor. Works immediatly begin on engine tech.
Oceania announces the deployment of Active Sensor tech, similar to SAAS'. They also try to make a Geological survey sensor.

3rd April 2031

USA announces that the 1st TN Nuclear engine of history, the HP N2O "McNamee" Engine, is available for production. Its first vessel
will be a Geosurvey vessel, so work begins for a Geosurvey sensor.

6th April 2031

3 days later, EU releases the V1 E-TN "Porter", much similar to USA's McNamee Engine. EU begins work on Geo Sensors.

10th April 2031

EU's Industries finish converting the first 100 CI to construction factories.

15th April 2031

Japanese Energy Weapon Team releases the MD F1C1 "Miho" 10cm Cannon. Japanese scientists begin researchs on Active Sensors.

1st May 2031

Occupation Forces in Russia are retired by JF and EU. Relations are pretty sour, but improving.

20th June 2031

SAAS scientists complete researchs on Pressurised Reactor. Work begins for Engine tech.

25th June 2031

Vietnam referendum results: JF 59%, Oceania 41%. Voters %: 92,4.
Some 7% of the non voters are independentists. Vietnam will join JF on 1st January 2032, after the 4th conference, planned for the
17th December.

25th July 2031

EU wins the tech race against USA. Geosurvey sensor are available for production, a ship design is available to employ these sensors.
The Mountain Peace class Geosurvey Ship is a small Geosurvey ship designed to be producted in series.

Code: [Select]
Mountain Peace class Geosurvey Ship    1,500 tons     123 Crew     280.6 BP      TCS 30  TH 50  EM 0
1666 km/s     Armour 1-11     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/2     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
Maint Life 4.79 Years     MSP 117    AFR 18%    IFR 0.2%    1YR 8    5YR 126    Max Repair 100 MSP

V1 E-TN "Porter"  (2)    Power 25    Fuel Use 100%    Signature 25    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 60.0 billion km   (416 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

EU immediately puts one in production at Nieuhis Van Den Berg Shipyard. The ship is due to launch on 19th June 2032.
EU is studying a very small engine to be used for missiles.

30th July 2031

Sunni alliance is the last superpower to achieve TN tech. Funding goes to Pressurised Water Reactor.

5th August 2031

USA now is capable of producing Geo Sensors. As the EU, a ship design is quickly arranged.
The design is almost identical to the European model.

Code: [Select]
Rose class Geosurvey Ship    1,500 tons     123 Crew     280.6 BP      TCS 30  TH 50  EM 0
1666 km/s     Armour 1-11     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/2     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
Maint Life 4.79 Years     MSP 117    AFR 18%    IFR 0.2%    1YR 8    5YR 126    Max Repair 100 MSP

HP H2O "Mcnamee" Engine (2)    Power 25    Fuel Use 100%    Signature 25    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 60.0 billion km   (416 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

USA will have to wait 5 days as the slipway expansion finishes, than one of the Roses could be built at BCSE Dockyard.

10th August 2031

USA puts the Rose GE into production.
Japan Federation gets Active Sensor Technology. A small little-ranged sensor, but with very high resolution, is designed for
Earth-Earth or Earth-Low orbit Fights. Along with this projects, Japanese research team is designing a Beam Fire Control for the
Meson Cannon.

15th August 2031

Japanese scientists lay down the E-E Active Sensor 0.1
Indian scientists figure out how to build particle shields. Every government was informed when the EM signature of a shield
suddenly appeared on sensors. A particle shield was covering a Research Lab. Indian scientists now are working on a system
used for shield recharging.

20th August 2031

Corundium shortages for EU. This is the 1st case of Corundium shortage.
A geology team is created by EU to search for more consistent deposits.

20th September 2031

Oceania is capable of building a Geosurvey sensor. Work begins on the Pressurised Reactor.

5th October 2031

USA can now build a Duranium Armor. McNamee's team now is researching a Missile Drive.

25th October 2031

EU successfully deployed a missile drive. The S4 Stardust V1 is designed and researched now in labs.

5th November 2031

Chinese scientists' response to Neutronium and Corundium shortages is a new mining system that increased output by 20%, 2 more tons
per year at full accessibility. Chinese funding is now into geo sensors.

15th November 2031

World's 1st TN missile is the S4 Stardust, an Anti-Ship missile. No other superpower has knowledge about the missile.

Code: [Select]
Stardust S4 Data:

Size: 4
Warhead Strenght: 4
Speed: 10000 Km/s
Man Rating: 10
Range: 18mKm
Endurance: 30 mins
To Hit chances: 100/30/20/10 (vs 1km/s, 3km/s, 5km/s and 10km/s targets)

EU researchers now focus on Active sensors.

30th November 2031

Japanese scientist achieve a Beam fire control that can range 10000 Km in a Housing space, tracking at 1250Km/s. By enlarging the space,
higher tracking speeds and ranges can be achieved to a maximum of 40000 Km and 5000Km/s. The project is laid down and being researched.

15th December 2031

A missile drive is ready for USA. The project for an AMM is laid down by a small group of researchers. The majority of scientists now
is focused on researching Active sensor tech.

20th December 2031

Both the Beam Fire Control (JF) and the AMM (USA) are released.

Code: [Select]
MB Fire Control "Kazuki" 20K data:

Size: 8
50% Accuracy: 20000 Km
Tracking speed: 5000 Km/s

Code: [Select]
B-Duster S1-A data:

Size: 1
Warhead Strenght: 1
Speed: 10200 Km/s
Man Rating: 12
Range: 1.8 mKm
Endurance: 3 mins
To Hit Chances: 120/36/24.5/13.1 (vs 1km/s, 3km/s, 5km/s and 10km/s targets)

USA scientist prevision of the speed on an anti ship missile is 5000 Km/s, but a better THC couln't be achieved at current tech.
What US don't know is the speed of the S4 Stardust: 10000 Km/s. Against an european missile, only 1/8 of B-Duster will kill
the target.
The JF areonautics is questioning why with a cannon that can track 1250 Km/s the FC can track 5000 Km/s. The answer is that
a turret has been designed and is under development.
US efforts focus totally on active sensors.

30th December 2031

The Twin Turret for the Kazuki fire control is ready. Now scientists work on the water reactor, used to give power to the turret.