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WWIII Reborn: Chapter I - Part 2
« on: August 23, 2012, 08:05:55 AM »
Chapter I

Part 2: First step into space

1st January 2032

Vietnam officially joins Japanese federation. Its 85 Million people bring the Federation over the 400 Million citizens mark.
The 60 CI bring the number of production installations into JF to 1060.
The conference, had been posticipated to see how government and bureucracy will be handled, will take place on 29th January.

15th January 2032

-Data log 249, from Ellen Atkins-

-Security level: C -

-Reading...loading complete-

-My team finished the probing, covering 99,7% of the surface. Only notable finding: 200Kt of Duranium. Locations are shown below.

Data already known by the other superpowers, as per your instructions. A bitmap with the location has been sent to every govt.

Sorry we couldn't find any other deposits. I guess the space is the answer to these shortages.

I am looking forward for the GSV due to launch as a very important milestone.

Best hopes for your health, Ellen Atkins.-

-Bitmap downloading...

30th January 2032

The 4th conference takes place in a heavy climate, datas from population of Vietnam are released.

Happiness questioning:

72%: I am happy of this choice.
22%: I preferred another option, but i am happy however.
6%: I am not happy.

Reasonably, at least 90% of the population is at least OK with the choice made.

Next news: Thailandia, after consultations between top industries presidents, politics and population representants, decisions are
taken. Thailandia will join Oceania. Date is still to be decided, but industrials say that every minute wasted can slow economy.
Arrangements are made for the fastest and smoothest possible joining.

"Marginal" note. EU Begins S4 Stardust production. 50 are commissioned as the 1st stock.
When the other states question EU, China pretending "the treaty of Rio must be respected", EU points out that this missile isn't an
ICBM in 1st place, being designed for space use. Benny Sanders, one of the most skilled politicians in the world (the best, if it
wasn't for his tendence to do THIS) points out that the treaty forbids bombings, not production, and that Chinese better shut the
frakk up as they were the most Armed nation before 3rd WW, so he doesn't want to hear anymore of this smeg. And did it in front of
Chinese ambassador. Japanese ambassador, being known for his self-control, starts laughing loudly, as hardly such a scene happens
in diplomacy.
Other nations are stunned for such a long term project after only 2 years of TN tech. USA isn't. USA officially gives the news of
the B-Duster, an AMM. Despite its limited effectiveness, the HoS chosen the best moment to give the info, as the other nations should
be aware that a MIGHTY anti missile ready to destroy any missile launched at USA is ready.

5th February 2032

Corundium shortages reach SAAS.

10th February 2032

CSCA is the 3rd Superpower able to design Engines based on TN tech. Based on the fact that 2 nations already have missiles, research
begins for the thermal drive.

15th February 2032

India is now capable of building shields. Work begins on meson cannons.

30th February 2032 (LOL?)

EU has achieved Active Sensor tech. The stardust S4 Launcher is being tested.

20th March 2032

EU releases the S4 Stardust Launcher. Indian Federation begins TN conversion. EU researchs an active sensor prototype.

30th March 2032

SAAS is capable of Nuclear thermal Engine Designing. A similar design to those of EU and USA is appointed.

15th April 2032

USA lags behind 1 and 1/2 month EU, having achieved now active sensor tech. SAAS releases the Th-E Fusion "Veiga" x1, similar to
EU and USA engines. USA Researchs the B-Duster launcher prototype, along with the Missile Fire control.
The SAAS lay down the project for the Paratì GSV. This is bigger than USA and EU GSV, and is faster, more enduring, and better resistent
to failures.

Code: [Select]
Paratí class Geological Survey Vessel    1,900 tons     161 Crew     314.6 BP      TCS 38  TH 75  EM 0
1973 km/s     Armour 1-13     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/2     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 0
Maint Life 8.18 Years     MSP 207    AFR 14%    IFR 0.2%    1YR 5    5YR 82    Max Repair 100 MSP

Th-E Fusion "Veiga" x1 (3)    Power 25    Fuel Use 100%    Signature 25    Armour 0    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 94.7 billion km   (555 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

Buenos Aires Shipbuilding corp. Begins the building of the first of two scheduled Paratì.

Work begins for a Gauss Cannon. This is the first attempt of a large gauss cannon.

20th April 2032

USA releases the B-Series launcher.

30th April 2032

Corundium shortages are heavy.

10th May 2032

Sunni Alliance begins conversion.

15th May 2032

USA researchers release the MFC AMM Duster "Prudom" S2. Work begins on a Missile detecting active sensor.
China announces that is capable of Geosurvey sensor building. Pressurised water reactor is being researched.

20th May 2032

The active sensor "Hurst" is released by EU. This impressive sensor is capable of detecting a 3000 ton ship at little less than
20mKm. Data is obviously unknown to other powers, as is the USA "Prudom" sensor data. Work begins on the MFC.

10th June 2032

CSCA deploys a Missile Drive. This means CSCA can build TN missiles. Immediately the S5 Curaçao A is designed and put under testing.
EU deploys the "Pickering" MFC, with similar capacities of those of the hurst sensor. Basically, EU can now build an effective missile
warship, altough w/o passive sensors. Work begins on thermal sensors, and later will on an ordnance magazine.

15th June 2032

Japanese research Water reactors. A ship based version is currently under testing.

20th June 2032

The 1st TN based spacecraft is launched! EU Launches the GE Mountain Peace. Its 1st task will be the survey of our companion, the moon.

24th June 2032

Moon survey completed: No TN minerals found.

25th June 2032

Japanese scientists complete the Fusion PP2 S1 reactor. A PDC is designed.

The Kirishima Class PDC is shown below.

Code: [Select]
Kirishima class Missile Defence Base    10,000 tons     472 Crew     463 BP      TCS 200  TH 0  EM 0
Armour 10-41     Sensors 1/1     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 49.68

Twin MD F1C1 "Miho" 10cm Cannon Turret (6x2)    Range 15,000km     TS: 5000 km/s     Power 6-2     RM 1.5    ROF 15        1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
MB Fire Control "Kazuki" 20K (2)    Max Range: 40,000 km   TS: 5000 km/s     75 50 25 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Fusion PP2 S1 (7)     Total Power Output 14    Armour 0    Exp 5%

E-E Active Sensor 0.1 (1)     GPS 1     Range 50k km    Resolution 1

This design is classed as a Planetary Defence Centre and can be pre-fabricated in 4 sections

Japanese scientists decide to research an engine, to be capable of building a beam armed warship.

30th June 2032

EU releases a small Th sensor, and begins working on systems for ordnance storing.

7th July 2032

-Data log 327, Commodore Ben Hill-

-Security level: A -

-Reading...loading complete-

-GE Mountain Peace completed survey of Venus. Substantial quantities of Duranium, Neutronium and Corundium found.

These are the first extraterrestrial TN deposits found. This means other minerals could be found in Sol System.

In fact, saying "substantial" quantities  is reductive. Based on our sensors data there are 2289Kt of Neutronium, 8794Kt of Corundium

and 60Mt of Duranium. Accessibility data is discouraging, being 0.1 for both Neutronium and Duranium.

0.7 is the Corundium accessibility.

Personal note: Send a geosurvey team on Venus. Hopefully a team could improve accessibility.

Following is the survey data and map.-

Venus Survey Report:

Duranium: 60.661.150 tons (0.1)
Neutronium: 2.289.169 tons (0.1)
Corundium: 8.794.072 tons (0.7)

-End of transmission-

8th July 2032

Press reports: TN Minerals found on Venus!
Piazza Affari Stock index: +12.89 (Closed early due to overgrowth)
Wall Street Stock Exchange index: +5.23

15th July 2032, 2:00 am

"Transmission incoming from GE mountain peace, governor."

"Why you woke me up in the night for this stuff, i can read reports this morning!"

"Mr. Browne, Commodore Hill said it's important. Is a S++ Level."

"WHAT? We never had an S++ level before. What is happening on that damned red planet?"

*Walking inside the radio room*

"Commodore Hill, i hope you have a good motivation for..."

Morgan Browne's voice suddenly halted at the sight of the Survey Report.


"Mr. Browne, take a good look here"

"HOLY...Charles, epsilon protocol, i want the heads of Military and Civilian Administrator in the Hall in an hour. Go!"

A little green led was pinging on the survey screen. The ping of a ruined Colony.

3:15 am

"People, you know me. If i can take something slowly, i do it slowly. But this isn't the case. Let's cut the crap now.
GE Mountain Peace has found a Ruined Colony on Mars. No, i'm not kidding you. I saw that ping on the sensor by myself.
Now ideas! What the heck we should do? If we inform the world, we'll have 9 other superpowers on our tail. If we don't, and
someone else discovers that colony, and this is going to happen, we'll have to answer about this in front of the world."

"Mr. Browne, i have an idea."


"If we find a compromise? We know that works for the GE vessel of USA and SAAS are undergoing. Why don't share the knowledge with them,
and exclude the others? By the time the other powers begin working on the GE, we'll already have military ships, as the first Victory
is going to get ready in two years."

"This doesn't sound like a bad idea. For the moment, let's wait."

"Shall we send a Xeno team?"

"Yes, but we need an excuse! I mean, a ship can't get back on earth and return on space unnoticed, simply because it's the only ship
built on this planet."

"How 'bout an injury? This kind of stuff happens."

"Well, we'll decide later. Inform Commander Hill, get back on earth, and load the Xeno team we will appoint. Oh, i forgot. This is the
survey report."

Mars Survey Report:

Duranium: 924.800 (0.3)
Corbomite: 2.340.900 (0.3)

Partially Intact Colony found!

16th July 2012

GE mountain peace is back on earth. Official reports say: Injuried member substitution. The Xeno Team was loaded and dropped on mars.

20th July 2012

CSCA ends testing for the S5 Curacao A. Below is the data.

S5 Curacao A

Size: 5
Warhead Strenght: 4
Speed: 11500 Km/s
Man Rating: 12
Range: 10.8 mKm
Endurance: 16 mins
To Hit Chances: 134.3/36/25.7/14.2 (vs 1km/s, 3km/s, 5km/s and 10km/s targets)

The S5 Curacao A is slightly bigger than the S4 Stardust, and has 6/10 of the range. Warhead is the same, but the rest outclasses the
EU missile. 1500Km/s faster, more maneuver, takes less to reach the target.

All of CSCA funding goes to Geosurvey now.

25th July 2032

USA announces the deployment of the G-Sensor S6 3M. Work begins on a magazine like for EU. But now research for EU is a bit unrelevant.
EU laugh at what the USA call "An important milestone in Missile Detection". They know that Mars Colony discovery dwarfs any achievement.
The Elise Webster Team sends back report.

-Data log 376, Xenologist Elise Webster-

-Security level: S++ -

-Reading...loading complete-

-My team completed the survey of the ruins. The alien language was simple to decipher. In fact, it looks much similar to our

alphabetical system. I am not excluding that once Mars was a world much like earth, and these are our long time ancestors.

The old empire was the Balasco Enclave. Its tech level was pretty much like our. 295 installation identified and selected as probably


We recommend that the design for a troop transport and an Engineer Brigade is laid down to recover these installations.-

-End of transmission-

2nd August 2032

GE Mountain Peace locates 800 Ton of acc 1 Duranium on Ananke, a small moon of Jupiter.

7th August 2032, 05:00 am

"Transmission incoming from GE Mountain Peace, Mr. Browne."

"Uhm...code S++?"


"Deja-Vu...lets get up."

"Mr. Browne, the survey reports a Ruined Settlement on Callisto."

"Same procedure, Epsilon Protocol, head of state meeting at 8:00 am. Drop the Xeno Team on Callisto and continue your duty."

08:00 am

"People, you know what means this meeting?"

"What Sys body was under geosurvey?"


"Colony there?"

"The sensor reports "Ruined Settlement" but yes, you kicked the bucket."

"Same procedure?"

"Yes, we will wait. But this means we'll need 2 warships at least. What we gonna do?"

"We need to know the entity of the settlement. Consider that we could colonize Mars, but Callisto's gravity is too low, even theorizing
a breathable athmosphere and a suitable temperature."

"Another meeting programmed. The day you'll receive a report of the Xeno Team you'll know i want you in this room."

15th August 2032

Oceania scientists can produce Water Reactors. Work begins on an engine.

25th August 2032

European scientists Elaborate an ejection system. This system has a 30% failure chance, which means a catastrophic ordnance explosion,
not to mention if the explosion gets an engine or another magazine.
Scientists begin the work on a feed system for the launchers.

3rd September 2032

Minerals discovered on Europa.

1414Kt Sorium (0.3)
714Kt Corundium (0.2)

15th September 2032

USA scientists develop the ejection system.
SAAS Managed to launch a projectile with a Gauss Cannon. Work begins on improving the RoF.

28th October 2032, 4:30 pm

"Transmission incoming from GE Mountain Peace."

"It's beginning to become boring. At least this time wasn't by night."

"Mr. Browne, we found what we believe important stuff."

"So, what about?"

"We found a ruined settlement, and deposits of ALL the minerals on Titan. This makes Titan an important Xenology site, a great mining
site and a potential fleet base. Here is the survey report."

Titan Geosurvey Report:

Duranium: 400Kt (1)
Neutronium: 80Kt (0.2)
Corbomite: 88Kt (0.2)
Tritanium: 80Kt (0.9)
Boronide: 103Kt (0.2)
Mercassium: 99Kt (0.2)
Vendarite: 320Kt (0.2)
Sorium: 200Kt (0.8)
Uridium: 247Kt (0.2)
Corundium: 137Kt (0.9)
Gallicite: 443Kt (1)

Ruined Settlement Found on Surface!

"Here is a list of the factors that could influence a colonization of Titan."

Gravity acceptable: Yes (0.51 earth)
Water Available: No
Athmosphere status: Not breathable
Surface temp: -178 °C (95 K)
Atmos pressure: 1.6 atm
Atmos Composition: 95% Nitrogen, 5% methane.

DANGER! Poisonous gas in athmosphere: Methane, 0.08 atm.

Infrastructure required for 1M population: 809

This can be easily put down by warming the surface, to a minimum of 200. After that, several factors as Methane, Pressure and so will have to be eliminated.

-End transmission-

9:00 pm

"Why you arranged this meeting? We didn't receive any report."

"That's the point. So?"

"So what?"

(Idiot...)"So we have another piece of sh..eer important stuff to manage. Read this paper."

"Ok, so what?"

"This means that we can't handle the three bodies. We need to make a choice."

"I am oriented for Titan. In second place, Mars."

"Yes, seems the best solution. In this case we need to detach the team from Callisto and get it on Titan, but this would slow
our survey efforts. I believe that leaving the situation as it is is better. We have only one month before USA launches that
spacesh...sorry, spacecraft. DAMN! This is getting very complicated."

"Keep calm. We can do 2 things:

1) Inform USA now and get one of our officers on their vessel. This means we will get trust from USA and their help. Needless to
remind you that CSCA probably has designed an ASM and USA has AMM. Obviously, we have to make an accord. We could offer the exclusive using of Callisto,
keep Titan for us with a ban for any starship to enter the Saturn system and share Mars as neutral zone.


2) Inform USA as they get near Mars. Tell them that one of 3 bodies is ours, tell them that they can choose another an share the 3rd.
Obviously, we'll gain less trust."

"People, you heard this too. I am supporting the 1st option. What about you all?"

29 October 2032

White House, President Tristan Conforti's office.

"So what is the reason of this quick visit? I don't believe you came here to see the gardens."

"That's right. I am here to informing you about the reports of the geosurvey up to date. 3 are the things you need to know.
Everything is on this paper."

"Are you going to tell me how much minerals you found?"

"No, that is, as you probably thought, state secret. This was too, but we need help or, let me talk confidentially, earth
will explode as a giant ball of crap under nuclear fire. And i am serious."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean this. This is a part of the survey report log of Mars."

"Wh..what "Partially intact colony found!" means? Are you kidding me?"

"No. There was an empire on Mars long time ago. And had TN knowledge."

"This is the greatest human finding from...ever!"

"That's right. Do you know what will happen on the papers if this secret leaks?"

"Um, let me see...EU hid the best human discovery ever! Ruins found on Mars!"

"Exactly. And that means war."

"So? This is one thing. The other two?"

"Here. Callisto and Titan survey report."

"Man. Ruined settlements. Holy..."

"Yes, Now, i am here because of two things.
The first, is to see the great white house's gardens!"

" usually you joking me."

"The second is for an international agreement. We'll give your nation exclusive using of Callisto and all its installations, as well
for the Jupiter System, while keeping for us Titan and the whole Saturn system. Mars will be a neutral zone shared by our states."

President Conforti thought a bit. Certainly the Europeans knew the entity of minerals and of settlements, and they kept the best of the
3 bodies, so probably Titan is very mineral rich. But, that said, the Jupiter system mustn't be crap, or they wouldn't have offered
it. And the opportunity to share the installations on Mars and colonize the red planet is very good.

"I'll get a special council here in 2 hours. We'll discuss about it. Thanks for sharing these infos."

"That was nothing. Oh well, what am i saying. Well, let me know. See you again."

Browne knew that Conforti already decided to accept.

30th November 2032

"Holo-conference call incoming."


"Hi, Mr. Browne. We accept the agreement. USA will officially recognize Saturn system as EU colony."

"This is good. When time will come, we'll hope for your support. We'll recognize Jupiter system as USA territory once the declaration
will be made."

"Perfect. Wanted to chat a little bit, but duty calls, and i bet you have much more work than i do with these reports, so greetings,
hope to see you again soon."

5th November 2032

Indian federation builds a Meson Focal size 10cm similar to JF's.

26th November 2032

EU drops the Xeno team on Titan. GE mountain peace heads for Uranus system.

5th December 2032

GE Rose is launched. This is the first TN spacecraft for the USA.

15th December 2032

EU elaborates a feed system for an ordnance magazine.

20th December 2032

USA elaborates a feed system similar to EU's.
EU discovers a 21Mt deposit of 0.3 acc Sorium in Uranus' athmosphere.

27th December 2032

EU locates 68Kt of acc 1 Duranium and 6.8Kt of acc 0.8 Neutronium on Miranda.

30th December 2032

Oceania finished the paper work for the joining of Thailandia. Joining will happen ASAP.

End of part 2