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*Campaign* The People's United
« on: February 25, 2016, 11:13:57 PM »
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The People's United
Aurora V7.10

NPR Gen: 5/20
Disaster: Sun Warming 1%
Year: 2025

Scientists can study any field, up-to 5 labs unless specialised.

The People's Republic of China
500m, 560c, 10r

During the early 21th Century, the modern world was plagued by many serious issues, religious fanatics, economic collapse, climate change and hosts of other issues of varying degrees, to name a few. The first two decades saw the rise of terror attacks against civilian targets and an escalating war in the Middle East which drew the world to a knife's edge, again divided on a scale not seen since the power blocs that lead to World War One nearly 100 years earlier.

The War in the Middle-East had expanded from a 'liberation mission' led by a US Coalition to Kuwait against Iraq into a conflict spanning Iraq, Syria, Iran and now into border regions of Turkey. The US Allies fought to bring peace and democracy to a strongly Islamic region, and topple another 'dictator' while Russia moved in support of this 'dictatorship' against the US Coalition and the rising Islamic Rebels factions, including the feared ISIS, who chanted for an Islamic Caliphate that would rule the world.

During this period, China's massive economic began to slow and coupled with the downturn in international markets, unintentionally caused more disruptions to her trading partners and the world. She also suffered some 'limited' terror attacks that were quickly and harshly put down by her police and military, but overall remained intact and sufficient.

By misshapen chance or divine intervention, did the Chinese discover what was to be known as "Trans-Newtonian" elements, these elements were unlike any previously seen or studied before, and were hidden right beneath their very noses. Top Secret Research projects began on these materials and their potentials, and by 2022 China had made marvellous discoveries that reinvigorated the economy and her people. And by 2025 China was well advanced compared to even her Western Counterparts, and now set her eyes on the very heavens themselves.

The People's Republic in 2025 is led by the recently elected President Lu Kang Na, a young man, but one who rapidly rose through China's most prestigious universities and through the ranks of the Communist Party, serving under then President Xi Jinping, who had assumed office in 2013 and led China into the beginnings of a new Golden Age.

Name:Lu Kang Na
Allegiance:People's Republic of China
Skills:Shipbuilding Bonus (+15%), Mining Bonus (+15%), Xenology Bonus (+15%), Wealth Creation Bonus (+5%)

The People's Republic are continuing to focus efforts on maximising their economic advantage over the rest of the world, especially since they are currently the only known nation using the new Trans-Newtonian materials and estimate to be so for some time. The research facilities are focusing on improving efficiency per unit, before beginning newer technologies and prototypes.

Research ProjectEstimated Completion
CP: Mining Production 12 TonnesMid 2028
CP: Research Rate 240 RPtdMid 2033
CP: Construction Rate 12 BPEarly 2030

While the Manufacturing Industry focuses on economic improvements until the research facilities are ready to begin on the new theoretical components.

Construction ProjectNumber of% of ConstructionEstimated Completion
Research Lab1015%Mid 2053
Ground Force Training Facility120%Early 2027
Military Academy120%Early 2027
Financial Centre1035%Mid 2025
Ordinance Factory4010%Mid 2033

In 2024, The People's Republic launched their first shipyard, the Wenchang Yard. Dwarfing the now patched and obsolete International Space Station, the Wenchang operates as the first shipyard in active use by any country and is designed to produce purely civilian vessels, primarily of an exploratory nature. Being able to produce designs upto 7000 tonnes, the Wenchang will begin to produce manned, exploration vessels from 2030 onwards, once the final designs are completed. With the vessel rumoured to be named after Yang Liwei, the first Chinese National in space.
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Re: *Campaign* The People's United
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September 2025 saw the completion of the 10 new financial centres and the redistribution of manufacturing priorities to complete the remaining projects sooner. Additional Mines and Construction facilities are next in the line for the Republic to consider, as such projects will benefit the economy greatly, while also being optional to transfer off-world if such facilities could be established.

Construction ProjectNumber of% of ConstructionEstimated Completion
Research Lab1020Late 2046
Ground Force Training130Mid 2026
Military Academy130Mid 2026
Ordinance Factory4020Mid 2029

The end of August 2026 saw the completion of the new joint Military Academy and Ground Forces Training Facility. Again the priorities were adjusted to include additional construction facilities and automated mines, with additional factories focusing on completing the new research facilities.

Construction ProjectNumber of% of ConstructionEstimated Completion
Research Lab1020Late 2046
Ordinance Factory4020Mid 2029
Construction Factory4020Late 2030
Automated Mines2020Late 2030

January 2027
Russ-Euro Conglomerate

Through a combination of espionage and research, two nations advance into the Trans-Newtonian Age, the Russ-Euro Conglomerate and the United Canadian American States.

The Russ-Euro Conglomerate (REC) formed after the failure of the European Union in 2019, where the United Kingdom had withdrawn from the EU and the mounting Middle-East war and migrant influxes destroyed many EU nations and their economies. The Russ-Euro forms the previous states of Russia and most of eastern Europe, similar to the days following World War Two, however unlike the era of Communist Europe, the REC is a becoming a growing and stabilising force in the region, however most of the Trans-Newtonian technology is located within Russia, at least until the European regions can be made safe and productive again.

Name:Kliment Nesterov
Skills:Factory Production Bonus (+20%), Mining Bonus (+20%), Logistics Bonus (+20%)

Kliment Nesterov succeeded the previous President in 2024 after the disastrous attempt at withdrawing ground troops from the Middle-Eastern Conflict and failure to secure the European states of REC. The past 3 years have been focused on securing the European area of REC and supporting them, while also dedicating research into several top secret projects, which combined with several espionage operations against China, brought Russia into the Trans-Newtonian Age.

The REC industry continues to focus on new mines and construction facilities for the time being, but is likely to change projects now that Trans-Newtonian theory can be applied to reality.

Construction ProjectNumber of% of ConstructionEstimated Completion
Mine12460Mid 2050
Construction Factory11140Mid 2058

Russia was already tinkering with advanced laser-style weapons and engine improvements and her research has continued under the REC, the following projects are nearing completion.

Research ProjectEstimated Completion
PP: Fuel Consumption 0.7LLate 2028
PP: Pebble Bed Reactor TechnologyEarly 2030
EW: 12cm Laser Focal SizeMid 2030

However, unlike the Peoples Republic and the UCAS, REC does not have an operational shipyard and it may be several years before one can be constructed.

The United Canadian American States

The United Canadian American States (UCAS) formed in 2020 after the Middle-Eastern War and unrest within the USA reached boiling point, sending the US into a near anarchy like state. Canada managed to step in and quieten down the US and restore order, but not without cost to both nations, with their economic facilities being rattled. The end result was a merger between both states into a single entity, largely with Canada at the helm but with equal opportunity for any person to be someone.

Name:Mason Savage
Skills:Political Reliability (+20%), Factory Production Bonus (+15%), Wealth Creation Bonus (+10%), Ground Unit Construction Speed (+10%), Espionage Bonus (+15%)

The UCAS continues to have great research options available to them, and although they are at least three years behind their Chinese counter-parts, it was the scientists who brought the UCAS into the Trans-Newtonian Age,  without the espionage assistance that REC had available. UCAS will likely continue to be a research powerhouse for the next decade, assuming they can maintain their economy against the large economy of China.

Research ProjectEstimated Completion
CP: Expand Civilian EconomyLate 2028
CP: Mining Production 12 TonnesLate 2029
MK: Railgun Launch Velocity 2Mid 2028
MK: 12cm RailgunEarly 2029

Despite their advanced research facilities, the UCAS were pursuing a different approach. Preferring to improve more traditional weaponry compared to the experimental lasers, but they were keen to keep their options open to all technological aspects, pending military and state input. While their manufacturing industry is currently producing several projects and has no specific goal in mind.

Construction ProjectNumber of% of ConstructionEstimated Completion
Mine620Mid 2029
Financial Centre1840Mid 2030
Automated Mine420Early 2030
Fuel Refinery820Early 2030

UCAS engineers have re-purposed the International Space Station to produce vessels up-to 2000 tonnes in design, with most of her components being assembled ground side. Due to her age, and severe technological inferiority behind the Chinese yard now in orbit, a new yard will need to be constructed in the future.
I've started talking in my sleep apparently, all that was audible was "Spaceship". Go figure :)