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 - Shipboard Hydroponics Garden, Standard (3HS / 150 Tons)
 --- A modular hydroponic garden designed to provide indefinite life support for up to 50 crew members. A fresh food supply along with an integrated water storage and processing are provided, while the unit itself is integrated into the ship's own air supply / processing systems to further enhance their efficiency.

 - Shipboard Hydroponics Garden, Extended (15HS / 750 Tons)
 --- This expanded module is sufficient for 250 Crew Members and features a pleasant, mood boosting layout in addition to all of the features of a Standard module. In addition the expanded facilities are both consolidated and ergonomically laid out for ease of maintenance and operation. *Peeing cherubim fountain not included.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by xenoscepter on Today at 01:00:44 AM »
 - New bug on v1.13.0, but very minor. Cosmetic, really. On the Ground Forces window, the "Base Unit Type" above "Infantry" is a selectable field. Easy enough to reproduce, just... go to the Ground Forces window and click on the "Base Unit Type" field and viola! Bug du jour.
C# Suggestions / Re: C# Suggestions
« Last post by Remilian on Yesterday at 09:03:00 PM »
(Edited from my removed post into a more cohesive terraforming related suggestions)

Currently, there are a few issues with terraforming process and controls:
  • Terraforming always overshoots the target value. The bigger the terraforming capacity - the more it will overshoot.
    Another side-effect of the same issue is that if you set a target to lower than atmosphere already is - terraforming tick still happens next cycle, which "overshoots" target by 100% of capacity.
  • Current terraform controls feel out of place and somewhat unintuitive.

Based on the "Add Gas to Atmosphere" checkbox, certain database columns and log messages, I assume that current implementation involves unnecessary storage of TerraformStatus variable for each pop, which is then retrieved and used during production cycle in a series of checks.  In my opinion, MaxAtm (which can be more appropriately renamed into TargetAtm) variable is enough to extrapolate everything needed for terraformation calculations.

I suggest replacing terraform logic with this:
Code: [Select]
If ( Current_Atm != Target_Atm ) then        // I know about double's wonky equality check, but hear me out
    Terraform_change = Terraform_Capacity / Year_length * Cycle_length * other_modifiers....       //Amount of atm change possible on this body this production cycle
    If ( Terraform_change > 0 ) then
        Difference = Target_Atm - Current_Atm
        If ( ABS(Difference) <= Terraform_change ) then       //Can target be reached with available change?
            Current_Atm = Target_Atm         //gives people nice and clean values AND allows that target equality check at the beginning
            //Log message here? I know there are several versions of them, but maybe 1 universal "Target has been reached" is enough
            If ( Difference < 0 ) then        //>0 means we need to add gas, <0 means we need to extract gas
                Current_Atm -= Terraform_change
                If ( Current_Atm < 0 ) then
                    Current_Atm = 0
                Current_Atm += Terraform_change

This would fix the first problem and remove the need for that checkbox (and variable) completely, which is a part my proposal to fix to the second problem: change up terraform control panel from environmental tab.
  • Move terraform panel from the top of the tab to a position aligned with other panels in the tab.  It really does not stand out at the top, and making it equal to other panels will make it more visible and understandable.
  • Remove the "Add Gas to Atmosphere" checkbox.  Most new players treat it as "Enable terraforming" button, which is not exactly right and leads to confusion when they need to remove gas instead of adding it.
  • Add a simple visual indicator of any kind.  Even a text label with appropriate text would do.
  • Appropriately change said indicator based on various factors to indicate whether terraforming process is active or not.  Check if not-"None" gas is selected, if so then check for Terraform_Capacity, if >0 then check if Target Atm value is valid, if it is then indicate that the process is active.  Can add appropriate indications for each missed step too.
  • Perform said check on Gas and Target Atm control changes, as well as with other cycle-based checks for industry tabs.
  • With more space to work with, an estimated time until Target Atm is reached can be added onto the panel. 
General Discussion / Re: Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
« Last post by Lord Solar on Yesterday at 09:00:57 PM »
While excavating some alien ruins, and I found a couple nice jump engines, bigger than what I have developed myself.

How do I go about using these in a class design?
Check off show alien components
General Discussion / Re: Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
« Last post by skoormit on Yesterday at 05:32:57 PM »
While excavating some alien ruins, and I found a couple nice jump engines, bigger than what I have developed myself.

How do I go about using these in a class design?
General Discussion / Re: 6 Hour Increments
« Last post by Nori on Yesterday at 04:25:36 PM »
Thanks for the responses. As it typical in issues, it resolved itself after another long round of 6 hours increments.. But I will keep this thread in mind on what to look for it if happens again.
C# Suggestions / Re: C# Suggestions
« Last post by RagnarVaren on Yesterday at 04:21:37 PM »
It would be nice to have a Ground Combat Forces Summary event similar to the Ground Combat Intelligence event but for the player's forces. Currently you can only see the latest forces on the colony as no history is saved so if the formations didn't match the templates exactly (i.e no additions or losses) then it isn't possible to know exactly how many forces were present for each round. This would be very useful as I'm currently extracting the GUC vs GUC summary events from the database after the battle to look at the performance of each of my ground unit classes against the enemy and it would be nice to know the exact number of my own forces present as they fluctuate due to reinforcements arriving.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Remilian on Yesterday at 03:54:41 PM »
Gas "None" can be added to the atmosphere with "SM: Set Atm"
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by Remilian on Yesterday at 03:36:17 PM »
In DIM_SystemAge table, first entry has a really weird Age2 column value.  No idea where it is used, if at all, but might wanna check that one out.
C# Bug Reports / Re: v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
« Last post by ChubbyPitbull on Yesterday at 12:12:56 PM »
"Update all formations with same replacement template" checkbox has no effect.
Extra checkbox in Change Replacement Template window for ground units.

Game: TN Start
Stars: Random
Decimal Seperator: Period
Reproducibility: Everytime I updated a template for an Infantry Regiment
Campaign Length: 17 years
Mods or DB changes: None

I've been working on designing the next series of ground units. Thanks to some help from nuclearslurpee he directed me to Steve's post here about how to handle Ground Unit replacement templates.

My original units used the formation template "Infantry Regiment," and I designed a new template "2042 Infantry Regiment" using the upgraded units. I then went to my Ground Unit OOB to update the existing "Infantry Regiment"'s to use the new "2042 Infantry Regiment" as their replacement template. I am able to update each unit one by one, but I saw there was a "Update all formations with same replacement template" checkbox in the Change Replacement Template Window, which I assume would mean that in one go I can change anything currently using the "Infantry Regiment" replacement template to use the "2042 Infantry Regiment" replacement template. However, this appears to not be the case, and checking this box does not have any effect on any other infantry regiments. There also appears to be a second floating checkbox in the window (screenshot attached), and I tested checking 1 box alone, the other box alone, both boxes at once, and neither box, and all had the same behavior where no other unit's replacement templates were changed. DB attached, game name is "New 13."

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