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  1. Weapons dissapears after upgrading ships
  2. v1.13.0 Bugs Thread
  3. Typo Thread [bugs]
  4. New Alien Race!!!
  5. -ProbablyCosmetic- Create Research Project fields
  6. Freighters (commerical vessels) require at least one engineering space
  7. Disappearing Ground Units
  8. v1.12.0 Bugs Thread
  9. Stuck with two hour time advance increments...
  10. All our leaders just disappeared!
  11. Question
  12. Function #1512 with no obvious cause
  13. #854 divide by zero [1.6.3]
  14. Alt-gr not working all of a sudden? Not able to remove components.
  15. Cannot set diplomatic stance
  16. 1.12.0 Function #722: Object Reference not linked to an object instance
  17. Where do these minerals come from ?
  18. Incorrect Increment Length
  20. Standing Orders: "No orders" ignored... or "Survey next five.." not cancellable
  21. Beam Fire Controls 1.25x size 1.25x Range option actually functions as 0.25x
  22. Test
  23. Event color settings not saving (NOT A BUG)
  24. No Terraforming Science Project
  25. Starting the game with 0 BP
  26. out of memory crash
  27. Text Cut Off?
  28. Space Base, gone
  29. Is it a bug or a feature - freighter loading time
  30. Is there something wrong with money?
  31. Looks like AI can’t deal with damaged ships
  32. The Magic Freighter!
  33. Change government types absent?
  34. Planetary Invasions
  35. 5 second turns for 2 in-game days (so far)
  36. Issue with the resolution, windows won’t scale - 1.12
  37. Strange NPR behavior
  38. How Engineering and Maintenance Storage work
  39. v1.11.0 Bugs Thread
  40. [PSA] Why are my % and other figures broken?!?! (If this is you. Please read)
  41. Damaged fire-control stuck in 'on' position
  42. Lost Contacts
  43. Standard orders are not working.
  44. WAI? Slow ships track at racial tracking, not ship speed.
  45. Ground Units not resupplied
  46. [PSA] Cyclic Redundancy Check Error On Saving and Extended Save Times
  47. Population growth
  48. Never ending research completion date
  49. Insufficient Maintenance Facilities?
  50. Weird Bug Story