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  1. Suggestion: Plasma Carronade technology: Direct feed
  2. C# Suggestions
  3. Underground Infrastructure
  4. Orbital Mass Driver
  5. Rework to Ground Unit Construction
  6. The (Admittedly Small) Problem With Gauss Cannon Size
  7. Enhanced Radiation Warheads for Naval Bombardment of Ground Forces
  8. Deactivating and mothballing warships
  9. Ships Design Notes
  10. Change to infrastructure costs
  11. Pirates
  12. Staff Officers for Ground Forces
  13. Variable Minerals Spawn
  14. Fleet orders & dormant Sub-fleet orders to decrease micro of fleet operations
  15. Galactic map
  16. Pregenerate Unexplored Jump Points
  17. Some other Miscellaneous Suggestions
  18. Some Miscellaneous Suggestions
  19. Track individual ground combats in same system
  20. Specialized orbital support weapons
  21. Trade Update and the reasons why I need it
  22. Linux game installation
  23. Sub Fleets
  24. Engine and Reactor Names
  25. Power output on power plant design screen
  26. Move to next system requiring geo/grav survey
  27. Better Unrest Mechanics
  28. Planetary Shield Units, like STOs, but with shields.
  29. Player-Controlled Shipping Network
  30. Automation/Advanced Computing Techline
  31. Planetart Power
  32. RE: Self-Jump Drives, Compact Jump Drives
  33. Custom Gamemaster Weapons / Armor for Ground Units
  34. Vertical & Orbital Envelopment Ground Support Missions
  35. Improved Passive Defences
  36. List of features from VB6 missing in C#
  37. Viewing Ground Forces from the Colony Window
  38. Some QoL suggestions for Ground Units
  39. Thoughts about Hospital installation
  40. When can we get the 64-bit version of C#?
  41. Naming all academys
  42. Proposal for New Event Types
  43. All kinds of exotic alien life
  44. Biology Tech Additions
  45. Small Refueling System
  46. Limit/Max Maintenance Stockpile Setting
  47. Real-World Next-Gen Tech Suggestions
  48. Carrier Operations/Interface Suggestion thread
  49. Refit cost warnings?
  50. Giving ships etc