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Hi all! I'm SultanPepper, or, on Discord, V/I My! (let me know if you get it haha)
This is my first Aurora AAR. I'm going with a United Nations of Earth story, an dplan to write mostly from character viewpoints as opposed to updates (where possible). These first post(s) are going to establish the history of my world, and we'll go from their.
I do plan to do as much as possible from characters. Did I forget to put sensors on that ship? Heavens no, it was obviosuly an oversight by the development board head, who got fired because of it. Is the ship design trash? That's not me, dear reader, that's efficiency. Please do feel free to provide advice and feedback as we go through.

(A note, I live in Aus, so dates are dd/mm/yyyy, and I add an extra 'u' to a lot of words (like colour))

EDIT: TL;DR at the end, so no spoilers for those who want to read it all. It is a full wall of text. Feel free to skip to end.

Let us begin!
23/10/2024, University of Pretoria, South Africa
10:04 AM

A blast of light flared – well, not a blast, really. It was large amount of light, considering the source was a handful of atoms. It was much more than it should have been.
“What are the sensors saying?” Dr Amahle asked.
Silence greeted her question. She turned her eyes from the table-sized experimental machine and frowned at the PHD student gaping at the screen.
“Yes! Sorry, doctor,” he jumped. “'d better come and see this.”
Still frowning, Dr Amahle made her way to his terminal, the other research assistants following. She studied the data.
“Kaya, run a full diagnostic,” she ordered sharply. “Now.”
“Yes, doctor.”
But Amahle knew the diagnostic would come back clean. Their was no fuzziness to the data. Everything was clear-cut.
They had created matter from energy, a game-changing discovery. And what was more, the matter wasn't from this Universe.

11:32, Mahlamba Ndlopfu, home of the President, Pretoria, South Africa
“And we are sure of this?” the large, dark-skinned man demanded, rapping his knuckles on the printout. “It's been an hour and a half. Science takes longer than this!”
“I am certain enough to be talking about it with you, Mr President,” the President's State Security minister, Ebrahim Patel replied. “I went and investigated. I could see it in the microscope.”
“Damnit, Ebrahim,” President Ramaphosa growled. “This is ground breaking, and not what we need! Every major power will be sending teams to 'investigate'. Someone will make sure I lose the next election to a patsy! They'll control South Africa over this! Matter from another dimension? It's ludicrous, Ebrahim. Ludicrous!”
“I agree,” replied the stern faced minister. “America will pour money into your opponents. So will China and Russia. Maybe even the EU. All to take control of government and, by extension, Dr Amahle's work.”
“What do we do?”
“I recommend the UN, sir. There are enough smaller countries that would stand by us just to spite the Super Powers. We hand the research to the UN.”
“And lose it for South Africa? We could be on the verge of limitless resources!”
Ebrahim shrugged. “Maybe, sir. We don't know the extent of this. We do know their's another dimension and so far Dr Amahle has pulled through some kind of metal that defies laws of inertia. We need Un oversight. The Superpowers can't control the UN – too many of them can veto each other. But we can control the technology with the UN's backing.”
President Ramaphosa paced, thinking. Maybe...maybe Amahle's research was wrong. Maybe further tests would dispute these initial ones.
But if they didn't, Ebrahim was right. South Africa would just become a puppet state to one of the Supers.
He came to a decision.
“Keep this quiet for now,” he ordered. “Whatever you have to do, I don't care. Keep it quiet. Let the research continue, and we'll review where we're at regularly. If this is as big as we think, we'll go to the UN and get their protection."

2036, Beijing, China
“The tests have all been confirmed, Mr President. The Amahle Miner can pull a variety of these...” the aide looked down at his notes. “Trans-Newtonian-elements from another, uh, dimension. Along with some gases that appear safe for human consumption.”
President Jiang Lung glared at the aide. “We should have taken their government a decade ago,” he hissed. “The UN has taken control, haven't they?”
“They have, sir,” the aide bowed. “They took informal control of the research six years ago, as you know. Today it became formal. Peacekeepers have been deployed, and the UN has called for reinforcements. Apparently they are now working to clear out some of the rebel forces and armies hidden in African jungles.”
Lung swore. He didn't care about the rebels – they helped keep Africa weak and dependant on China. But the UN clearing them out would make the continent strong, and who knew what these new elements would do.
Whatever they did, China needed to be in control of it.
“I want the plans for the Miner stolen,” he ordered his advisers. “Inform the UN China has no troops to send for their Peacekeeping. And put pressure on South Africa to hand over the tech. They need our trade.”
“Yes, Mr President,” the advisers said in unison.
*   *   *
New York City, United States of America
“China, America and Russia have refused to send troops, sir,” the Under-secretary-general said dismissively. “Of course they have. They want to control the Amahle Miner.”
Secretary General of the UN, Alisson Xiao, rolled her eyes. “Heaven forbid a smaller country get a leg-up. What of the EU?”
“Still debating.”
“And they will be for another year,” she scoffed. “Give me some good news, Andreas.”
“Australia, New Zealand and most of the Polynesian Isles have agreed to send troops or, in the latter case, more money. As has Canada, the UK and...several South American nations. Oh,” he said glancing through his notes. “Venezuela is. That's not happened in a while. So we will have a heavy presence in South Africa, more than enough to deter a military strike to claim the miracle.”
“I wouldn't be so sure about that,” the Secretary-General replied gravely, getting up to look out her office window. Powerful people did stupid things to maintain their power, and the people giving the Presidents of the three major Supers were prone to xenophobia.
This new Miner that pulled almost-magical elements from another dimension was dangerous. Extremely. All bets were off.
“Inform the Assembly I will be moving my office to South Africa for the forseeble future,” Xiao ordered.
“Madam, that's unprecedented!”
“And so is the Sec-Gen being held hostage to get the UN to capitulate, but these are unprecedented times, Andreas,” she replied, turning back to face him. “I will be in Africa to oversee it the latest phase in human wellbeing. Imagine if we could pull enough through for sustainable constructions and power the world over. I am going to keep a close eye on our Peacekeepers – try to slip in a reference to the fact the Supers have decried their presence and hinted at them being monsters in the past. They can't blame me for going to personally oversee the largest concentration ever of Peacekeepers when they keep saying they need more oversight.” She smiled a crooked smile. “They'll hate that.”

2041, Washington D.C., United States of America
“She should be gone!”
“They don't have limited terms like us, Mr President.”
“No Sec Gen has ever held the post for more than ten years!”
“By tradition, sir, not by law,” the aide corrected.
The President of the USA, Alex Dean, growled. “Fine. Summon the cabinet and get out.”
“Yes sir.”
He glared at the opposite wall for the few minutes it took Cabinet to assembled. Secretary General Xiao had moved her office to South Africa 5 years ago, the same year he had taken office, and had essentially assumed control over the continent. The Security Council did as it pleased, but all the Veto-ing had bogged it down, while Xiao essentially controlled the General Assembly. The African and Middle-eastern bloc's had benefited greatly from the UN's military presence, as pirates, rebels and rogues had been wiped out (not to mention the economic benefits of so many soldiers), and the rest of the world lauded her efforts. She was showing how the world could be a better place by unifying, with Peacekeepers from a hundred countries eliminating terrorists.
Of course, they also controlled the new Amahle Miner and whatever materials it was generating. Reports were fragmentary.
The cabinet arrived, sitting at the long table.
“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the President began. “Let us discuss options. We are losing our grasp on power. How do we stop it?”

05/04/2042, Cairo, Egypt
Sirens wailed, alerts pinged. AI screamed from speakers.
Peacekeepers stared at the speakers in shock. Cover from what? Their was no fighting in Egypt...
*   *   *
Bangui, Central African Republic
“Confirm that!”
“Multiple confirmations, sir! Russian bombs dropped on the Cairo base!”
“Sir! US forces are being deployed along the Somali coast!”
“Tell me there are no nukes!”
“None, sir.”
North, East...China was east of Africa, but they'd come from the West. The South was too well defended.
“Alert all Western bases for Chinese assaults,” Peace-General Ahmad Whabbadi ordered. “Get word to the Sec-Gen! Tell me what NATO and the rest are doing! Order all forces to defend themselves, and call on the African countries to mobilise!”

16/06/2042, Pretoria, South Africa
“You have ignored my demands to meet for two months!” stormed Sec-Gen Xiao.
“Speak in such a tone again, and this is over,” Russian President Alexandri Tukov stated coldly. “I am here to accept the UN's surrender of the Miner.”
Xiao glared at the image of the immaculate Russian President. “The three of you have attacked the UN! You-”
“The UN means nothing, Secretary-General,” President Lung said smoothly. “Without us, you are just a bunch of weak countries playing. We will take the Miner.”
“And then what?” she snapped. “Share it? The three of you? Please.”
“The Miner and it's designs will be destroyed,” the US President, Marissa Alvarazo, replied smoothly.
“Oh please, you'll all try to reverse engineer it,” Xiao spat. “You've invaded sovereign soil!”
“We are preventing a tyrant from building a massive army and attacking the free peoples of the world,” Alvarazo replied with a small smile.
“You have a week to surrender Dr Amahli and the Miner, Secretary-General,” President Tukov ordered. “And to resign.”
And the three leaders vanished.
“Idiots,” she stormed. “World War goddamn Three over their egos!”
Tears filled her eyes, but she blinked them away. The senseless deaths were awful, but she wouldn't appear weak. And the Africans were fighting hard, but support for the UN was wavering as trade sanctions hit.
If they get their greedy, power-mad hands on the TN No. I cannot allow it. The world should be united in government, not ruled by one culture!
Her Under-secretary, Andreas, was still with her. He was, somehow, grinning.
“What are you smiling about?” she snapped. “We can't defeat them!”
“I have received Dr Arno's latest research today,” he said cheerfully. “And their has been a massive breakthrough.”
“What sort?”
“The sort that will win any war.”
Spit it out, man!”
“The TN materials ignore the laws of physics. We knew that,” he started. “But a a jet built from an alloy of them... Alisson, it ignores inertia. It ignores acceleration. It goes to max speed in an instant, and back again when it wants. And according to Arno, the pilot is unaffected by the rapid change. It even ignores friction.”
“What...what does that mean?” She cursed herself internally. She was smart. She could figure it out. But with everything going on....
“A jet capable of 500 kilometres a second. No acceleration. No problem changing direction. Alisson, it can be anywhere on the planet almost instantly! 1.8 million kilometers in an hour! We can defeat the Supers! We...we can install the UN as the proper government of the planet, like it always should have been!”
Alisson Xiao stared at his shining face. Conquering the world wasn't how the UN should come to power, but...
They weren't given a choice.
It was time for America's, China's and Russia's power over the smaller nations to end.
“Get the jet combat-ready,” she ordered. “And build more.”

01/01/2100, United Nations of Earth Headquarters, Unity Island, Indian Ocean
Elliot Sykes sat with a soft sigh in his new chair, a plush and comfortable leather affair that held more diagnostics than a hospital bed. He'd won the election three months ago, and, as was custom, taken the chair on the first day of the New Year.
“Congratulations again, SecGen.”
“Thank you, Artur. But not time like the present to start work!” he chuckled.
Artur smiled. “Allow yourself a day, sir, surely.”
“Never,” Elliot replied cheerfully. “The day is bright, people are well, and the world is at peace. It's time to look up, Artur. I want Trans-Newtonian ships.”

TLDR: TN materials discovered in South Africa, realise a war can start over it. Go to UN for help. America, China, Russia want control of TN materials. UN says no. War breaks out. UN has TN so....wins. Decisively. World unites behind United Nations going into the future.
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Realised I didn't mention - No Maintenance. It adds a lot to a game, and I prefer to have it, but my focus is the story of the AAR. I don't want to spend to time micromanaging MSP.
Likewise, all JP are stable wormholes as opposed to jump points. Should make wars a tad more interesting!

05/01/2100, Unity Island
“The East Europe rebellion has been crushed by United Armies, sir,” the Minister for Safety announced. “A handful of regrettable deaths, but thankfully no massive damage.”
“Have statues built in honour of the dead Peacekeepers in their hometowns, and add their names to their countries' capital's Wall of Heroes,” SecGen Sykes replied. “Where are we with population?”
“Two billion, sir,” the Minister for Habitation replied. “30% of the landmasses are habitable again, but we're hitting walls everywhere. At the rate we're going, we're going to need population controls.”
“Have the proposal on my desk by Monday,” Sykes ordered. “Next?”
The oldest person there, a grizzled man who had fought in the closing days of the Unification War, cleared his throat. “According to dispatches, our scientists have figured out how to get TN materials to work in space, sir.”
“They have, Admiral.”
“Then I request we expand appropriately,” Admiral Aidan Henderson stated. “I've no doubt our exploration of the system will be peaceful, but all it takes is one crazy man with a ship to decimate our population. I need funding to build warships.”
“Warships?” scoffed Minister Barber for Resources. “We don't even have a space shuttle, man!”
“And what happens when we have one, and the captain is an avowed Russian, or Chinese, or American, and drops a rock on Unity Island?!”
Silence greeted his words. Sykes looked at the Admiral – a title with no meaning, as their was no space navy, or any space ships, yet – with a thoughtful expression.
I want our exploration of space to finally begin, he thought, but I don't relish the thought of warships...a middle ground.
“I understand the Admiral's concerns,” he said to the assembled Cabinet.  “And I want you all to know I fully support his desire to keep us safe. One madman with a ship could do incredible damage to what's left of humanity. Construct a new academy, Admiral, and design a proper curriculum for space exploration. I leave our first exploration ships to you – I want them peaceful, but unable to harm Earth.”
“You're leaving peaceful exploration to the military?” demanded another Minister.
“I'm leaving space exploration to the best department we have,” Sykes replied sharply. “And who knows. We may meet hostile aliens. Admiral, train your people, but I want the system explored peacefully. I don't want our first forays into space to be militarised.”
“Understood, SecGen,” the Admiral nodded in respect.
“An expansion into space is going to require a lot of new research,” Minister Wilkins for Science mused. “I request funding to expand the labs. If the good Admiral works with us, we can ensure these Peace Explorers are up to the task.”
“See it done,” Sykes ordered the Minister of Finance. “Whatever they need.”
“Sir, I must remind you we are trying to rehabilitate Earth. We know nowhere else in the system is habitable!”
“But Luna and Mars might be cheaper to terraform than Asia is to rebuild,” mused the Minister for Environment. “Let me run some numbers, sir. Terraforming is expensive, yes, but so is clearing nuclear fallout and demolishing ruins for new construction. New worlds may solve our population problem.”
“Excellent, get on it. Anything else?”

Unity Island, 12/03/2101
“SecGen, we have a slight problem.”
“Yes, Amari?”
“The expansion of the research labs has outstripped the capabilities of the Ahmahle Miners. We're out of Mercassium.”
Sykes looked up, frowning. “Hmm. Can we easily increase production?”
Secretary Amari shook her head. “It'll take months, sir.”
“Then cease construction of the new lab equipment. Get them onto...the new quantum computers don't use Mercassium, do they?”
“No sir.”
“Get more of those, and put them into UN Finance Hubs and Economic Growth Zones – draft a proposal for the latter, obviously. The General Assembly will need to sign off. We need more money to continue this pace of research. Wilkins has quite a varied list of projects that need funding!”
“He claims we will be prepared for everything.”
“I should damn well hope so,” Sykes replied sarcastically. “Send the Science Ministry a memo ordering a focus on improving the Miners. And ask the Admiral where the damn plans are for the new Science Ships.”
“I spoke to a contact of mine in the Stellar Navy yesterday sir. She said five years.”
“Five years!” scoffed Sykes. “Order the Admiral to expedite it! I got elected on a promise of peaceful space exploration. I won't allow it to happen after my term.”
“Sir...your term may last long-”
“I know that, Amari,” Sykes snapped. “But he's talking about the plans in five years? I want ships by then! Order him to expedite it. Now!”

Naval Command, Vienna, 18/09/2021
“This...this is what we have?”
“Yes, Admiral,” sighed Rear Admiral Hurst, rolling her eyes. “The SecGen wanted a design this year. That's what we have.”
“Minister Wilson told me they're on the verge of a breakthrough for more efficient engines already.”
“Yes sir, but 'on the verge' is not finalised. The SecGen wants a design. It's garbage, sir. It would be cheaper and better to wait a few more years and design the ships properly. But we don't have a choice.”
Admiral Henderson looked again at the Science Vessel Barracuda-class design. Named after the shape of it (apparently, it looked nothing like a fish to him), the vessel sported engines and sensors so new they were basically prototypes. Large, unwieldy, and inefficient.
“Get a science department on these,” he ordered. “I don't care how. We are not building this...scrap-heaps without a scientist on board to correct all the data it's going to bring in.”
“Understood, sir.”
“And...put a chapel on it too.”
“Of no particular faith. I want them for anyone. Don't want to piss off any Space Gods we find.”

Barracuda class Science Vessel      6,102 tons       96 Crew       633.7 BP       TCS 122    TH 320    EM 0
2622 km/s      Armour 1-29       Shields 0-0       HTK 70      Sensors 6/6/1/1      DCR 1      PPV 0
Maint Life 0.86 Years     MSP 64    AFR 298%    IFR 4.1%    1YR 74    5YR 1,113    Max Repair 100 MSP
Commander    Control Rating 2   BRG   SCI   
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Morale Check Required   

Code: [Select]
Reynolds Marine Improved Nuclear Thermal Engine  EP64.00 (5)    Power 320.0    Fuel Use 90.0%    Signature 64.00    Explosion 10%
Fuel Capacity 2,100,000 Litres    Range 68.8 billion km (303 days at full power)

Gregory-Khan Active Search Sensor AS22-R100 (1)     GPS 1200     Range 22.2m km    Resolution 100
Gregory-Khan EM Sensor EM1.0-6 (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19.4m km
Gregory-Khan Thermal Sensor TH1.0-6 (1)     Sensitivity 6     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19.4m km
Geological Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour
Gravitational Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes[/i]

Unity Island, 21/11/2101
“And let me say, it has been an absolute honour building the engines for these fine vessels,” Janine Reynolds said with a smile, lights glittering from her black dress and glass of champagne.
Sykes hated these fancy parties, but they kept the elite of the world happy.
“I'm just glad Reynolds Marine could turn the UN designs into reality so quickly,” he said politely. “You must have whipped all sorts of people!”
Janine laughed – the sound was a pretty one. “Oh, sir, we work for the glory of Earth!” she winked. “The whips are for everyone.”
He laughed as well, faking true humour. He detested the woman. “And your engines will be ready when, again?”
“Not until the end of '02, around November,” she said with mock sadness.
She has the money. She doesn't care.
“Ah,” Sykes replied with a hint of cool. “That explains the delay on humanity's exploration until early '03.”
“We would never dream of rushing such valuable work, sir. Only the best for the UNOE!”
Yeah, the best, and the fact you're company has a monthly retainer right up to December '02.

Kinshasa Space Port, Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 25/02/2103
Secretary General Sykes glared at his secretary.
“You're telling me Wilkin's scientists have got a much more efficient engine already?”
“20% more fuel efficient, sir,” she replied stoically. “It seems Admiral Henderson was right in requesting a few more years to develop technology.”
“The new ships launch in two days!”
“I'm well aware, sir, I manage your diary.”
“You can be horribly irreverent, Amari.”
“And yet, you won't fire me.”

Simmons Steel and Shipbuilding, Earth Low Orbit, 27/02/2103
“It is with great pleasure that we commission these three new Barracuda-class Science Vessels – the Hasekura, Marc-Joseph  and Pero,” Admiral Henderson thundered into the mic, his words being transmitted to just about every TV and radio and computer on Earth. “Completed ahead of schedule by the will of the hardworking people! And may I introduce Commanders Chambers, Collins and Bowen, the first three UN Space Graduates to be granted their own ships! They will guide us all to a new and bright future as they scour our home system for more TN Mine Locations! Glory to Humanity! Glory to the United Nations of Earth!”
There was a simulated roar of approval as he left the podium, his Chief of Staff hurrying up.
“How was that?”
“Ideal, sir.”
“The ships?”
“Woefully old-tech already, sir,” the aide said acidly. “The SecGen should have listened. But we have picked the best. They'll do.”
“They'd better.”

Sol System, 06/01/2105
Commander Michael Collins sighed in frustration in his ready room aboard the Barracuda-class Science Vessel, Marc-Joseph.
Junk, junk, details of the plan to put the plan for the new ground forces into design process, new engine specs we'll not get an upgrade too...gods above, why do I have to read all this?
He was going through the extensive amount of data he was sent daily by the Naval Headquarters in Vienna. 99% of it didn't affect him.
Two years, or just about. Two years of scanning asteroids, planets and moons for the traces of the Aether, the dimension from which TN materials could be mined. The first few months had been great. But the majesty of Jupiter got old when you'd seen it for the tenth time while scouring another rock.
And meanwhile, the UNOE is designing...the hell is this? A...Rains of Africa, terraforming base station. And a tug. They're going to terraform Luna? Instead of cleaning up Northern Europe, the money is going to terraform the god-damn moon. Unbelievable.
He sighed in disgust, flicking though the last few messages, when his chime pinged.
“Captain, we have detected something...unusual.”
It was the voice of his Science Officer, Joel Roberts. Michael frowned.
“What is it?”
“You'd best come see, sir.”
Commander Collins frowned, but got up from his desk and left the room, stepping onto the bridge. Joel gestured for him to come and look at the readings.
“See here, sir, we flew right over it.”
“I...damnit, Joel. I'm a Commander, not a scientist. What is it?”
“A gravitational disturbance, sir,” Joel replied seriously. “We would never have seen it if we hadn't flown right over it, and if you hadn't allowed me to try new sensor modifications a few months back.”
“Okay. Tell me why it's important.”
“I...sir this is crazy. But if we reverse the sensors to projectors, almost looks like an Aether reading. Almost. We've never found one in space, and it's basically closed, but...I think we can open it.”
Commander Collins frowned, but in thought. “A mining location in space?”
“Maybe, sir.”
“And what's the chance of us flying right over it?”
“The same as the chance of us flying over any other particular spot in space, sir,” Joel replied seriously. “I think we need to investigate.”
“Agreed, Scientist. A mining location in space would be extremely valuable. Negligible gravity and all that. Do what you need to do. Helm! Bring us around. Officer Roberts will forward you the coordinates.”
“Bringing us around, sir.”
Michael took his seat on the tiny, cramped bridge as the starscape shifted slightly. Nothing much. Fast as they were, those stars were billions of light years away.
“After a few moments, the helm officer spoke again. “Coming up on the chosen spot, sir.”
“Roberts, go.”
“Activating projectors and...”
Nothing happened. Michael released a sigh.
“Oh well. Log all data for transmit, Command might-”
His words were cut off as the ship shuddered, throwing him from his seat. Wiping blood from a cut above his eye, Michael stared at the display. The stars were gone.
Only they weren't, they'd shifted position. And one was much brighter. And they were ringed in swirling purple.
“Is that a wormhole?”

TLDR: First science ships are utter garbage due to UN wanting them too quick, very little happens until new JP discovered by Commander Collins of the Marc-Joseph