View full version: C# Utilities
  1. AuroraMarvin, helper android for Aurora 4x C#
  2. Remilian's Aurora Tools: Custom Medal Conditions, Event Log, RP changes and more
  3. Aurora Government Simulator [v3.2]
  4. Spreadsheet: Skoormit's Terraforming Planner
  5. (v0.5.13) Iceranger's Missile and Ship Optimizer
  6. [v0.8.10] Aurora Electrons - Looking Inwards
  7. Ribbon Maker
  8. Custom Flag Generator
  9. Workaround for Date formatting and (maybe) comma delimiter
  10. Spreadsheet: Missile Production Balancer
  11. Spreadsheet: Harvester & Tanker Transfer Calculator
  12. Python based MissileOptimizer
  13. Scenario Generator
  14. Aurora Medal Creator
  15. Aurora Dashboard (Graph data over time tool)
  16. Ship Design Spreadsheet
  17. Ship, Sensor, Missile, Turret Design: G Sheets & OpenOffice & O365 excel — v13