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  1. SpaceMarines Collection of Tutorials and youtube videos - Aurora 4x C#
  2. aurora 4X C# Youtube Videos
  3. Adjusting submenu display sizes.
  4. Where do 'supply points' come from for a ground unit?
  5. Ways to use maintenance modules in ships?
  6. What do I need by way of components for an optimal fleet support ship(s)?
  7. What does Max FT and Max SF mean in the ground force design?
  8. Confused about construction, geosurvey and xenoarchaeology equipment.
  9. Why can't I jump my jump equipped ship?
  10. MOVED: Effective non-missile point defense?
  11. How to Generate a Custom Starting System or Species [Text]
  12. How do you actually build turrets?
  13. Why is this planet not terraformed yet, and how do I fix it?
  14. How do I get my grav survey ships to actually survey the grav points?
  15. Does the number of systems affect performance before they are discovered?
  16. Aurora4x C# Resources Website
  17. starting player package - Also welcome new people from EE!
  18. Aid for remembering C# mineral uses
  19. Noob Question
  20. Not sure I understand the mechanics and importance of crew training
  21. How do you know what sensor strength to go for? Are there rules of thumb?
  22. MOVED: Any missile design guides/process/theory?
  23. Creating a NPR with multiple colonies
  24. Ground Geo Survey
  25. How to make ground units in C#
  26. Forward Base Tutorials?
  27. 15minutegamer Conventional(ish) Start, Let's Play/Tutorials
  28. Guide: Naval Command Structures
  29. Quick demonstration on making ground units
  30. How can I make my suggestions into the tutorial series?
  31. How to create multiple races in Sol