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  1. LWH cannot be saved as standard loadout
  2. SA Battlescreen, needle beams and the weapon resolver....
  3. XOa Woes/Repair Weirdness
  4. Deploying an EDM as defender via Button deleted the ship controll sheet.
  5. IDEW in the battle screen not working
  6. (MR) system
  7. Prep Fighter/small craft rate in SFA is wrong
  8. Fleet ship list and empty hull value in ship_class table
  9. Bugs you may know about, but...
  10. Help! My SA password won't work!
  11. Help! My SA password won't work!
  12. Steve, is...
  13. SA and Vista
  14. Error message
  15. 7.10 Bugs
  16. 2 more bugs during EOT/BOT...
  17. Assembly and fast assembly rates
  18. New Galactic Map errors out the wazoo
  19. Weapon/missile loadout bug
  20. Bug Related to Battle Resolver