Author Topic: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition  (Read 23162 times)

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Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Reply #225 on: July 07, 2021, 06:48:05 PM »
Cold War start.
3 powers: NATO, CSAT, China.

The only available Sorium is a 0.4 Deposit on Neptune and does contain only 98,000 tons. With a 5% research rate and 5% survey rate I think that Nuclear annihilation is closer than I thought when I started this campaign.

 ;D ;D ;D


So, I did find an asteroid which is curiously near (inside) the star. \'-'/
I imagine it to be an ideal world for those of you who are always cold:
At stunning 6234 °C it is hotter than the surface temperature of the star it orbits, I think.

Post in bugs. There should be a string a code to allow asteroids belts to be generated only to a minimum distance of the star with an average radius of half of that distance to avoid this to happen. I believe there is already a similar one to deal with planets-asteroids paths.
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Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Reply #226 on: August 23, 2021, 08:05:46 PM »
The Soviet Union has had to develop a whole new series of warships to deal with the incursions of Lethe Empire. So far nearly 284,000 tons of Lethe warship have been destroyed with another 210,000 captured. While Soviet warships are holding their own missile stocks have run nearly entirely empty. Soviet production cannot produce enough missiles to keep up with the rate at which they are being used and presently only 50 P-1000 Vulkans remain. Fleet doctrine maintains that soviet warships are required to be armed with secondary railguns, but there are not nearly enough guns to hold off the Lethe if another incursion is mounted. Soviet fleet designers have designed a whole new series of battlecruisers and standard cruisers with all railgun armament in order to ease the crisis.
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Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Reply #227 on: September 20, 2021, 08:51:07 AM »
In anticipation for 2.0, I started a new game. After several decades, in the third system I entered, I discovered an alien race.
Their level of technology was not much different than mine. Not very comfortable, but acceptable.

A few days later I came across another ship, but belonging to a different race. Hm... In a system with four suns, that's not impossible.

What was my surprise when I discovered the third race in this system?

Do you think that's the end of this?

Well, two of those three races lived on the same planet!!!

Aurora always has a surprise for me when I play.
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Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Reply #228 on: October 10, 2021, 09:22:35 AM »
We are well on the way to refitting the entire fleet of attack craft, even before they have seen a single day of battle. This means 25 2000t Prowlers and 75 1000t Condors. While not ideal, the tech gained from exploring and excavating a nearby abandoned colony of some ancient, alien race has resulted in numerous major breakthroughs that were not anticipated in the planning of the fleet. This does delay the expected forays into nearby systems to secure them from hostiles and enable further exploration, but they will be the better equipped for it. Some of the findings we do not quite understand yet, but give it time. The admirality also looks with anticipation on the first prototypes of cloaking devices. They need more research to find their place in the fleet, but hopefully they will be ready after the first few missions of the main fleet.


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Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Reply #229 on: October 13, 2021, 09:03:15 AM »
I'm about 140 years into my high pop and high earth minerals game.

Following the unification of Earth under the flag of the Terran Alliance a number of simulations (past games) were run exploring the possible paths of development following the discovery of trans-Newtonian elements. The results of which showed that early expansion into space was unnecessary which Earth having just large reserves of the new elements and expanding without a solid technological base would cause problems down the line.

As such the first 60 years after the discovery were dominated by an "Earth First" policy, the goal of which was to drastically increase the industrial capacity of the planet resulting in a much higher quality of life for all. While the population of Earth climbed ever closer to the maximum sustainable limit the Terran Alliance government quietly grow the orbital construction capacity against future needs while carrying out extensive research projects designing a standard set of components for every ship system in a number of sizes, in addition to designing a full set of ships to meet every need.

This first 60 years saw not a single ship launched into space however as space on Earth started to dwindle public interest in exploring space increased. At this point the Terran alliance opened the flood gates by triggering it's "Sol Second" policy that called for the massive shipyards to begin construction of ships ranging from personnel shuttles to entire carrier groups. First of the line were a small fleet of highly capable survey cruiser which made short work of exploring the Sol system.

An intact alien city was found on Mars and a second ruined city found on Mercury, while these ruins were explored they remained off limits to the public forcing colonization to focus on luna, Ganymede and Europa. Government mining operation spread to 30 bodies across the system, although there need was minimal due to Earths reserves. Mankind's largest engineering project was completed with the successful construction of 5 terraforming stations each around 2.5m tons which quickly transformed Mars, Mercury, luna, Ganymede and Europa into perfect Earth like worlds.

Following the exploration of both ruins and the Terraforming of the best worlds for Mankind attention was turned to the specialization of each world.

Earth - Construction and shipbuilding capital
Mars - Research World
Mercury - Ground Forces training World
Luna - Financial World
Ganymede - Ordnance production World
Europa - Small craft/fight production world

Meanwhile the small fleet of Survey Cruisers explored 20 systems on the other side of Sol's only jump point, finding the galaxy much more favorable to human colonization than expected with atleast 30 bodies found with a colony cost of 2.0 or less which the Terran Alliance had already shown to be terraformable. Due to the presence of two ruins in the Sol system of which one had been clearly been destroyed from orbit every system that contained a planet science considered even remotely habitable had an active probe launched at it from extreme range to ensure any first contact situation would be conducted at a distance. This exploration doctrine resulted in much slower exploration but seemed to be validated when in the Gathalon system 5 jumps from Sol 2 functioning space stations of alien design were discovered.

A diplomatic mission was sent to make contact however these aliens refused to establish communications in any form. Over the 20 years of attempted contact the population of the Terran Alliance began to refer to the enigmatic aliens as "Precursors" mainly due to the apparent age of the stations. The diplomatic and later surveillance ships never closed to within 10m KM of the alien world and the alien stations made no aggressive moves after shooting down the original probe launched at their world. As such the Terran Alliance moved on with it's life cycling diplomatic and later surveillance ships as needed incase the aliens decided to make contact and having their escorts remain outside the system at the point point incase needed.

The enigma of the Precursors only grew when 20 years after first contact, active probes found identical alien stations in orbit of another world called Tarantis also 5 jumps from Earth in the complete opposite direction. In addition to the previous discovered station a new station design and multiple frigate sized ships (7-10k ton) were found in this new system. The presence of ships excited the Terran Alliance as the possibility of actual communication was deemed higher in this new system, as such a new diplomatic mission was launched. This new fleet would be escorted into the system with a number of PD Patrol Cruisers with the hope the aliens would be less threatened by the relatively slow purely defensive ships while not leaving the diplomates defenseless, ASM equipped Patrol Cruisers would remain just outside the system incase required.

The traditionally unresponsive Precursors displayed a strong but equally enigmatic to the presence of the diplomatic mission. Passive sensors detected all 7 Precursors frigates charging at the fleet, they refused all attempts to communicate and would not break off their rapid advance. Their max speed was shown to be around 20% higher than that of the ships in the Terran Alliance combat fleets and as such was around 5 times faster than that of the patrol ships.

The decision was made for the escorts to continue on towards the Precursors fleet while the diplomatic burned for the jump point and the surveillance ship would burn for the black before cutting engines to rely on stealth while the ASM Cruisers would jump in to provide cover. Just before the Precursors frigates would enter active sensor ranges their signal completely disappeared without warning, all ships except the surveillance ship (which remained to gather intel) successfully evacuated the system with no shoots fired. Naval command is still unsure how the frigates disappeared like that as it is believed even with stealth systems they should have been visible at that range.

The Terran Alliance has decided this was an attempt by the Precursors to communicate Human presence in their systems is no longer welcome and any future systems found to have a Precursor presence will be avoided.


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Re: What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
« Reply #230 on: October 22, 2021, 01:20:23 AM »
Colonization of Ciutric is finally underway, decades after finishing the construction of a jump gate. The encounter of hostile forces in neighboring systems put colonization efforts to a halt as it was a little too close for comfort. However, since the successful second foray into Lankashiir with a new generation of attack crafts, the mobile hostile ships has been dealt with and it seems safe for the time being to start shipping the infrastructure. This will provide a much needed boost in corundium for our mining efforts.

Meanwhile, the fleet has undergone a much needed, complete overhaul. Recent breakthroughs in propulsion technology has paved the way for a new generation of engines.

Diplomatic endeavours with the Tarsis Empire is progressing at a steady pace. Diplomatic ships from each side have met at the Dorin-Pakuuni jumppoint and a temporary neutral ground has been established until embassies can be set up. We are considering expanding the network of jumpgates to meet the Tarsis efforts and allow for trade access. However, this will require the thorough elimination of the Palanhi aliens. Hostile from the beginning, they repelled our first efforts to subdue them, but once we have finished training the new set of elite raiders, designed specifically to fight in the cold, desert landscape of Palanhi-A III, we will set out once again. This time we even have the aid of the mighty Frost Wyrms, captured on our own poles and tamed for battle. This will be a spectacle for a generation.