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Introduction 2: Arrival
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Terran Reckoning: 24/12/1958
   Standing before the observation window, two creatures, one male and one female regarded the immense metallic ring floating in space. They were clad, or perhaps adorned, with a variety of artefacts made of a softly shining chitinous substance. Only with a breathtaking leap of imagination could the accoutrements be termed clothing. They inspected the ring visually. It was a unique structure. Seemingly a Jump gate, of unusual configuration and unbelievable size. Over one hundred times the useful diameter of any jump gate the Organism had ever found or constructed. Yet it was supposition, as it encircled no jump point that could be detected.
   “Symyr will see why Yashina felt a personal inspection required.” the dark silver skinned female turned to address the male beside her.
   “Yashina suggests Symyr might direct investigation of the artifact. Swift evaluation is mandated due to the close proximity of Federation military assets. The three access panels in the ring might be subject to entry.”
   The Federation-Organism war had raged for over ten years now. The Federation were a powerful foe, but the potential gains were enormous. The Federation species and many of their client states were all suitable for absorption by the Organism. If they could be defeated, then the dangerous Naerans and the alien Medusans could be counted no significant threat.
   “Symyr will investigate the object. Yashina should return to Sylithos at once. The Federation presses heavily to reverse the recent gains the Organism has made”.
   “Yashina will return to Sylithos. The Organism will reinforce this section of space as a matter of urgency!”

Terran Reckoning: 25/10/1960
   “The Federation assails the next system? The Organism can neither hold this system nor provide timely re-enforcement?”
   Supreme Director Symyr was calm as he confirmed the military situation from his fellow Supreme Director. The Organism were always calm, except when engaged in recreation. War was not recreation.   
   “The situation appears beyond immediate success. Yashina was unable to return to Sylithos. The Federation were swift in their response to our incursion. What does Symyr recommend? Should the Artifact be destroyed?”
   “Research Division has made progress in Yashina’s absence. The device can be activated but not controlled. The Device does not provide access to an existing jump point. It creates jump points with an arbitrary destination. An asset of immense value. Symyr might activate the Artifact and allow the Organism here to escape, to space unknown. Symyr suggests this be effected at once and the Artifact be destroyed by timed explosion after a suitable interval.”
   “Let it be done! The Federation must not be allowed to claim the artifact. The Organism has valuable data. Any chance to preserve it and return to Sylithos must be taken. Yashina will give the order. Symyr will prepare the Artifact for use and destruction.”
Terran Reckoning: 21/02/1968
   “There is no doubt?”
   “None. Survey is complete. This system whilst rich in assets is without jump points. The Organism has no option but to take full control of the system and build the assets to mount slower than light expeditions to nearby systems in the hope that some of them have jump points. Neither are the star fields familiar. Symyr has no indication of the location the Artifact has projected the ships to.”
   Any other race might be crushed by such a predicament. Not so the Organism. Supreme Director Yashina took the news with complete calm.
   “The primitives on the third planet are suitable for absorption? Symyr agrees that although numerous, with careful preparation the Organism can effect occupation of this system?”
   “Fifty to one hundred years of preparation should be sufficient. Symyr proposes rapid reproduction of new Organism units. Use of tailored implants will allow control of the primitive’s elite castes. Preparation to undermine their technology will allow the Organism to obtain control without meaningful resistance. “
   Symyr turned to his fellow Supreme Director.
   “The Organism will expand and survive! Even here!”

Terran Reckoning: 06/02/2012
   The Organism were not yet ready, but their hand had been forced. Primitives had stumbled across a forward base, as had happened before, but this time two had escaped and had managed to provide evidence to back up their panicked claims. Still, many of the primitive elite had been implanted with monitors and sufficient had been implanted with controllers when they had been of lesser importance and easily captured. Indeed, the habit exhibited by young primitives, of getting intoxicated to the point of complete loss of control had made this trivial to accomplish. It was unfortunate that it could not always be predicted just which young primitives would become influential when they matured but it was of no matter.
   Sub-sea cables were severed when treated sections of protective sheaf detonated. Every satellite the primitives had bothered to deploy ceased to function, except those now suborned that now beamed satellite and radio exhortations to submit to the Organism. Military surface vessels were destroyed by Organism fighters, as were many aircraft. Armies were bereft of modern communications and satellite GPS. Implanted primitives in positions of authority became defeatist and counselled surrender or acted for the Organism in subtle or not so subtle ways. Rather than use conversion wombs, the new integration collars that could be fitted in minutes, were bonded to the flesh of captured primitives. They became obedient, quasi-Organism units. They could then be properly converted at a later date. The primitives were tenacious, but were outmatched. It would not take long.

Terran Reckoning: 12/09/2012
   The tall black man glared at the naked alien before him.
   “Where do you people come from? Why are you doing this to us?”
Supreme Director Symyr regarded him coolly. The human did not appreciate being held captive by his own security detail in the mountain fortress he’d thought so secure. Then again, had he resorted to his flying command centre, this meeting would be unlikely. Of course, if they’d thought this male would become so important in his youth, he’d have been implanted.
   “Few ask that question humanoid. Few can answer it. Symyr will be brief, as transmutation is mandated for the humanoid. A world’s Elite sought to gather all resources to themselves. Resentment of the requirements of the basic workers and functionaries mounted. Even allocation of meagre resources was felt to be waste. If these functionaries deserved resources, they would be Elite. So did this Elite seek to justify itself. The Elite demanded ever more. The Elite engineered servitors who would require minimal resources and perform for the Elite without question. By degrees, the functionaries were denied any function or the resources to survive. Over decades, the functionaries were suppressed and eliminated, caste by caste. The Elite ruled all and surrendered all tedious functions to their engineered Servitors. The Servitors came to regard the Elite as a useless waste of resources. The Elite were easily exterminated. The Servitors contemplated the future of the race, and engineered themselves to the perfection that is the Organism. The Organism expands and survives. All have place and function.”
   “Incorrect! Symyr is familiar with the term. The Organism does not consist of Supreme Directors. But all have function and are supremely fulfilled by exercising that function. All have food and access to an efficient and fulfilling recreational activity. The humanoid will soon understand. All humanoids will soon understand. Want will vanish. The contentment of a defined function will be granted to all. The humanoids will no longer be conflicted. The Organism expands and survives!”
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